Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Grow Taller

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I received an email today entitled: "Finally in Kuwait, you think there is hope?"

Another 2”or 3”inches by using growth taller device to your actual height IN ONLY 3 MONTHS!

Check out their website at

Available at:
Mishrif Co-op Pharmacy
Al-Rawda Co-op Ph.
Al-Qurain (3) Co-op Ph.
Al-Andalus Co-op Ph.

Hope to hear some success stories from you! :P

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Female Boss

By: MissCosmoQ8

I've personally always preferred having a male boss than a female boss...I's bad of me and it goes against the "sisterhood" but men were just always nicer to me as Bosses...especially if I said I wasn't feeling well and looked pale...they'd instantly hope that I won't mention that I have my period and just want me out of their office!

Women bosses on the other hand, had issues...they were always stuffy, not easy to deal with nor talk matter what I did, I'd never get the compliment that I so deserved! In other words, ma 6a3teenee waih and basically I'd end up fearing them and be miserable!

Now that I've become a boss, I've tried my best not to let my female subordinates wish that they'd have a male boss...but this hasn't been easy! For example, the other day, one of my subordinates rushed into my office and began to explain:

"I can't believe what just happened," she said. "I was standing in the corridor and Tahany, who I'm actually friends with, was heading towards the fire exit so I said to her "Wain ray7a ya 7'ibla?!" Tahany turned to me and yelled "Low sama7tee, ma asma7lich etkalmeenee chithee ya kaleelat adab!""

Staring at all the papers on my desk, knowing fairly well that I don't have time for this, I said "Why are you telling me this? Can't you see that I'm swamped with work ya bint el 7alal and according to what I know, you have a lot of work to do too?"

apologizing she said "Well, just in case she comes to you to complain, I wanted you to hear my side of the story!"

I laughed and said "OK, now please go back to work!"

No doubt I needed to be patient with this girl, she was enthusiastic and a bit of a drama queen but one had to admit, her intentions were always good. I just knew that sooner or later this girl just needed to grow up a bit and therefore I needed to forgive her for her silliness! In no way did I think that dear old Tahany would come and complain to me about my subordinates behavior but sure enough she did.

She stood in my office and said "As her boss, I thought you should know about her bad behavior. She was rude to me and I cannot accept anyone talking to me that way!"

I don't know about you but I was personally more pissed off with Tahany than my ill mannered subordinate! I mean this Tahany chick just complained about her friend to the Boss which was a serious issue. She wanted vengeance and for what!

Feeling very angry at the lack of sisterhood in the atmosphere all I could think of was, if I was a male boss would these girls have dared to come up to him and tell him their silly stories?!!

incidentally, if your friend called you "ya 7'iblah" would you get so upset and tattle tale about her to her Boss?!" If so, what kind of friendship was that?!

Sad as it was I felt obliged that it was high time I changed my tactics and became the bad ass female Boss who basically ma ta36ee waih and was feared.

The worse part of my new tactics was finding a way not to laugh when they were being silly and even worse finding ways to make them miserable!

I'd personally much rather these girls grew up fast...Realized there was more to life than the petty little things they worry their heads with..i.e. stop the drama...then fall madly in love with their jobs and make a career out of it and most importantly...not turn me into the female boss monster that I so detested all my life!

The question is how does one inspire tafha girls to get a grip, get real, get a life and stop giving the sisterhoods a bad name??!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

And the survey says….!

submitted by Jewel

I was driving through the streets of one of North America’s largest cities, listening to Talk Radio. They were giving out the results of a survey conducted on the women of that city, after asking them what makes men attractive, the number one answer was (drums) ………..being a dad! When I heard that I thought: “that’s exactly what I would have answered!” Frankly I was glad that the majority agree with me, because the first thing that comes to mind when men stereotype what women want they’d say they want a loaded man. When in fact it’s the human aspect that most women want. But keep in mind that "Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown (thanks nascity)

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown

Originally uploaded by nascity.

After that eye opener I started noticing dads with their kids (without a nanny or a mom!) everywhere; in Marina Mall, at the movies, in restaurants and on the street. I have no idea if this is a recent phenomenon, or it was there all along but I just noticed it. I started to wonder are they single dads (you know divorce rate increasing and all)? Are the kids with their dad because mom is having a ME time? What’s going on?!

I always thought that in the past men consider their kids as the responsibility of the mother to bring them up while they faithfully attend the local dewania, but somehow I’m wrong.

