Friday, November 24, 2006

The Female Boss

By: MissCosmoQ8

I've personally always preferred having a male boss than a female boss...I's bad of me and it goes against the "sisterhood" but men were just always nicer to me as Bosses...especially if I said I wasn't feeling well and looked pale...they'd instantly hope that I won't mention that I have my period and just want me out of their office!

Women bosses on the other hand, had issues...they were always stuffy, not easy to deal with nor talk matter what I did, I'd never get the compliment that I so deserved! In other words, ma 6a3teenee waih and basically I'd end up fearing them and be miserable!

Now that I've become a boss, I've tried my best not to let my female subordinates wish that they'd have a male boss...but this hasn't been easy! For example, the other day, one of my subordinates rushed into my office and began to explain:

"I can't believe what just happened," she said. "I was standing in the corridor and Tahany, who I'm actually friends with, was heading towards the fire exit so I said to her "Wain ray7a ya 7'ibla?!" Tahany turned to me and yelled "Low sama7tee, ma asma7lich etkalmeenee chithee ya kaleelat adab!""

Staring at all the papers on my desk, knowing fairly well that I don't have time for this, I said "Why are you telling me this? Can't you see that I'm swamped with work ya bint el 7alal and according to what I know, you have a lot of work to do too?"

apologizing she said "Well, just in case she comes to you to complain, I wanted you to hear my side of the story!"

I laughed and said "OK, now please go back to work!"

No doubt I needed to be patient with this girl, she was enthusiastic and a bit of a drama queen but one had to admit, her intentions were always good. I just knew that sooner or later this girl just needed to grow up a bit and therefore I needed to forgive her for her silliness! In no way did I think that dear old Tahany would come and complain to me about my subordinates behavior but sure enough she did.

She stood in my office and said "As her boss, I thought you should know about her bad behavior. She was rude to me and I cannot accept anyone talking to me that way!"

I don't know about you but I was personally more pissed off with Tahany than my ill mannered subordinate! I mean this Tahany chick just complained about her friend to the Boss which was a serious issue. She wanted vengeance and for what!

Feeling very angry at the lack of sisterhood in the atmosphere all I could think of was, if I was a male boss would these girls have dared to come up to him and tell him their silly stories?!!

incidentally, if your friend called you "ya 7'iblah" would you get so upset and tattle tale about her to her Boss?!" If so, what kind of friendship was that?!

Sad as it was I felt obliged that it was high time I changed my tactics and became the bad ass female Boss who basically ma ta36ee waih and was feared.

The worse part of my new tactics was finding a way not to laugh when they were being silly and even worse finding ways to make them miserable!

I'd personally much rather these girls grew up fast...Realized there was more to life than the petty little things they worry their heads with..i.e. stop the drama...then fall madly in love with their jobs and make a career out of it and most importantly...not turn me into the female boss monster that I so detested all my life!

The question is how does one inspire tafha girls to get a grip, get real, get a life and stop giving the sisterhoods a bad name??!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

And the survey says….!

submitted by Jewel

I was driving through the streets of one of North America’s largest cities, listening to Talk Radio. They were giving out the results of a survey conducted on the women of that city, after asking them what makes men attractive, the number one answer was (drums) ………..being a dad! When I heard that I thought: “that’s exactly what I would have answered!” Frankly I was glad that the majority agree with me, because the first thing that comes to mind when men stereotype what women want they’d say they want a loaded man. When in fact it’s the human aspect that most women want. But keep in mind that "Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown (thanks nascity)

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown

Originally uploaded by nascity.

After that eye opener I started noticing dads with their kids (without a nanny or a mom!) everywhere; in Marina Mall, at the movies, in restaurants and on the street. I have no idea if this is a recent phenomenon, or it was there all along but I just noticed it. I started to wonder are they single dads (you know divorce rate increasing and all)? Are the kids with their dad because mom is having a ME time? What’s going on?!

