Wednesday, May 30, 2007

M.A.C Tendertones

Sexier on the lips than balm. Silkier than gloss. More protective than naked. A lipcolour that combines soft shine, easy glide, and double-smooth satin finish with an everyday sun protective formula. To treat your lips...Love 'em tender.

They will be available May 31 (Suggested retail price: $14.50 U.S)
I dont know when they will reach Kuwait! I hope soon :-)
They're so summary and yummy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


OK, so the BLACK IS BACK ad for MTC-Vodafone was advertising for the BlackBerry phone or what?
I thought they were going to change their chip or logo... like the Wataniya RED campaign few years back!
I got this from their website:
MTC provides you with the latest models of BlackBerry® handheld:
1. BlackBerry® 8100g Pearl (English)
2. BlackBerry® 8700g Arabic
3. BlackBerry® 8800g English
How to get BlackBerry®?
In order to have the service please get in touch with your Key Account Manager in the Corporate Sales Department.


I received this by email this morning, and posted it in here for you.

I kinda agree with their parking rule. It would look funny pushing a cart through the mall! Not a very nice sight! But the problem is that they should have announced that or showed it in signs or even let some of their people tell the shoppers about the parking issue. People have the right to know about all this before making their purchases!

I know that the Avenues parking area have designated places for carts.. and when I saw that I knew it was for Carrefour. I think they just dont want people to walk around the mall with carts, unload and leave the carts all over the parking lot!! It would look hideous!

Like in Souk Sharq (Sharq Mall), you never see customers strolling around with Sultan Center carts! Right?



I foolishly visited the new Carrefour Hypermarket on Friday and was confronted with a titan of a problem. After I bought my groceries, I was told that it is forbidden to put my groceries in a shopping cart and take them to my car that was parked in Area C. Carrefour only opened on Tuesday — but how could they open without informing customers that all of the bags of food that they purchase must be hand carried out of the Mall entry and not transported in the cart that one pushes around their store?

When shoppers park their cars in the Avenues Mall parking areas and go inside to shop at the Mall’s merchants and end their shopping at the grocery store, those same shoppers are told that they are forbidden to push their groceries back to their cars past the same Mall shops they just visited on their way to buy groceries. To successfully take one’s groceries out ina cart, one must park only in a special area under Carrefour. If this sounds absurd and confusing, it is because this is absurd and confusing. What Carrefour has failed to announce is that Carrefour shoppers are not allowed to take their carts of groceries through the Mall. Once one has purchased their food items at Carrefour no one is allowed to take the cart into theMall to shop at any other store, to look into any shop window or to sit in the food court. The cart of groceries can only do down to the parking area under Carrefour.

How does one find this special Carrefour parking? I was there and I looked. I did not see any markings or directions into this special Carrefour parking. Carrefour published a two-page ad showing the locationof their store but not the location of their special parking. If one knows to park in this special area, then shopping carts can only go up or down from the store. Carrefour shoppers must keep their filled carts inside Carrefour and not take them into the Mall. After being forbidden to take my cart of groceries to my car, I was shown this special parking where I could take the shopping cart — but no one could show me how to get the cart back to my car in Parking Area C. When shoppers go from shop to shop in the Avenues and then end up at Carrefour to buy their groceries – the customers are told, “Customers at the Avenues are forbidden to push their grocery carts past the Mall stores that they have just visited on their way to buy groceries.” I received this message from a Maraffie security agent, Anwar Hussein, who was standing at Carrefour’s Mall entry and forbidding customers fromtaking their carts of groceries to their cars in parking areas all around the Mall. This same message was confirmed by the management at Carrefour. But, no one bothered to post this ridiculous announcement forcustomers to read.

It would have been wiser to tell customers entering Carrefour’s Mall entry that their purchases must be hand carried into the Mall. Maraffie Security personnel are not proactive in announcing this prohibition to shoppers as they enter the Carrefour. To ascertain this unwritten rule, one would have to be a mind reader and mind readers are not permitted in Kuwait. Because I am not a mind reader, I am curiousas to where this special information has been posted for customers? I have shopped at Carrefour in other countries and I have never encountered such a lack of planning and lack of customer information. This lack of planning in Kuwait has created a titanic problem for Carrefour –but Carrefour needs to remember that no one wanted to be a repeat customer on the Titanic. Because this was my first visit – why should I ever return to Carrefour, or to any merchant in the Avenues Mall, when they show such a rude disregard for their customers?