What would the survey say? What makes men attractive to you?

You know my answer.

NB. I know that the answer to this question is based on certain demographics, but lets just ignore that aspect since this is not a scientific survey per se.

What's the MOST attractive feature you find in a guy?
a dad
a six packer
a billionaire
a scholar (either in religion, science or the arts)
Free polls from

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Treasure on Brown Papers

A Treasure on Brown Papers is a new field I'll be posting on Fridays; once or twice a month to encourage us to read more of our national writers as well as foreign ones.

Personally every book is a treasure, carries us through mysteries of the world into different alleys in different towns, some of them arise our souls, while others make us wonder what are we still doing on earth. After all, a book will always help us notice our paths on this ground and will always be our light in a dark, depressed and stressed night. Its a ray of happiness on almost white papers, that used to brown in the old days.

This weeks book is Awra written by Dalaa Al Moufti, i assume by now you all know her, she has a column in Al Qabas Newspaper. This book made me wonder and brought to my awareness the people i never thought of, the things i haven't experienced and then at the end it made me smile when i realized this world has too many eyes whom don't have the same vision.

I highly recommend this book, the stories are short, amusing and cosmopolitan and the language used; very attracting. Literally it is fun to read, light and smooth kind of reading.

You can find it in both Arabic and English versions in every book store.

Check out the interview about this book here

Since we were talking about wrinkles in the prior post, check out this story, its lovely. part one, part two.

Happy Friday everyone.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tips and Tricks 1

Have you ever bought a facial cream and it didn't work for you? Damaged your skin? Showed no results? You didn't like the effect? And then you ended up having many unused expensive creams on your table?

I've noticed I did and this idea hit me, i tried it, the results were amazing, I have the most sensitive skin on earth, dermatologist think that i am "made of glass". Anything would affect my skin and gives me allergies, i ended up with a table filled with many different kinds of facial creams. One morning i decided to use the anti-wrinkle cream i bought ( was prohibited from using it) on my behind and arms, guess what? i got a beautiful, soft, glowing, fresh looking skin, A skin i have never ever had in my whole adult life. It was softer than a new born skin.

Well here is what to do, don't through them away, you have plenty of choices depending on the level the facial cream didn't work for you..

1- Unused anti-wrinkle cream: Use it for your thighs,butt, arms or hands, this will give your skin an amazing glow and extremely soft skin.
2- Thick facial creams: If you bought a cream the gave you pimples, just use it for your knees and elbows, thank me later.
3- Facial serum: you can always mix them with your body lotion.
4- Sun and whiting cream: Mix it with your hand cream or the cream you use on your arms and legs, You know living in the middle east won't do good to your skin.

by that you'll end up saving money and not throwing new products.

N.P. a longer version is available upon your request.

Update: Since the wrinkle subject started through your comments, Dr. Bo hamra, M. suggested that using anti-wrinkle cream before the age of 30 is unnecessary and will not prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Also due to Dr.Will "if you are an alternative medicine believer" Believes nothing would postpone or prevent the look of older skin (i.e. wrinkles) else than your own happiness, high sprited personality and your optimism in life. No cream will protect you from wrinkles accept your own heart.

No one said it better than Frank Sinatra:
And if you should survive to 105
Look at all youll derive out of being alive
Then here is the best part
You have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart

Friday, November 03, 2006


Many many many MANY years ago we had a lesson at school about how food will be in the future and how it's going to be mostly tablets. Whenever I go to pharmacies Vitamins especially the ones prescribed for females catch my attention. I never tried any, not even the regular vitamins. I tried B-complex once that caused me ahem *constipation* and that was the first and last one I ever tried.

So do you use any? Regular vitamins? Anti acids (to prevent cancer)? Female ones? Do you consult a doctor before taking them?

I need feedback on this. The future has come, and I haven't made any use of it yet.

A special note to Judy: I posted! For your eyes only :P

Monday, October 30, 2006

Since no one did it..

like .. a week late, but you know what they say, better late than never.



Friday, October 20, 2006

What would you do? (2)

Me and Rashid are married for six years now, we've had met twelve years ago. We had our share of life together, studied and worked abroad for many years.

