Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday health

Hello ladiez and gents;
How have you been all of you? i hope you were on track and concentrating on shedding that excess fat.
I have to admit mine is going slow and steady the way i believe in losing those fats. I hope you are on track with your wieght loss and writing it down every friday . I am one more kilo off the scale which means 3 kilos till today from day one i started these letters with you my dears.

Today i wont be talking about wieght loss.. i'll be discussing wieght gaining programmes which was requested by one of our readers.. so here we go..

To gain wieght one should understand their metabolizm habit as well, for examply you can know if your body is more tolerant to carbohydrates and sugars or to fats buy the kind of dessert you eat.. if one likes candy more than chocolate that mean their body digest and burns sugars fast so in this case this person should increase level of butter, olive oil, fried and rich milk foods into their daily intake.

So you want to gain wieght yet you eat chocolate alot, add more carbohydrates and sugars into your food, full cream milk and cheeses and lots of white bread and pastas and potatos.

To gain wieght you shouldn't drink with your meal and shouldn't move alot while eating. Any kind of activities after any meal are not recommended also tea's and coffees without sugar are not recommended as well.. they will help in blocking your appitite.

Simply eat eat every thing every 2 hours, don't stay for more than 3 hours without eating a rich snack as in honey, youhgurt, chocolate milk (full cream), backed potatos, french frise simply any kind of food, and dont forget your protien lots of protiens which they will help you increase your wieght by muscles.

IMPORTANT : Follow this eating habit only for 2 weeks and then check your wieght if any differences occure then go on the week after with less amount of sugars or fats (depending on your metabolism) per day and exchange them with fruits then go back again another 2 weeks with full meals. so 2 weeks yes and one week of fruits :) you need to take suppliment (multivitamins) as well.

Let me know if you need anything
my best regards

Judy Abbott.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pleasure of Driving a Hummer

Hind (our reader) complains that when she drove her cousin’s Hummer her brother saw her and told her that she had crossed the line. He thinks that it’s a men’s only vehicle.

Hind is very upset now. Why should there be men’s only cars?” she complains.

Uploaded on November 30, 2005
by DavidZA

So what do you think people?
Should Hind drive the Hummer and feel the pleasure?
Or is her brother right? If yes, explain why.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boost your metabolism up

Hello ladiez and gents;

Today its Saturday our meeting day..
how was your last few days? Did you check you weight yesterday? Any changes?
Personally I lost one more kilo YIPPY..

Now you were talking about the water reduction diet.. This diet what is does it helps you boost your metabolism and make you lose toxins (entoxination diet) But for lean body you need to work out and boost your metabolism as well as following a certain diet by which it will help you reduce those ugly fat cells under your skin and around your hips and waist line.

The water intake is really important to every person even fit people.. Drinking a glass of water within 15-30 min. Before each meal helps your stomach to warm up by which increase the enzyme production and boost your metabolism.. As well as vitamins intake will do the same thing.

First thing in the morning before you start your day drink a good full glass of water, before your Breakfast and after. Do that with each meal (before and after each meal) as well as your snacks, and before you head bed at night. As well as the 10 min. Of activity I mentioned before will help your metabolism goes up to the skies and burn those ugly fats .

Add to that you will end up having clearer ,healthier, softer and fresh skin .

Note: if you didn't weight your self yet run run run do it and write it down :)

till Tuesday my friends.. Work out at least 3 hours a week , hard work out and keep those fat, white carb's food away from your mouth ..
and remember:
"A bite is a kiss of failure" said by Dr. Atkins

don't forget your Vege's and fruits :)

And people listen to this ..will make you lean in a week :) (click me)

Juddy Abbott
E-mail me anytime.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hello Dears,

Here we are on our first Tuesday, ready and excited to lose all that ugly fat under our skin which is suffocating our organs from doing their job easily and normally.

Sit straight, chest up, tuck your tummy in. Pull your shoulders up and take them backwards till they are on a straight line level, push them down and take a deep breath, and feel the air entering your lungs, nourishing your body with the oxygen needed to boost your metabolism to get rid of those ugly clotted fat cells under your skin. Put on a wide smile, rest your neck and relax... & don't hunch


Our first step into better shape and lean body is to understand our body and feel our organs and how they react. Take an image of your body and figure out where does the fat accumulate the most, do you have a pear shaped body (fat is concentrated around your hips)? Or and apple shaped body (fat concentrated mostly around your waist line) _which is on of the most dangerous fat accumulation, number one risks to heart diseases_? The latter indicated that you have excess intake of Carbohydrate _white carbs in specific_ in your meals, while the former shows that Fat level in your meals in higher than your body need. If you have fat spread all over your body equally it's because both carb's and fats intake are high.

These Carbohydrates are what nutritionist calls the white carbs which includes: white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white bread, even sweeteners as in splenda. Do a healthy choice and replace all these with whole grain breads, cereals and brown sugar by which they still turn into glucose in your body which is the only fuel for the brain cells and takes longer time to store the excess as fat, mean while you can burn it. This would be the first step in the carb's problem. As for the fat intake problem one should totally stop any fried food instead you can grill your food then add olive oil (healthy fat) or try to spray your food with it using oil sprayer, margrin and butter should be excluded from your diet for the first few months and then slowly will be added in your meals.