Wouldn’t it be easier to build a big wall to separate Carrefour from the rest of the Mall shops? The wall would effectively let any customer or family who pushes a cart of groceries, that they are forbidden to pass by or spend money at other Mall merchants as long as they are pushing that forbidden cart. Avenues Mall is there to enforce rules which discourage customers from spending and to limit their access and freedom of movement.

After this epic ordeal, I finally got my purchases into my car in Area C without the help of a shopping cart. Before I could leave, a nice Kuwaiti couple parked next to me asked how to get to Carrefour? I told them how to go through the Mall and how to find the store. Then I told them – Mushkeela Kabeer –because my same experience was about to be repeated. One must stop and think, “Is there something wrong with the customers who can’t read minds or is there something wrong with Mall managers who can’t plan?”


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sarah's Bagٍٍ

Sarah's Bag is going to unveil it's new summer 07 collection at Beit Lothan from the 27 till 29 of May from 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm.

Here are some pictures I took today:













Check out Um Kalthoom's Bag on top right of the picture

By buying Sarah's bag:

By buying this Sarah's bag, you are sharing our passion and fascination for different cultures and our endless search for new ideas. More importantly, you are now part of our aim to help underprivileged women and prisoners who rely on this unique enterprise for their livelihood, helping them maintain their self-esteem and dignity.

Each bag, as distinctive as the person carrying it, requires 15 days of meticulous embroidery, beading and hand stitching, blending the styles and fashions of a myriad of cultures.

Your support has helped us continue in our simple desire to create beauty with a social conscience.

Store Opening: Banana Republic Kuwait in The Avenues Mall

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I wrote about the GAP opening a couple of days ago and now we have the Banana Republic opening. It is the beginning of the US takeover (or is it?) at The Avenues Mall. The remaining US-based stores left to open are Rampage and Forever21.

Browsing at Banana Republic, I didn't find the one piece I wanted most on my Top 5 from Banana Republic list which was the cotton matador top. I didn't want the silver shoes anymore because I bought the silver Stella McCartney Adidas shoes.

I usually shop at Banana Republic for work clothes and they had a good selection of that. I am hoping they will bring more of the merchandise I saw online. There was a lot of knitwear which is too warm to be worn in Kuwait, this time of year. They had cute cardigan sweaters like the ones that sold out at the GAP. I'm predicting these will sell out fast since they are must-have pieces for every woman's closet!

Really, the only thing that caught my eye at the store were the shoes. I didn't have time to make a purchase. There were a lot of people in the store and not enough people to help get my shoe size but I'm planning on going back soon. Their shoes are really cute and affordable.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Store Opening: GAP Kuwait in The Avenues Mall

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The GAP opened its doors in The Avenues Mall at 11 AM and within an hour items were sold out. One of the most popular items was the cropped elbow sleeve cardigan in white. Most of the items on my GAP Top 5 list were at the store but unfortunately the military style jacket which I wanted did not look flattering on me. I still love its color.

Other items that caught my eye were the popular polka dot dress that sold out in stores in the USA. They have two cute "GAP KUWAIT" t-shirts, in navy and white. I noticed that most women were grabbing for the dresses and basics. Not many approached the jeans section even though they had many selections in all styles and sizes.

Prices at the store didn't differ greatly from the US prices. The cropped elbow sleeve cardigan which sells for $34.50 online is KD14 in GAP Kuwait.

One other observation was that the store wasn't as spacious inside as I thought it would be. That could be on account that a lot of the space is taken up by the men and kid's section which were well-stocked as well.

The GAP is a great one-stop shopping store for the entire family. New stock should be in during the next couple of days. I highly recommend checking out the GAP.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So what now? Shit Shat on TV? - alqabas

أمل العوضي على 'غراس'
عدد القراء: 294
أمل العوضي

22/05/2007 كتب صالح الدويخ:
تخوض المذيعة أمل العوضي من جديد تجربة تقديم البرامج المنوعة عبر برنامج Shit Shat من خلال قناة 'غراس' التي سينطلق بثها الرسمي بعد فترة قصيرة.
البرنامج من أبرز المواد التي تراهن عليها القناة، وستستضيف فيه العديد من نجوم الغناء والتمثيل والرياضة والاعلام، بالاضافة الى المتميزين في المجالات الأخرى، وسيجري تصوير البرنامج في أحد استديوهات قناة 'الراي' التي تمد يد التعاون مع القناة الجديدة، اذ ستكون مدته تقريبا 45 دقيقة يتخللها بعض الفقرات.
يذكر ان أمل العوضي سبق ان قدمت مثل تلك البرامج من قبل في تلفزيون الكويت وقنوات أخرى، ك