This ramadan is our first in Kuwait, to him everything seems to be a maze, the places we used to date in are not there anymore or with a total different look. Now that I'm here invitations are crowded in the drawer next to his bed side, a way to help each other remind each other with our social obligations. It has been more than 7 years since the last time we experienced Ramadan in Kuwait, I have to admit its lovely to be home, I remember our Ramadan abroad; we used to be in bed after eftar and wake up with the morning prayer.

The other night he had iftar with his friends and I had mine with my family, that night we had no chance to meet or talk at all- a girl had to do what she got to do before showing up at a ghabga.

The Ghabga was great, I enjoyed the religious atmosphere in Ghabgas, better than the old way of eating all night then leave. After the long night, my friends and I noticed that it's already 3:30 in the morning and we are not home yet. Then I realized, I forgot to tell Rashid about this invitation.

I arrived home around four in the morning, poor Rashid was waiting at the door, he was worried that a heart attack would've reached him (lasama7 allah) anytime that night. Once he saw me, he hugged me tight with his shaky body just to feel a strange warmth between us.

My poor husband peed himself, I couldn't stop the laughter.. Poor thing he was embarrassed...
What would you do in such situations?
I know if he was another person he would've killed me, but it was so damn funny.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Unwritten Code

(This is an old old old post from my drafts, dunno why i never posted it, but i heard complaints tonight of this blog being active again it is)
Ok, so recently I & my married friend were having a conversation with an associate/colleague of ours we had recently met, who according to my friend has the hots for me. I think shes too desperate to marry me off cuz to be honest I'm totally not getting the vibe. Anyway, so during this conversation where I was trying to be my normal self, while my friend giggled & made eyes at me & nudged me, kicked me, you name it at every comment the poor guy made he asked me 2 questions. Actually more than 2. But we're just discussing the 2. As soon as he left & we were alone, she grabbed me aside & said:

Friend: Intay maynona?
Me: Laish? Ishsawait?
Friend: Intay ma tifhimeeeeeeeeeen btyeny jal6a minich!!!!
Me: *Im used to this conversation, so im silent here, waiting to find out what stupidity i have done this time*
Friend: Ma fahamtay laish sa2alich ................... ?
Me: was kinda 3adi...i guess he was just making conversation.
Friend: La mo 3adi....he was trying to find out if u were ...................?! Now he thinks ur ...........!
Me: E saa7, tsadgen? Ma yat 3ela baly.....ooofff ana laymota chithy......intay shlon t3arfen hl ashya bs golely?!
Friend: O thany mara....laman a guy asks u ............. and ............... , ma trideen o tgoleeen .............!
Me: *Confused*
Me: Well I was just being honest, i didnt realise there was a specific way to answer such questions.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me: Can i just stay away from the opposite sex & never get married? This is too complicated for me.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok, so my question is this my dear bloggers.
Is there an unwritten code of how to talk to the opposite sex?
If there is, where can I find it? I'm feeling rather stupid.

Honestly people, what happened to
1 + 1 = 2?
Why is it that more & more I feel that in this day & age
1 + 1 = 11


Friday, October 06, 2006

What would you do?

Imagine you have an important meeting with the hotest person on earth. This meeting will dcided weather you'll stay in your job; get promoted or kick you out of it. You got your papers done, and your word is perfect, you hair is amazing, perfect suit and shoes and you look so Darn hot with brains.

At the elevator , I noticed one thing, trying to take a closer look at the mirror to make sure i'm not seeing what i'm seeing.. even closer... and the bomb explodes; i have a moustache "oh my gosh" i yelled in the elevator with people around me.." My lip stick is non removable, shit" ...I decided i have to let go, there is nothing to do about it let me just go on to the meeting and i'll keep a good distance between him and i.

I sat down at the velvet mixed with leather chair with my perferct legs crossed, shining with glow " thank you dove glow" i thought to my self. Checking my lovely newly done nails "ready to sign the promotion" a look closer "shit oh shit there is hair on my finger, damn not only my finger my arms my Arms! my arms are hairy.. i forgot to wax my arms ...shit shit shit" ...

What can i do?
How do you guys feel about hairy girls?
Shall i leave the meeting or act as if nothing happened?

