Monday, October 30, 2006

Since no one did it..

like .. a week late, but you know what they say, better late than never.



Friday, October 20, 2006

What would you do? (2)

Me and Rashid are married for six years now, we've had met twelve years ago. We had our share of life together, studied and worked abroad for many years.

This ramadan is our first in Kuwait, to him everything seems to be a maze, the places we used to date in are not there anymore or with a total different look. Now that I'm here invitations are crowded in the drawer next to his bed side, a way to help each other remind each other with our social obligations. It has been more than 7 years since the last time we experienced Ramadan in Kuwait, I have to admit its lovely to be home, I remember our Ramadan abroad; we used to be in bed after eftar and wake up with the morning prayer.

The other night he had iftar with his friends and I had mine with my family, that night we had no chance to meet or talk at all- a girl had to do what she got to do before showing up at a ghabga.

The Ghabga was great, I enjoyed the religious atmosphere in Ghabgas, better than the old way of eating all night then leave. After the long night, my friends and I noticed that it's already 3:30 in the morning and we are not home yet. Then I realized, I forgot to tell Rashid about this invitation.

I arrived home around four in the morning, poor Rashid was waiting at the door, he was worried that a heart attack would've reached him (lasama7 allah) anytime that night. Once he saw me, he hugged me tight with his shaky body just to feel a strange warmth between us.

My poor husband peed himself, I couldn't stop the laughter.. Poor thing he was embarrassed...
What would you do in such situations?
I know if he was another person he would've killed me, but it was so damn funny.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Unwritten Code

(This is an old old old post from my drafts, dunno why i never posted it, but i heard complaints tonight of this blog being active again it is)
Ok, so recently I & my married friend were having a conversation with an associate/colleague of ours we had recently met, who according to my friend has the hots for me. I think shes too desperate to marry me off cuz to be honest I'm totally not getting the vibe. Anyway, so during this conversation where I was trying to be my normal self, while my friend giggled & made eyes at me & nudged me, kicked me, you name it at every comment the poor guy made he asked me 2 questions. Actually more than 2. But we're just discussing the 2. As soon as he left & we were alone, she grabbed me aside & said:

Friend: Intay maynona?
Me: Laish? Ishsawait?
Friend: Intay ma tifhimeeeeeeeeeen btyeny jal6a minich!!!!
Me: *Im used to this conversation, so im silent here, waiting to find out what stupidity i have done this time*
Friend: Ma fahamtay laish sa2alich ................... ?
Me: was kinda 3adi...i guess he was just making conversation.
Friend: La mo 3adi....he was trying to find out if u were ...................?! Now he thinks ur ...........!
Me: E saa7, tsadgen? Ma yat 3ela baly.....ooofff ana laymota chithy......intay shlon t3arfen hl ashya bs golely?!
Friend: O thany mara....laman a guy asks u ............. and ............... , ma trideen o tgoleeen .............!
Me: *Confused*
Me: Well I was just being honest, i didnt realise there was a specific way to answer such questions.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me: Can i just stay away from the opposite sex & never get married? This is too complicated for me.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok, so my question is this my dear bloggers.
Is there an unwritten code of how to talk to the opposite sex?
If there is, where can I find it? I'm feeling rather stupid.

Honestly people, what happened to
1 + 1 = 2?
Why is it that more & more I feel that in this day & age
1 + 1 = 11


Friday, October 06, 2006

What would you do?

Imagine you have an important meeting with the hotest person on earth. This meeting will dcided weather you'll stay in your job; get promoted or kick you out of it. You got your papers done, and your word is perfect, you hair is amazing, perfect suit and shoes and you look so Darn hot with brains.

At the elevator , I noticed one thing, trying to take a closer look at the mirror to make sure i'm not seeing what i'm seeing.. even closer... and the bomb explodes; i have a moustache "oh my gosh" i yelled in the elevator with people around me.." My lip stick is non removable, shit" ...I decided i have to let go, there is nothing to do about it let me just go on to the meeting and i'll keep a good distance between him and i.

I sat down at the velvet mixed with leather chair with my perferct legs crossed, shining with glow " thank you dove glow" i thought to my self. Checking my lovely newly done nails "ready to sign the promotion" a look closer "shit oh shit there is hair on my finger, damn not only my finger my arms my Arms! my arms are hairy.. i forgot to wax my arms ...shit shit shit" ...

What can i do?
How do you guys feel about hairy girls?
Shall i leave the meeting or act as if nothing happened?

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