Friday, November 03, 2006


Many many many MANY years ago we had a lesson at school about how food will be in the future and how it's going to be mostly tablets. Whenever I go to pharmacies Vitamins especially the ones prescribed for females catch my attention. I never tried any, not even the regular vitamins. I tried B-complex once that caused me ahem *constipation* and that was the first and last one I ever tried.

So do you use any? Regular vitamins? Anti acids (to prevent cancer)? Female ones? Do you consult a doctor before taking them?

I need feedback on this. The future has come, and I haven't made any use of it yet.

A special note to Judy: I posted! For your eyes only :P


Baroque said...

i take viatmins everyday!
sometimes i take omega fish oil tablets, other days i take centrum mulitvitamins..

when i'm pmsing, i take evening primrose oil..

basically, i'm a vitamin-a-holic.. ;p

Nooni said...

oh flam akhjaltay tawath3ona , teslamly e3oonich love :* :) :)

I don't think i can dare reply on this post since DR is available, but i will let my humble knowledge speak

First of all if you are healthy and you have healthy skin, you eat 3 portions of fruits a day and another three of vegetables a day , you eat the right amounts of protein and carbs , i believe you wont need vitamins, Lets see what Dr. says.

Personally i do take vitamins because i don't do the above, yet i don't trust our fruits and vegies anymore, they are all modified and arn't organic.

I do take multivitamins, and a fresh slice of garlic every morning :)

Flamingoliya said...

mashallah! can you elaborate more on the benefits of each vitamin?
and do you consult a doctor? or take them yourself?

Judy :)
i agree on the fruits and vegs. don't eat them, don't trust them. aslan they taste like gas!!
BUT ONE MAIN Q!!! garlic in the morning? what about breath? :/

3baid said...

Have you taken a look at the back of a cereal box? It's loaded with vitamins. If you have them regularly with breakfast, you're good to go :)

MiYaFuSHi said...

In my case, I have tons of stuff, oils, multivitamins etc etc

They lie around my room and kitchen looking pretty.

Ie. I can never remember to take any.

Spontaneousnessity said...

I tried regular vitamins for a while, couldn't handle the smell so stopped =/ plus I was gaining weight because of them so I totally passed =/

MissCosmoKuwait said...

I'm a vitaminholic too...and here's my list:

(1) Female multivitamin...anybody who's over 30 needs to take them to ensure they're getting what their body needs (improve your immune system would aint like it used to be)

(2) Evening Primrose...I suffered from PMS until I took them regularly and my PMS is now an occasional headache

(3) Omega fish...great for the skin, reduces risks of heart attacks and brings down blood pressure, reduce depression and MOST importantly makes you younger!..:)

Nooni said...

Lovely , no smell at all, i don't chew it i swallow it , Since i'm scared of cholesterol thats why i take it, specially that the food in kuwait isn't greasy at all:P

I will soon send you something you'll love, read it before you start taking vitamins.

Luv ya.

Anonymous said...

i use 2 kinds from the same brand ( Nature Made ) <- the best thing out there.

i use (1) Stress B-Complex with Vitamin C and Zinc
(2) Vitamin E

Desert Girl said...

There is a multi-vitamin called "Airborne" in the States that was developed by a 2nd grade teacher because she used to get a cold every time one of her students did. (She's a multi-millionnaire now.) Airborne is like Alkazelzer in that you drop it in water, it fizzes, and you drink it. It is actually super-charged vitamins to fight off colds before they begin. Really good stuff if you can ever get it.