P.S. click on the Title for something exciting.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

H&M Invitation Only Launch Party - Tuesday 19/9

I went to the opening of H&M the other day.
The store is Fashel :)
The buzz was over nothing. H&M is great for bodies, and plain tshirts.
They had that, which was good. But other than that, araf! The clothes they brought were very limited, and no shoes were in sight.
Did I mention enna there was no mens section yet?
They shouldnt have opened it ella lama Ykonoon 100% ready.
Muqta6afat Men elOpening:
(Cross Blogged With My Own Blog :
E9ara7a One Of The Only Reasons I went Because There Were Rumors
Enna Madonna Will Make An Appearance ( I heard this on The Radio)
So .. I couldnt let myself regret not goin later.. So I dragged myself to it.
Za7ma Za7ma Za7ma 7ata alMawt :P
We Waited eb Starbucks, and watched the people line up.
People with , and without invitations. Bel habal ya3ni.
Awal Ma Ba6elaw the guy elly ga3ed jedamna,
yes the one with the hairy legs, elly fa9ekh n3ala
o mesteree7 chenna ga3ed eb diwaneyat Ubooh,
Wala Em3aber elAwadem Elly Hes Choking With His
Delightful Aroma..
He Got Up and Was Like " Ba6eloooooh Ba6eloooh!"
and gave us a triumph look and went ahead..
Mashoof 5 minutes later rad with his head hanging, and his hands
in his pocket...
"Lazim Inte-vation !" He announced to rab3ah.
Inte-vation eb3ainek LOL ;I
We went in, 6b3an Ommat M7ammad Kelha Cramped in that little store.
WelNas Tshary Tshar Tshary Thomma Tshary !
It was obvious then Madonna wasnt coming near the place lol .
Damnnnnn ;p
We got the next big thing , A7mad 7ussein !! Yay !
*Note The Sarcasm!*
Faj2a, bain el Racks wel awadem wel Tede3es welTefeqe9..
Ge3ad Yeghany!!
ElWalad Ge3ad Yemaweel Oo Yet'athar !
Haw Haw Haw !
Then Yebtesem to the girls trying to pass him to reach el rack of tops behind him
"Taboon 9oura?"
The girls looked at each other, looked at him ...
Smiled and practically ran away lol
Mskeeen :P
Rayi7 7ag Girls Shopping, What did u expect?
A Hug?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Essence Cosmetics

A girl's best friend

I like this fun brand. But I'm not sure if it's available in Kuwait. Is it?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Never a Boyfriend

Submitted by Jewel

Both our mobile phones rang at the same time. After ending both our calls she said: “ it seems that we’re gonna waste our time talking to our boyfriends on the phone rather than doing X assignment today”.
My answer was: “I don’t have a boyfriend! That was Grandma I was speaking to on the phone”. Which was totally true, I mean come on how could I make that up? But something tells me she didn’t believe me.

It’s true I don’t believe in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. To me it’s against any women’s rights to be respected and cherished.

Here’s a simple equation that shows what I mean:

Boyfriend = love + no promise of anything = disrespect for women

Fiancé = love + a public promise to me = respect

Husband = love + a public fulfillment of that promise = utmost form of respect to a woman

So you see when people tell me “so then how can you get married to someone you don’t know?” Well that’s why we have the “engagement period”, why does it have to be the degrading boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to know each other?

I do
Originally uploaded by dreadfuldan.

So yeah! I don’t intend to have a boyfriend and never will!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back to blogspot...

... I THINK!

So I'm back to blogspot. Wordpress doesn't allow me to play with html. There are advantages and disadvantages on both hosts.

I liked organizing posts in to categories on wordpress and the "recent comments" view was very helpful since this blog is a joint blog and I'm the only one receiving comment email notification "mean me".


This blog is quiet and becoming deserted. So if there's anyone who's willing to contribute; the door is open! Whether you want to become a member or just a contributor "by email". Posts from men are ALSO welcome. If you have questions, suggestions, anything you want to share or get a view on.

Categories vary from: Health, beauty, career, diet, relationships, humor, adds, recommendations, arts or whatever pops in to your mind.

WANTED: an online shrink

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Belly Piercing

Where to get clean trusted belly piercing in Kuwait?

Question submitted by Eva

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moved to wordpress

We moved here. The blog is open for contributors. Just register and email me with your username and you will be added.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dental Clinic

Our reader Chatterbox wants to know your suggestions on where to find the best dental clinic in Kuwait.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Thoughts are our reality

submitted by Broke

A couple of months ago I had a useful conversation with my friend A. about one of Jennifer Aniston 's movies which ended up nicely and made me think of sharing it with you . This is a summary of it:


A: How was the movie?

Broke: Well, I didn't like its story that much but what I really loved about it was J.A. She's gorgeous..

