Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best Laser Clinic

What’s the best laser clinic for permanent hair removal?

By best I mean:
Qualified staff
Less pain
Effective treatment
Reasonable price

Sunday, April 16, 2006

How Will I Look Like?

I've always wondered how will I look like in 10 or 20 years....

"Thanks To Amazing New Software Technology Devised By The American Counsel On Graceful Aging You Can Now See How You Will Look In A Certain Number Of Years.
In less than two minutes you can see what you may look like in a certain number of years at no cost"

I tried it and it worked! I even tried it backwards and saw myself when I was little. AMAZING TECHNOLOGY!

Earth Shoes


Cures Back, Muscular and Skeletal Pain

Burns more calories (lose weight faster)

Banishes Cellulite

Improves your posture

Reduces Stress

Fast Tracks you to Fitness
Builds Endurance

Run Faster and Jump Higher

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Emotional Eater?

When mood affect your food, its time to .. lay your back.. rest.. and think,

What is missing in your food..?

Recent studies proved that emotional eater lack essential fatty acids from their daily meals. mood swings, sugar craving and sleepy heads after meals are all caused from the lack of omega-3.

having 2 spoons daily of flaxseed powder to your food will give you the essential fatty acits your body requires and by that it will shrink your appitite and helps your brain concentrate on your life instead on your food and cravings.

Asta la vesta.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim and a strong body is my target._

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Best Workout EVER!

Hello ladies and gents,
Its Tuesday already, I didn’t post anything on Saturday hoping that you all read the great post Kuwait chopper dude "The Don" posted.
So tell me did you lose any kilos? Inches, Clothing size? Or you gained any?
Personally I lost one more kilo which makes a total of 5 kilos till now  how exciting it that.. and I didn’t do any diet all that I did was what I wrote to you guys earlier.

Now let us talk about something new takes us to the second level, hoping you are on track and assuming you all read The Don health post, honestly we both are reading the same things_ I believe _ from e-diets so I'll start talking business here .

"Now as you read more muscles equals high metabolism rate …not the bodybuilding muscles but an average amount of muscle mass to help you burn more calories and that will help you loose weight" (The Don, April 8th,2006)

You can get these muscles in home, in your room even in grocery shops. You'll be asking, how is that? For example at grocery shops you'll be carrying water gallons or box of fruits OR at home playing with your children or brothers carrying them around, playing that flying game, moving your furniture to clean, Gardening, pluming, washing dishes, hanging wet clothes on the rope to dry, ironing, painting …etc. are actually building muscles.

These daily routine will play a small part in increasing muscles in your body. The bigger part is your work out ... go for body weight workouts (check me) as in pushups, setups, squats, lunges, dips (check explanation here) as well as yoga, pillates and ball workouts.

All these activities will help you increase your body muscles which will higher your metabolism without paying any money or going to any gym. Take a look at our walking lanes in Kuwait all these new Chinese/Japanese workout machines are body weight based machines so talk a walk to your area walking lane, change air ('3ayraw jaw) and refresh your skin away from A/C's and high life laziness.