Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dental Clinic

Our reader Chatterbox wants to know your suggestions on where to find the best dental clinic in Kuwait.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Thoughts are our reality

submitted by Broke

A couple of months ago I had a useful conversation with my friend A. about one of Jennifer Aniston 's movies which ended up nicely and made me think of sharing it with you . This is a summary of it:


A: How was the movie?

Broke: Well, I didn't like its story that much but what I really loved about it was J.A. She's gorgeous..

A: Gorgeous! No, She’s not!

B: How come! I know that her face features are not that beautiful.. but at whole she's attractive …charming !

A : No , let me explain my point and the secret behind it … Jennifer thinks that she's so beautiful which makes her behave and act as if she's really so . Eventually , this thought is reflected on her personality and appearance and we as her fans can see this and believe in it just like way the way she believes in her herself !

Broke: Oh.. How could u bring it this way! U r absolutely right!

I think that we should take this secret into action too ; )

A: I can give u more examples on this, if u would like to …

So, I gave her the chance 2 elaborate more on it which lead me to the following conclusion …

1- If we believe in ourselves, people will believe in us..

2- What we see is the result of what we think and feel..

3- Our exterior is mostly a reflection of our interior; therefore, we have to take care of our minds and hearts more than anything else …

That's all I have for now. I hope that you find what I wrote interesting and useful just like the way I do : )