A: Gorgeous! No, She’s not!

B: How come! I know that her face features are not that beautiful.. but at whole she's attractive …charming !

A : No , let me explain my point and the secret behind it … Jennifer thinks that she's so beautiful which makes her behave and act as if she's really so . Eventually , this thought is reflected on her personality and appearance and we as her fans can see this and believe in it just like way the way she believes in her herself !

Broke: Oh.. How could u bring it this way! U r absolutely right!

I think that we should take this secret into action too ; )

A: I can give u more examples on this, if u would like to …

So, I gave her the chance 2 elaborate more on it which lead me to the following conclusion …

1- If we believe in ourselves, people will believe in us..

2- What we see is the result of what we think and feel..

3- Our exterior is mostly a reflection of our interior; therefore, we have to take care of our minds and hearts more than anything else …

That's all I have for now. I hope that you find what I wrote interesting and useful just like the way I do : )

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best Laser Clinic

What’s the best laser clinic for permanent hair removal?

By best I mean:
Qualified staff
Less pain
Effective treatment
Reasonable price

Sunday, April 16, 2006

How Will I Look Like?

I've always wondered how will I look like in 10 or 20 years....

"Thanks To Amazing New Software Technology Devised By The American Counsel On Graceful Aging You Can Now See How You Will Look In A Certain Number Of Years.
In less than two minutes you can see what you may look like in a certain number of years at no cost"

I tried it and it worked! I even tried it backwards and saw myself when I was little. AMAZING TECHNOLOGY!

Earth Shoes


Cures Back, Muscular and Skeletal Pain

Burns more calories (lose weight faster)

Banishes Cellulite

Improves your posture

Reduces Stress

Fast Tracks you to Fitness
Builds Endurance

Run Faster and Jump Higher

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Emotional Eater?

When mood affect your food, its time to .. lay your back.. rest.. and think,

What is missing in your food..?

Recent studies proved that emotional eater lack essential fatty acids from their daily meals. mood swings, sugar craving and sleepy heads after meals are all caused from the lack of omega-3.

having 2 spoons daily of flaxseed powder to your food will give you the essential fatty acits your body requires and by that it will shrink your appitite and helps your brain concentrate on your life instead on your food and cravings.

Asta la vesta.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim and a strong body is my target._

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Best Workout EVER!

Hello ladies and gents,
Its Tuesday already, I didn’t post anything on Saturday hoping that you all read the great post Kuwait chopper dude "The Don" posted.
So tell me did you lose any kilos? Inches, Clothing size? Or you gained any?
Personally I lost one more kilo which makes a total of 5 kilos till now  how exciting it that.. and I didn’t do any diet all that I did was what I wrote to you guys earlier.

Now let us talk about something new takes us to the second level, hoping you are on track and assuming you all read The Don health post, honestly we both are reading the same things_ I believe _ from e-diets so I'll start talking business here .

"Now as you read more muscles equals high metabolism rate …not the bodybuilding muscles but an average amount of muscle mass to help you burn more calories and that will help you loose weight" (The Don, April 8th,2006)

You can get these muscles in home, in your room even in grocery shops. You'll be asking, how is that? For example at grocery shops you'll be carrying water gallons or box of fruits OR at home playing with your children or brothers carrying them around, playing that flying game, moving your furniture to clean, Gardening, pluming, washing dishes, hanging wet clothes on the rope to dry, ironing, painting …etc. are actually building muscles.

These daily routine will play a small part in increasing muscles in your body. The bigger part is your work out ... go for body weight workouts (check me) as in pushups, setups, squats, lunges, dips (check explanation here) as well as yoga, pillates and ball workouts.

All these activities will help you increase your body muscles which will higher your metabolism without paying any money or going to any gym. Take a look at our walking lanes in Kuwait all these new Chinese/Japanese workout machines are body weight based machines so talk a walk to your area walking lane, change air ('3ayraw jaw) and refresh your skin away from A/C's and high life laziness.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday health

Hello ladiez and gents;
How have you been all of you? i hope you were on track and concentrating on shedding that excess fat.
I have to admit mine is going slow and steady the way i believe in losing those fats. I hope you are on track with your wieght loss and writing it down every friday . I am one more kilo off the scale which means 3 kilos till today from day one i started these letters with you my dears.

Today i wont be talking about wieght loss.. i'll be discussing wieght gaining programmes which was requested by one of our readers.. so here we go..

