Sunday, July 09, 2006

Never a Boyfriend

Submitted by Jewel

Both our mobile phones rang at the same time. After ending both our calls she said: “ it seems that we’re gonna waste our time talking to our boyfriends on the phone rather than doing X assignment today”.
My answer was: “I don’t have a boyfriend! That was Grandma I was speaking to on the phone”. Which was totally true, I mean come on how could I make that up? But something tells me she didn’t believe me.

It’s true I don’t believe in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. To me it’s against any women’s rights to be respected and cherished.

Here’s a simple equation that shows what I mean:

Boyfriend = love + no promise of anything = disrespect for women

Fiancé = love + a public promise to me = respect

Husband = love + a public fulfillment of that promise = utmost form of respect to a woman

So you see when people tell me “so then how can you get married to someone you don’t know?” Well that’s why we have the “engagement period”, why does it have to be the degrading boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to know each other?

I do
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So yeah! I don’t intend to have a boyfriend and never will!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back to blogspot...

... I THINK!

So I'm back to blogspot. Wordpress doesn't allow me to play with html. There are advantages and disadvantages on both hosts.

I liked organizing posts in to categories on wordpress and the "recent comments" view was very helpful since this blog is a joint blog and I'm the only one receiving comment email notification "mean me".


This blog is quiet and becoming deserted. So if there's anyone who's willing to contribute; the door is open! Whether you want to become a member or just a contributor "by email". Posts from men are ALSO welcome. If you have questions, suggestions, anything you want to share or get a view on.

Categories vary from: Health, beauty, career, diet, relationships, humor, adds, recommendations, arts or whatever pops in to your mind.

WANTED: an online shrink

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Belly Piercing

Where to get clean trusted belly piercing in Kuwait?

Question submitted by Eva