Sunday, November 19, 2006

And the survey says….!

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I was driving through the streets of one of North America’s largest cities, listening to Talk Radio. They were giving out the results of a survey conducted on the women of that city, after asking them what makes men attractive, the number one answer was (drums) ………..being a dad! When I heard that I thought: “that’s exactly what I would have answered!” Frankly I was glad that the majority agree with me, because the first thing that comes to mind when men stereotype what women want they’d say they want a loaded man. When in fact it’s the human aspect that most women want. But keep in mind that "Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown (thanks nascity)

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." ~Author Unknown

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After that eye opener I started noticing dads with their kids (without a nanny or a mom!) everywhere; in Marina Mall, at the movies, in restaurants and on the street. I have no idea if this is a recent phenomenon, or it was there all along but I just noticed it. I started to wonder are they single dads (you know divorce rate increasing and all)? Are the kids with their dad because mom is having a ME time? What’s going on?!

I always thought that in the past men consider their kids as the responsibility of the mother to bring them up while they faithfully attend the local dewania, but somehow I’m wrong.

What would the survey say? What makes men attractive to you?

You know my answer.

NB. I know that the answer to this question is based on certain demographics, but lets just ignore that aspect since this is not a scientific survey per se.

What's the MOST attractive feature you find in a guy?
a dad
a six packer
a billionaire
a scholar (either in religion, science or the arts)
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Spontaneousnessity said...

the resutls were so unexpected! cool! =}

Nooni said...

I am amazed AGAIN! , what is so attractive in dads?

I don't see anything attractive i being a dad, its not a turn on for another child at all :P

So he is a father with a kid, so what? is it because the tough guy shows his softness with his kid? If that was the reason, who can't be soft with kids? he might be very sweet with his kid and rough with his wife! wouldn't he?

I'm still amazed, what is attractive about a dad?

And about taking their kids alone without the mother, i don't think it should be related to marriage, first of all maybe he is not their father, 2nd; my father used to take my family alone with out my mom, actually he used to ditch her when he wanted to go out with his kids, so i think thats normal.

But a dad sexy !? i know older men are sexy but dads!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats so attractive in women ? Her boobs and her sexy thick curves

Anonymous said...

@S, yes they're interesting.

@judy abbot, "again"? I'm guessing the question's been asked before.
I think if it was me, several years earlier I would've agreed with you, however as one grows one tends to appreciate different things in life. So yeah this question could be affected by the age demographic I guess, dunno.

heheh and your last line was hilarious! There are such things as young dads you know! :P

@m, charming! absolutely charming! :]