Monday, May 21, 2007


World's #1 Bestselling Slimming Tea

May Burn 2.5 Times MORE Calories Than Green Tea
May Help Reduce Fattening Effects of Carbs

Too many products, too many diets, I don't know what to believe.


My new love LOL..

My friend got me mango-cheesecake for my birthday from chocolateria....
OK, so I am not big on Mango cakes, Mango mousse, Mango juice...etc

I just like to eat Mangoes as they are, preferably Indian Mangoes heehee

But I went crazy over that cheesecake, I couldn't be satisfied with just ONE slice.. I am telling you it is oh-so-ammmmazing!

Check out their menu and selections! hmm hmmm so yummy!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tres Chic! hint hint!

From the outside you see a beautiful resort... in jet white and red bricks/roof.. You check the website and you see heaven; swimming pools, internet/wifi, restaurants, hair salons, room service, gym...etc..

Well... don't judge a book by its cover, cuz its hell!!

This is a well known resort in Kuwait. During the process of building a lot of people
bought chalets there, it was a private resort with an amazing service and beautiful sea-view.

Then management changed... and well, it changed again, and again.... AND AGAIN! I wouldn't be surprised if they change is again tomorrow! This amazing resort changed into a commercial project, that would only seek MONEY! BIG MONEY! Regardless of the original contracts signed by the owners of the chalets.

The beautiful sea view is blocked now by a ridiculous looking restaurant, instead of the small cafe with its friendly staff. People now would pay around 2KWD to get in! Yeah people from the outside! They come in with excess baggage! Noise and all... and they're too loud! They come in to use the facilities available (restaurant and pool... and gym too) invading the privacy of the chalets' owners.

The under-ground parking lot is a disaster now! Some spots are already used for storage! I will try and post some pictures if I can. Old furniture is all around the place with some parking spot taken for other purposes (such as storage and changing rooms). They dont care about the owners anymore.. The underground parking is for the owners, whereas the one on the top is for everyone's use! So their strategy is like "Screw the owners, we just want to make money". Its really bad, because they are able to do things hidden and under-cover... no one from the outsiders can see this mess! not even the State Municipality!

For example, there is a new complex being built next door.. and the underground garage saved a place for employees to come and change their clothes... so at some point it would be full with male-workers... and its not very comfortable for females to be around them! Specially in our culture!!!

Also, for the purpose of making money, they do so so SO MANY special offers for chalets rental. A lot of noisy, loud, careless, party-animals, and some of them also litter and make it a big waste.... they would just come and disturb the peace. And no matter how many times you talk to security guards or management, there is nothing that you can really do about it! Business is business!

They also take money for services... yeah services! whatever! They take so much money for providing "services"... services promised but never met THE standards!

Welcome to Hell! The Tre Chic Hell!

SCEAS Syndrome

Interested to know more about the SCEAS Syndrome! See my other blog please ;-)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What doesnt Kill you makes you stronger! Right?

So.. is that statement true?
There are two arguments to this statement..

1. Agreeing on that it will make you stronger...
So more experiences throughout life may hurt you more and more... and when in the process of getting hurt, you are somehow less vulnerable every time it hits... It makes you more aware of life, and you can learn from your mistake and avoid'em next time around, but that doesnt mean that you will get hurt less... but it does make you stronger and ready to fight it faster. Been there, done this, done that! So really... lots of bad experiences in life does make you stronger.... IF it doesn't kill you first :-P

2. Disagreeing on that it will make you stronger...
Say that some people get into a car accident and then are left disabled for life! Not just car accidents, but also some diseases too... Take dementia for example. A person's mental state will deteriorate... translation = it is affecting the mental state but doesn't really kill you.. and even when trying to fight it... you are not getting any stronger!!

For the most part.. I think I agree... maybe when going down the hill you dont like the process, and you feel rather weaker than stronger... then when you beat it.. you become stronger... now think for a moment, what does it make you stronger for? For the next time it hits?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Air Raid Sirens - Kuwaiti Style!

