Friday, November 17, 2006

A Treasure on Brown Papers

A Treasure on Brown Papers is a new field I'll be posting on Fridays; once or twice a month to encourage us to read more of our national writers as well as foreign ones.

Personally every book is a treasure, carries us through mysteries of the world into different alleys in different towns, some of them arise our souls, while others make us wonder what are we still doing on earth. After all, a book will always help us notice our paths on this ground and will always be our light in a dark, depressed and stressed night. Its a ray of happiness on almost white papers, that used to brown in the old days.

This weeks book is Awra written by Dalaa Al Moufti, i assume by now you all know her, she has a column in Al Qabas Newspaper. This book made me wonder and brought to my awareness the people i never thought of, the things i haven't experienced and then at the end it made me smile when i realized this world has too many eyes whom don't have the same vision.

I highly recommend this book, the stories are short, amusing and cosmopolitan and the language used; very attracting. Literally it is fun to read, light and smooth kind of reading.

You can find it in both Arabic and English versions in every book store.

Check out the interview about this book here

Since we were talking about wrinkles in the prior post, check out this story, its lovely. part one, part two.

Happy Friday everyone.


Delicately Realistic said...

ana kil ma i want to post someone posts here looooooool
Anyways...ill look for the book for sure ;)

Spontaneousnessity said...

just intime! I was looking to get a new book, you never know =}

Nooni said...

DR i was waiting for someone to post something before i post this.. girl go ahead post. Actually PLEASE POST SOMESING

sponta:) i know you'll likey

SAJA.S said...

انا قريت ها الكتاب وما هديته الا لما خلصته كله .. بصراحه وااايد عجبني .. الكتاب مكتوب بطريقه حلوه وطريقه سهله وواقعيه جداا

Selfridges Girl said...

wooooooow ireally like it it's reaaly crazy an cool allh ywafgek and keep going :P

A'3la Min Rou7i ;** said...

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A'3la Min Rou7i .!

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