This is our first step into better looking bodies and healthier hearts, Remember before each meal try to do some activities for about 10 min to boost your metabolism and lower your appetite level. For example if you love kids you can run around the house playing with them, or you can dance , run up and down the stair (if you don’t have any health problems) or the easiest thing is to take 3 steps forward and 3 steps backwards or jog standing in your place.

DRINK WATER as much as you can between each meal and befor each meal, when ever you see water ...or you can go downstairs evey hour to drink a glass of water.

Till we meet again on Saturday feel free to ask, discus or e-mail me anytime.

My best regards,
Judy Abbott.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

What to do in Kuwait?

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pump it Up!

Its about time for those fat accumulation on our hips to be removed for ever,
Its about time for this fat underneath our epidermis to get destroyed,
Its about time for this jiggly, pumped belly to be flat and firm,
Its about time for those empty, round, chubby arms to be tight and sleek..

Here I decided to start again after losing 30 kilograms to continue on my track on losing the 20 Kilograms left and show my hidden abs again.

Helping you improve your weight loss and well being and have a fit and firm body that we all dreamed of.

Little tips and advises from my field in biochemistry and herbal nutrition and from my weight loss experience of over 4 years now. I believe I can help you and help me reach our goal in losing the excess fat and get the body we dreamt of and the fitness we need for a better life style and living.

I introduce to you all the Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan Boot Camp for fitness and weight loss; where group work outs will be shared as well as tips and advises, success stories and encouragement prayers, Desk workouts and metabolism activating tip.

Virtually and in reality tips and workouts can be shared, what ever suits you and makes you happy. Nutritional discussions and supplements tips will be on as well. And many more.

Just remember its all to make you feel good about the way you live. You have the choice to join the KCBC or just learn from it.

The camp program will be as followed:

- Friday Will be the weight in date.
- Once every month there will be gifts for you to help you reach your goal which will include work out tapes.
- There will be a post every Saturday and Tuesday's
- If you have any health problem please ask your Dr. Before practicing any of what will be proposed or we can discuss it.
- Most online tips will be suitable for all people at all ages and fitness level
- Help me to help you.

Remember I am not a Dr. or a nutritionist.. I am a student in that field and trying to help you while IM helping my self.

Till Tuesday ...

Judy Abbot.

Thank you flam.

Monday, March 06, 2006

product and Salon review

  • Victoria At Shadows salon (tel: 5316334, in jabriya) does good nail job.
  • Glamour saloon got great honey wax,smooth silky results without any skin irritation (tel: 2626293, sheab on road 30)
  • Gabi good hair cut (in salwa, Tel: 5628001) great westren look.
  • Aqua massage loofa; great exofilationg and blood cycling loofa, keeps your skin smooth after any shower with any need for cream afterwards (from sultan center)
  • Jose esenberg: great facial care product. (gallery 2000 in salmiya, basement)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

15 Female Birthday Wishes

By: MissCosmoQ8

Dear Beauty Goddess,

Please grant us the following:

(1) No wrinkles until we are 80 years old

(2) A Marilyn Monroe body until we are mentally prepared to ruin it by getting married and having babies

(3) A Hairdresser that is never in a bad mood when we go to see her so she doesn't end up chopping our hair off when all we need is a trim

(4) A beautician that doesn't blubber about her problems when we're supposed to be relaxing during a facial/massage

(5) A manicurists that's made sure the cuticle cutter was disenfected and is hygienic

(6) A salary that gets us to spend a whole shopping spree at Salhiya without having to sweat at the prices

(7) A magazine that gives us the latest trends in fashion and the intelligence not to follow the ridiculous ones

(8) A sheera woman that walks into the house discreetly without bumping into your Dad who asks "Who is this women?" and having to explain what the woman does

(9) An eyebrow plucker with mint breath and doesn't tell us that "you're eyebrow is made that way and there's nothing I can do to fix it"

(10) A nice saleswoman at the MAC/Estee Lauder who would never say that you have to buy the concealer/eye cream because "Yeee...3endek ekteer aswad ta7t be seeer...or have black under your eyes...not goood!"

(11) A nice pharmacist that you just want to buy Panadols from and then won't try to sell you a new hair product because he's "noticed" that your hair is falling

(12) A one stop spa that can do everything all in one day, instead of letting us drive all around Kuwait to get them all done in different places

(13) A Moroccan girl that will give you a 7amam maghriby without sweating her head off and get you too depressed to enjoy it because you're feeling sorry for her

(14) An aerobics instructor that won't push us too hard that we end up pulling a muscle

(15) A man who can appreciate all the hell we women have to go through just to look good!

From our limited perspective...this is what we think we want and I ask that you grant us this or something even better...

Thank you!