Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Editor's Letter

I've always wished that one day I would have my own Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan. So I thought of forming this blog as a try. I'm glad that many girls were eager to join. I hope that it serves what it's intended for. I wanted to gather girls at one place, work together to form a blog of common interest; I and the contributors being of the same gender, the same social status and coming from one culture. We all have our separate personal blogs, but this would be the place to post topics that serve our small society or a public of similar interest. Some bloggers may be new; others may be just readers without blogs of their own. So here is the place for you all to read and to share.

This blog is a single girls only blog. If at anytime one of the contributors decides to get married, we will make her a virtual wedding. All members and blogger friends will be invited and as soon as the celebration ends our bride will be happily kicked out. So let's just hope that this blog does NOT last for long.

My co-editor Salted-Caramel asked me (as the founder of this blog) for the possibility of kicking myself out one day. I told her yes, this rule applies to all. I will gladly pass the torch to her or to any other active member. Salted-Caramel explained that this would be sad and that the management should not be kicked out.

If all girls here get married then this society shall bloom in to married women society. How about that? It can also be pregnant or nursing women society. It shall continue till it reaches grandmothers society, Yeah, why not. I don't want to be a lonely old grandmother with just a radio as a companion.

I am planning to add a meetings room (that is a chat room) in internet language. It will be a place for us to meet, and interact with visitors.

All for one and one for all



Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Monday, June 20, 2005

Women's Issues & Tissues

Makeup tips, beauty, fashion, exhibitions, stories and problems to share. Hobbies, art, books, and just any girly stuff you find interesting. Get your voice out in a warm friendly atmosphere. You can email us your contributions and we will be glad to post them under your name.