I received an email at work from the PR dept. stating that there will be testing of the air raid sirens by the civil defense.

As usual... the wail of those sirens brings me into a huge discomfort. Its not like I am scared of the sound or anything... but its annoying!I mean Kuwait's been through a number of crises, and those tests well hmmm they are good, but would they ever be effective and used right in case of emergency or crisis??

We have been hearing them during the American-Iraqi war numerous times. They go on indicating that danger is approaching or already happened and then within few minutes another one goes on indicating that the coast is clear and the danger has passed!! Come on!!I mean a lot of air raid siren kept us on the edge during that time, until people here got so used to them that if they were shopping in mall or walking in the street.. They just go on normally when the sirens wail... and would not really run to near-by shelters!

I know that some people in the beginning would jump and freak each time the sirens go on... they'd run to the shelter with their gas masks and protection gears! And sometimes don't even get to the shelters because the danger siren is followed shortly by an "all-clear" siren!!And when real danger occurs, you don't get the warning! Actually we never get an "in-advance" or "approaching danger" sirens.. Usually they're like the danger occurred already... people! Your on your own.. You're screwed!! LOL... even better NO SIREN at all when REAL DANGER had occurred!!

I still remember the CNN reporters joking about it at the time, once there was this reporter talking about the air raid siren system in Kuwait when a siren went on while he was on air and he was like: "see, its supposed to indicate danger.. but no serious danger had actually occur" and he just didn't move or run to a shelter.. and also when a missile did really hit Soug Sharg, a popular shopping mall in Kuwait, late at night! No sirens went on, but I remember I was watching a movie at home with my sister and brother in-law.. When a loud crashing/explosion- sound accompanied by the house windows shaking and rocking, which terrified the hell outta me! I was like WHAT WAS THAT!

We kept switching channels to find out more about it... but No! No! No!No air raid sirens no nothing just a crashing loud explosion noise!So to conclude it all... the actual air raids in Kuwait tend to be very brief and useless in actual crisis and annoying/disturbing when they're tested!

Viva Koweit! (I don't know why I said that in French... but what the hey! its my blog and I will cry if I want to :-p

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I received this earlier from one of my college professors, a friend now if I may say, by email. Hilarious!Enjoy ;-)



I´m Stupid

Stupid people should have to wear signs that just say,"I'm Stupid". That way you wouldn't rely on them, would you? You wouldn't ask them anything. It would belike, "Excuse me...oops, never mind. I didn't see your sign."

It's like before my wife and I moved. Our house wasfull of boxes and there was a U-Haul truck in our driveway. My friend comes over and says "Hey, youmoving?"

"Nope. We just pack our stuff up once or twice a week to see how many boxes it takes. Here's your sign."

A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine, we pulled his boat into the dock, I lifted up this big 'ol stringer of bass and this idiot on the dock goes, "Hey, y'all catch all them fish?" "No - We talked 'em into giving up. Here's your sign."

I was watching one of those animal shows on the Discovery Channel. There was a guy inventing a shark bite suit. And there's only one way to test it."Alright Jimmy, you got that shark suit on, it looks good... They want you to jump into this pool of sharks, and you tell us if it hurts when they bite you." "Well, all right, but hold my sign. I don't wanna lose it!"

Last time I had a flat tire, I pulled my truck into one of those side-of-the-road gas stations. The attendant walks out, looks at my truck, looks at me, and I SWEAR he said, "Tire go flat?" I couldn't resist. said, "Nope. I was driving around and those other three just swelled right up on me! Here's yoursign."

We were trying to sell our car about a year ago. A guy came over to the house and drove the car around for about 45 minutes. We get back to the house, he gets out of the car, reaches down and grabs the exhaust pipe, then says, "Darn that's hot!" See? If he'd been wearing his sign, I could have stopped him.

I learned to drive an 18 wheeler in my days of adventure. Wouldn't ya know I misjudged the height of a bridge. The truck got stuck and I couldn't get it out no matter how I tried. I radioed in for help and eventually a local cop shows up to take the report. He went through his basic problem. I thought sure he was clear of needing a sign...until he asked "So.. is your truck stuck?" I couldn't help myself! I looked at him, looked back at the rig and then back to him and said "no I'm delivering' a's your sign."