Thursday, September 28, 2006

H&M Invitation Only Launch Party - Tuesday 19/9

I went to the opening of H&M the other day.
The store is Fashel :)
The buzz was over nothing. H&M is great for bodies, and plain tshirts.
They had that, which was good. But other than that, araf! The clothes they brought were very limited, and no shoes were in sight.
Did I mention enna there was no mens section yet?
They shouldnt have opened it ella lama Ykonoon 100% ready.
Muqta6afat Men elOpening:
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E9ara7a One Of The Only Reasons I went Because There Were Rumors
Enna Madonna Will Make An Appearance ( I heard this on The Radio)
So .. I couldnt let myself regret not goin later.. So I dragged myself to it.
Za7ma Za7ma Za7ma 7ata alMawt :P
We Waited eb Starbucks, and watched the people line up.
People with , and without invitations. Bel habal ya3ni.
Awal Ma Ba6elaw the guy elly ga3ed jedamna,
yes the one with the hairy legs, elly fa9ekh n3ala
o mesteree7 chenna ga3ed eb diwaneyat Ubooh,
Wala Em3aber elAwadem Elly Hes Choking With His
Delightful Aroma..
He Got Up and Was Like " Ba6eloooooh Ba6eloooh!"
and gave us a triumph look and went ahead..
Mashoof 5 minutes later rad with his head hanging, and his hands
in his pocket...
"Lazim Inte-vation !" He announced to rab3ah.
Inte-vation eb3ainek LOL ;I
We went in, 6b3an Ommat M7ammad Kelha Cramped in that little store.
WelNas Tshary Tshar Tshary Thomma Tshary !
It was obvious then Madonna wasnt coming near the place lol .
Damnnnnn ;p
We got the next big thing , A7mad 7ussein !! Yay !
*Note The Sarcasm!*
Faj2a, bain el Racks wel awadem wel Tede3es welTefeqe9..
Ge3ad Yeghany!!
ElWalad Ge3ad Yemaweel Oo Yet'athar !
Haw Haw Haw !
Then Yebtesem to the girls trying to pass him to reach el rack of tops behind him
"Taboon 9oura?"
The girls looked at each other, looked at him ...
Smiled and practically ran away lol
Mskeeen :P
Rayi7 7ag Girls Shopping, What did u expect?
A Hug?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Essence Cosmetics

A girl's best friend

I like this fun brand. But I'm not sure if it's available in Kuwait. Is it?