I always thought that in the past men consider their kids as the responsibility of the mother to bring them up while they faithfully attend the local dewania, but somehow I’m wrong.

What would the survey say? What makes men attractive to you?

You know my answer.

NB. I know that the answer to this question is based on certain demographics, but lets just ignore that aspect since this is not a scientific survey per se.

What's the MOST attractive feature you find in a guy?
a dad
a six packer
a billionaire
a scholar (either in religion, science or the arts)
Free polls from

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Treasure on Brown Papers

A Treasure on Brown Papers is a new field I'll be posting on Fridays; once or twice a month to encourage us to read more of our national writers as well as foreign ones.

Personally every book is a treasure, carries us through mysteries of the world into different alleys in different towns, some of them arise our souls, while others make us wonder what are we still doing on earth. After all, a book will always help us notice our paths on this ground and will always be our light in a dark, depressed and stressed night. Its a ray of happiness on almost white papers, that used to brown in the old days.

This weeks book is Awra written by Dalaa Al Moufti, i assume by now you all know her, she has a column in Al Qabas Newspaper. This book made me wonder and brought to my awareness the people i never thought of, the things i haven't experienced and then at the end it made me smile when i realized this world has too many eyes whom don't have the same vision.

I highly recommend this book, the stories are short, amusing and cosmopolitan and the language used; very attracting. Literally it is fun to read, light and smooth kind of reading.

You can find it in both Arabic and English versions in every book store.

Check out the interview about this book here

Since we were talking about wrinkles in the prior post, check out this story, its lovely. part one, part two.

Happy Friday everyone.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tips and Tricks 1

Have you ever bought a facial cream and it didn't work for you? Damaged your skin? Showed no results? You didn't like the effect? And then you ended up having many unused expensive creams on your table?

I've noticed I did and this idea hit me, i tried it, the results were amazing, I have the most sensitive skin on earth, dermatologist think that i am "made of glass". Anything would affect my skin and gives me allergies, i ended up with a table filled with many different kinds of facial creams. One morning i decided to use the anti-wrinkle cream i bought ( was prohibited from using it) on my behind and arms, guess what? i got a beautiful, soft, glowing, fresh looking skin, A skin i have never ever had in my whole adult life. It was softer than a new born skin.

Well here is what to do, don't through them away, you have plenty of choices depending on the level the facial cream didn't work for you..

1- Unused anti-wrinkle cream: Use it for your thighs,butt, arms or hands, this will give your skin an amazing glow and extremely soft skin.
2- Thick facial creams: If you bought a cream the gave you pimples, just use it for your knees and elbows, thank me later.
3- Facial serum: you can always mix them with your body lotion.
4- Sun and whiting cream: Mix it with your hand cream or the cream you use on your arms and legs, You know living in the middle east won't do good to your skin.

by that you'll end up saving money and not throwing new products.

N.P. a longer version is available upon your request.

Update: Since the wrinkle subject started through your comments, Dr. Bo hamra, M. suggested that using anti-wrinkle cream before the age of 30 is unnecessary and will not prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Also due to Dr.Will "if you are an alternative medicine believer" Believes nothing would postpone or prevent the look of older skin (i.e. wrinkles) else than your own happiness, high sprited personality and your optimism in life. No cream will protect you from wrinkles accept your own heart.

No one said it better than Frank Sinatra:
And if you should survive to 105
Look at all youll derive out of being alive
Then here is the best part
You have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart

Friday, November 03, 2006


Many many many MANY years ago we had a lesson at school about how food will be in the future and how it's going to be mostly tablets. Whenever I go to pharmacies Vitamins especially the ones prescribed for females catch my attention. I never tried any, not even the regular vitamins. I tried B-complex once that caused me ahem *constipation* and that was the first and last one I ever tried.

So do you use any? Regular vitamins? Anti acids (to prevent cancer)? Female ones? Do you consult a doctor before taking them?

I need feedback on this. The future has come, and I haven't made any use of it yet.

A special note to Judy: I posted! For your eyes only :P