To gain wieght one should understand their metabolizm habit as well, for examply you can know if your body is more tolerant to carbohydrates and sugars or to fats buy the kind of dessert you eat.. if one likes candy more than chocolate that mean their body digest and burns sugars fast so in this case this person should increase level of butter, olive oil, fried and rich milk foods into their daily intake.

So you want to gain wieght yet you eat chocolate alot, add more carbohydrates and sugars into your food, full cream milk and cheeses and lots of white bread and pastas and potatos.

To gain wieght you shouldn't drink with your meal and shouldn't move alot while eating. Any kind of activities after any meal are not recommended also tea's and coffees without sugar are not recommended as well.. they will help in blocking your appitite.

Simply eat eat every thing every 2 hours, don't stay for more than 3 hours without eating a rich snack as in honey, youhgurt, chocolate milk (full cream), backed potatos, french frise simply any kind of food, and dont forget your protien lots of protiens which they will help you increase your wieght by muscles.

IMPORTANT : Follow this eating habit only for 2 weeks and then check your wieght if any differences occure then go on the week after with less amount of sugars or fats (depending on your metabolism) per day and exchange them with fruits then go back again another 2 weeks with full meals. so 2 weeks yes and one week of fruits :) you need to take suppliment (multivitamins) as well.

Let me know if you need anything
my best regards

Judy Abbott.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pleasure of Driving a Hummer

Hind (our reader) complains that when she drove her cousin’s Hummer her brother saw her and told her that she had crossed the line. He thinks that it’s a men’s only vehicle.

Hind is very upset now. Why should there be men’s only cars?” she complains.

Uploaded on November 30, 2005
by DavidZA

So what do you think people?
Should Hind drive the Hummer and feel the pleasure?
Or is her brother right? If yes, explain why.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vote For Best Joint Blog

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Vote for us!

This blog is nominated for best joint blog!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boost your metabolism up

Hello ladiez and gents;

Today its Saturday our meeting day..
how was your last few days? Did you check you weight yesterday? Any changes?
Personally I lost one more kilo YIPPY..

Now you were talking about the water reduction diet.. This diet what is does it helps you boost your metabolism and make you lose toxins (entoxination diet) But for lean body you need to work out and boost your metabolism as well as following a certain diet by which it will help you reduce those ugly fat cells under your skin and around your hips and waist line.

The water intake is really important to every person even fit people.. Drinking a glass of water within 15-30 min. Before each meal helps your stomach to warm up by which increase the enzyme production and boost your metabolism.. As well as vitamins intake will do the same thing.

First thing in the morning before you start your day drink a good full glass of water, before your Breakfast and after. Do that with each meal (before and after each meal) as well as your snacks, and before you head bed at night. As well as the 10 min. Of activity I mentioned before will help your metabolism goes up to the skies and burn those ugly fats .

Add to that you will end up having clearer ,healthier, softer and fresh skin .

Note: if you didn't weight your self yet run run run do it and write it down :)

till Tuesday my friends.. Work out at least 3 hours a week , hard work out and keep those fat, white carb's food away from your mouth ..
and remember:
"A bite is a kiss of failure" said by Dr. Atkins

don't forget your Vege's and fruits :)

And people listen to this ..will make you lean in a week :) (click me)

Juddy Abbott
E-mail me anytime.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hello Dears,

Here we are on our first Tuesday, ready and excited to lose all that ugly fat under our skin which is suffocating our organs from doing their job easily and normally.

Sit straight, chest up, tuck your tummy in. Pull your shoulders up and take them backwards till they are on a straight line level, push them down and take a deep breath, and feel the air entering your lungs, nourishing your body with the oxygen needed to boost your metabolism to get rid of those ugly clotted fat cells under your skin. Put on a wide smile, rest your neck and relax... & don't hunch


Our first step into better shape and lean body is to understand our body and feel our organs and how they react. Take an image of your body and figure out where does the fat accumulate the most, do you have a pear shaped body (fat is concentrated around your hips)? Or and apple shaped body (fat concentrated mostly around your waist line) _which is on of the most dangerous fat accumulation, number one risks to heart diseases_? The latter indicated that you have excess intake of Carbohydrate _white carbs in specific_ in your meals, while the former shows that Fat level in your meals in higher than your body need. If you have fat spread all over your body equally it's because both carb's and fats intake are high.

These Carbohydrates are what nutritionist calls the white carbs which includes: white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white bread, even sweeteners as in splenda. Do a healthy choice and replace all these with whole grain breads, cereals and brown sugar by which they still turn into glucose in your body which is the only fuel for the brain cells and takes longer time to store the excess as fat, mean while you can burn it. This would be the first step in the carb's problem. As for the fat intake problem one should totally stop any fried food instead you can grill your food then add olive oil (healthy fat) or try to spray your food with it using oil sprayer, margrin and butter should be excluded from your diet for the first few months and then slowly will be added in your meals.

This is our first step into better looking bodies and healthier hearts, Remember before each meal try to do some activities for about 10 min to boost your metabolism and lower your appetite level. For example if you love kids you can run around the house playing with them, or you can dance , run up and down the stair (if you don’t have any health problems) or the easiest thing is to take 3 steps forward and 3 steps backwards or jog standing in your place.

DRINK WATER as much as you can between each meal and befor each meal, when ever you see water ...or you can go downstairs evey hour to drink a glass of water.

Till we meet again on Saturday feel free to ask, discus or e-mail me anytime.

My best regards,
Judy Abbott.

I tried to add some pictures but the server was down so
Click on title.

(read me)
(kill your Fat)
(lose your belly)
(Click me too)
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Monday, March 13, 2006

What to do in Kuwait?

Click on picture to read.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pump it Up!

Its about time for those fat accumulation on our hips to be removed for ever,
Its about time for this fat underneath our epidermis to get destroyed,
Its about time for this jiggly, pumped belly to be flat and firm,
Its about time for those empty, round, chubby arms to be tight and sleek..

Here I decided to start again after losing 30 kilograms to continue on my track on losing the 20 Kilograms left and show my hidden abs again.

Helping you improve your weight loss and well being and have a fit and firm body that we all dreamed of.

Little tips and advises from my field in biochemistry and herbal nutrition and from my weight loss experience of over 4 years now. I believe I can help you and help me reach our goal in losing the excess fat and get the body we dreamt of and the fitness we need for a better life style and living.

I introduce to you all the Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan Boot Camp for fitness and weight loss; where group work outs will be shared as well as tips and advises, success stories and encouragement prayers, Desk workouts and metabolism activating tip.

Virtually and in reality tips and workouts can be shared, what ever suits you and makes you happy. Nutritional discussions and supplements tips will be on as well. And many more.

Just remember its all to make you feel good about the way you live. You have the choice to join the KCBC or just learn from it.

The camp program will be as followed:

- Friday Will be the weight in date.
- Once every month there will be gifts for you to help you reach your goal which will include work out tapes.
- There will be a post every Saturday and Tuesday's
- If you have any health problem please ask your Dr. Before practicing any of what will be proposed or we can discuss it.
- Most online tips will be suitable for all people at all ages and fitness level
- Help me to help you.

Remember I am not a Dr. or a nutritionist.. I am a student in that field and trying to help you while IM helping my self.

Till Tuesday ...

Judy Abbot.

Thank you flam.

Monday, March 06, 2006

product and Salon review

  • Victoria At Shadows salon (tel: 5316334, in jabriya) does good nail job.
  • Glamour saloon got great honey wax,smooth silky results without any skin irritation (tel: 2626293, sheab on road 30)
  • Gabi good hair cut (in salwa, Tel: 5628001) great westren look.
  • Aqua massage loofa; great exofilationg and blood cycling loofa, keeps your skin smooth after any shower with any need for cream afterwards (from sultan center)
  • Jose esenberg: great facial care product. (gallery 2000 in salmiya, basement)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

15 Female Birthday Wishes

By: MissCosmoQ8

Dear Beauty Goddess,

Please grant us the following:

(1) No wrinkles until we are 80 years old

(2) A Marilyn Monroe body until we are mentally prepared to ruin it by getting married and having babies

(3) A Hairdresser that is never in a bad mood when we go to see her so she doesn't end up chopping our hair off when all we need is a trim

(4) A beautician that doesn't blubber about her problems when we're supposed to be relaxing during a facial/massage

(5) A manicurists that's made sure the cuticle cutter was disenfected and is hygienic

(6) A salary that gets us to spend a whole shopping spree at Salhiya without having to sweat at the prices

(7) A magazine that gives us the latest trends in fashion and the intelligence not to follow the ridiculous ones

(8) A sheera woman that walks into the house discreetly without bumping into your Dad who asks "Who is this women?" and having to explain what the woman does

(9) An eyebrow plucker with mint breath and doesn't tell us that "you're eyebrow is made that way and there's nothing I can do to fix it"

(10) A nice saleswoman at the MAC/Estee Lauder who would never say that you have to buy the concealer/eye cream because "Yeee...3endek ekteer aswad ta7t be seeer...or have black under your eyes...not goood!"

(11) A nice pharmacist that you just want to buy Panadols from and then won't try to sell you a new hair product because he's "noticed" that your hair is falling

(12) A one stop spa that can do everything all in one day, instead of letting us drive all around Kuwait to get them all done in different places

(13) A Moroccan girl that will give you a 7amam maghriby without sweating her head off and get you too depressed to enjoy it because you're feeling sorry for her

(14) An aerobics instructor that won't push us too hard that we end up pulling a muscle

(15) A man who can appreciate all the hell we women have to go through just to look good!

From our limited perspective...this is what we think we want and I ask that you grant us this or something even better...

Thank you!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bloggers meeting

Grils girls girls ladies girls

im all hyper today started my day with lots of dancing workouts ... you should try those (Yoga bootty Ballet) from amazing work outs...

i would love to let you all know that the next bloggerette meeting will be at my place :) yes fe beetna and both me and misscosmo and unknown Entity's Birthdays will be celebrated :)

so who ever is intrested sign your name :D
It will be on March the 2nd and girls if you are not free make you self :)


Note: men sorry you are not allowed :)

misscosmo and UE.. hoped you like the surprise

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Flat Tummy

by Flamingoliya

Flat tummy...
is a myth
who cares
is sexy
is ugly
Free polls from

Saturday, February 18, 2006


by Flamingoliya

Dear Bloggers,
Join us at Artezana exhibition organized by Loyac from 6-7-8 of March at Bait Lothan (Salmiya-next to Marina Mall) for handmade goodies like clothes, accessories, or even paintings. If you're 23 or under, you can submit your own handmade goodies too!

Registration deadline is Wed the 22nd
For information, call 5723606

Click the picture for a larger view

This invitation is brought to you by Eva

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


by Flamingoliya

What did you do last night? :P

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sorry Your Single

By: MissCosmoQ8

I lost my tongue the other day when I bumped into Jazz Central...and he said "I'm sorry you're not married"....granted he apologized a million times after saying it...and partly 'coz I believe he was worried I'd blog about it and get all the single females giving him a hard time...but I was more shocked that I just laughed and didn't come up with something smart to I figured I'd leave it to the smart women on this site to do exactly what they should...GIVE HIM A HARD TIME!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jower Shell

by MissCosmoKuwait

The other day I told a business contact of mine that she smelt good and she told me that she'd recently bought a new perfume and continued to say "ee...wayed 7elo...sherait ba3ad...hathak...shesamoona...hatha...el jower shell mala" took me a while to realize that she was trying to say that she bought the Shower Gel...need I say it was hilarious...from that day on..whenever I call her..I say "huh...shlonich jower shell!"...

So speaking of shower gels or jower shell, if you prefer, I've always used the Oceanus from the Body Shop but I'm so getting bored of what's your favorite Shower Gel and why?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Beauty Salon Confusion

By Delicately Realistic

I'm sure most of you agree that when it comes to women's beauty salons in Kuwait there is no perfect salon that provides the best treatment for separate things. I think that didn't make much sense. What I'm trying to say is that I find myself visting a million salon's a day for different little things. Theres no one perfect salon that you can do everything all at once. I do my eyebrows in one place, cut my hair in another, manicure & pedicure somewhere else, and the list goes on. There are so many cheap salon's about, that I wish that they would all come together and make one good CLEAN salon! I have been on the quest to find that one perfect place where I can pamper myself, for years. Somewhere where I feel comfortable with the place and the staff. So girls, I'd like to know where you go to pamper yourselves.

Best Hair Cuts:
Best Hair Colouring:
Best Hair Styling:
Best Make Up:
Best Eyebrows Shaping:
Best Manicure:
Best Pedicure:
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby):
Best 7amam Zait:
Best Waxing:
Best Massage:
Best Anything else...I'm sure theres more...can't think of anything:

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


by Flamingoliya

What's your favorite Mascara? and why?

I will start these recommendation posts on makeup every now and then. Lets all learn from each other.