Saturday, July 30, 2005

My THIRD post :)

"When a man gives his daughter in marriage and she dislikes it, the marriage shall be annulled."

Once a virgin girl came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said that her father had married her to a man against her wishes. The Prophet gave her the right to repudiate the marriage.

Divorced women are also given freedom to contract a second marriage.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

More more more!

How do you like that.. !

The Sugar Boy
Burnt Sugar
The San Francisco Fudge Factory
Bag of Sweets (They just recieved Willie Wonka Bars)

I'll be checking them out hopefully when I go to London and rate them for you guys. Till then enjoy the sites!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A good Man

The myth of "Mr.Perfect" can drive a woman insane! some women are wondering "where is he", "when will I ever meet him" and others would say "there's no such thing" or simply "Crap!"..
I'm one of those who never believed in Mr.Perfect. I am NOT Ms.Perfect after all.. Maybe "he" really exists, but that does not mean that I'll have to look for him, He'll find me!!!.. no seriously, I am just trying to be positive, why should a woman look for Mr.Perfect??!! a woman simply needs a good man. so stop whining about it and think..

Good men are indeed all around us. We pass them on the streets, in the malls and the halls at work or anywhere else. Most we can't see because we don't know what a good man really looks like. He usually isn't flashy enough to turn our heads. But, as you mature, you realize it's better to find someone who's got your back than someone who turns your head.

A good man doesn't necessarly agree with everything you say. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. He doesn't show how sensitive, sweet, caring, sincere he is, sometimes he won't have to because it shows. He has his own opinions and you may clash, but he doesn't have to degrade you to prove he's right. He even admits at times to being wrong, especially if you are willing to do the same.

A good man is not going to be everything on your "checklist". He is human with weaknesses and faults mixed in with all of his wonderful, strong attributes. He needs your love and respect. He needs to feel that you don't live to "catch" him doing something wrong so you can say, "Ahha! I knew you were an asshole!!"

A good man doesn't necessarily give you an expensive birthday or Valentine's gift. He shows his love in the ways that are comfortable to him. Don't judge him by "TV standards". No one is living a fairytale for real. You'll miss out on your own fairy tale by buying into the myth that "all men are no good". It's just not true.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Every Woman Should Know

what every woman should know..

  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW how to fall in love without losing herself.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW how to quit a job, break up with a lover, and confront a friend without ruining the relationship.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW when to try harder, and when to walk away.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW that she can't change the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or "the nature of her parents".
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW that her childhood may not have been perfect, but its over.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW what she would and wouldn't do for love or more.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW how to live alone, even if she doesn't like it.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW whom she can trust, whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally.
  • EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW what she can and can't accomplish in a day, a month and in a year.


Weather has huge effects on moods & emotions
it's too hot out side, you could cry
Stay indoors
Enjoy our Blog
and keep Smiling

Monday, July 25, 2005

Because I'm worth a lot

In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursuing the question " What kind of man are you looking for?"

She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye and asking, "Do you really want to know?"

Reluctantly, he said "Yes."

She began to expound... "As a woman in this day and age, I am in a position to ask a man what he can do for me that I can't do for myself. I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man...or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, "What can you bring to the table?"

The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money.

She quickly corrected his thought and stated, "I am not referring to money. I need something more. I need a man who is striving for perfection in every aspect of life. "

He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, and asked her to explain.

She said "I am looking for someone who is striving for perfection mentally because I need conversation and mental stimulation. I don't need a simple-minded man. I am looking for someone who is striving for perfection spiritually because I don't need to be unequally yoked... believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster. I need a man who is striving for perfection financially because I don't need a financial burden. I am looking for someone who is sensitive enough to understand what I go through as a woman, but strong enough to keep me grounded. I am looking for someone who I can respect. In order to be submissive, I must respect him. I cannot be submissive to a man who isn't taking care of his business. I have no problem being submissive...he just has to be worthy. God made woman to be a help mate for man. I can't help a man if he can't help himself."

When she finished her spiel, she looked at him. He sat there with a puzzled look on his face. He said, "You are asking a lot."

She replied, "I'm worth a lot".

Little Big..

. Welcome aboard

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Believe Nothing..

Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it
Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held
Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books
Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin
Believe nothing just because someone else believes it
Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true

Red carpet moment


The art of flirting

away from serious issues.. i have some funny real life stories that happened to me and my friends during my humble visits...

as you all know.. we usually go out wearing nice clothes.. sometimes u don't feel like it specially if you're going out to buy dinner.. so one glorious day .. i went with my friend at 10 pm to buy dinner and cruise around .. we were so messed up and were laughing at each others looks.. suddenly a reddish car.. with some creature inside.. came infront of our car and pulled over sideways.. (ista3rath) with his window facing us and he started blowing kisses and making funny faces .. we gazed at him.. then at each other.. and we burst into tears laughing !!!
all the cars behind us were looking at him and then us in disbelief .. pointing fingers and laughing ! ah it was really embarrassing ..

now i am sure that everyone of us had a memorable experience... will you be kind to share? :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The 'C's

usually men ask "What women want?"
Instead I want to ask them,
what men think women want ???
"SOME" Men work hard in order to get women to want them. At the end of the day, they fail to question - do women want them or what they have??
Some, or should I say "many" women are only after the Materialistic 'C's:
  • Cash
  • Car
  • Credit-Card
  • Career

While all these are important in some ways, today people forget what's more important, The Real 'C's:

  • Class
  • Character
  • Consistency
  • Compatibility
  • Chemistry.

If a woman loves you for what you are, not for what you have, she'll stay with you through thick and thin. A lot of men fail to realise that, I think.

Any opinions, gentlemen and ladies?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Cosmetic surgery..

Are you FOR or AGAINST?
Explain why.
Under the title of plastic surgery lie two sub-fields referred to as 'reconstructive' and 'cosmetic' surgeries. A person who seeks reconstructive surgery "typically has a noticeable disfigurement (such as a scar, skin condition, or malformed body part) caused by injury, disease, or birth defect that has a strong impact on his or her day-to-day life, affecting social, employment, and recreational opportunities as well as self-esteem". On the other hand, a person who seeks cosmetic surgery "is usually unhappy with some aspect of his or her appearance, such as a big nose, small breasts, wrinkles, or love handles". The question is asking about 'cosmetic' surgey.

The Joy of Being Single

Forget rumors about married people living longer or that single people are miserable and that two can live as cheaply as one. Married people started these rumors out of pure jealousy! because if that isn't so, then tell me why more than 40% of marriages ends in divorce??

Joys Of Being Single
  • You can be yourself: When you're with someone, there's always give and take and you lose yourself to a degree, sometimes, completely. Plus, You don't have to look your best like 24/7 because there is someone else living with you.
  • The in-laws : If you don't have a mother-in-law, you don’t have to be nice to anybody’s mother but your own. You don't have to deal with questions like “Are you going to wear that to my parents’ house?”.
  • You make all the choices: It's all about (Me) It’s easier scheduling holidays, parties and gatherings without the pressures of another person. You are free of commitments.
  • Not having to explain yourself: You can just take yourself off and do things on your own without having to explain that you're not in a mood or having to convince the other half that you're not sneaking off for an affair to remember.
  • You have your time alone: anytime you want it. It's nearly impossible to get when you're in a relationship.
  • Relationships eat time and not having one gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want whenever you want. the nicest thing about being single is that you don’t have to include someone else into your time.
  • There's no guilt, it's great! You can change all your plans for no reason, You can be spontaneous without feeling guilty. You can go out with your friends at any time without short notice and you don't have to tell or discuss it with anyone.
  • You can flirt with anyone and everyone you 'Fancy' you are totally Free to return any male attention, which is Fun and you don't have to stop flirting.
  • Hopes and dreams: Being single means that you can still dream of finding that "knight". Once you're married, you stop dreaming you just have to deal with reality.
  • Love is blind, marriage is an eye opener!

Being single is not better than being attached, but just as good. People argue continuously that being single is more fun, or being in a relationship is more rewarding. But both have positive/negative qualities..

A partner should complete your life and not be your life,

we should be happy with ourselves before being able to be happy with anyone else.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Treat ma Feet

"Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology. Foot reflexology is "pressure therapy" and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease."*
*I saved it as draft and went to have a massage. I'm back now feeling so good*
Few things on this Earth feel as good as a foot massage specially for women, If there's tension or pressure in a relationship, go somewhere else.. Get a massage! Massage is about relaxation (duh!) and what I need is a man who knows how to give a massage.. so please, If you know any guy who knows how to give it (it=massage), please let me know.
Women- Get a Massage! Pick your pleasure, you owe it to yourself!
MEN- learn how to give a massage!
* For more information, ask Dr.Foot.

To all the single girls out there,

Why do you think you should get married/stay single?


Firstly I would like to apologize to the members of this blog for not being much of a contributer. I have been preoccupied with the **** in this society and been down, not to mention the whole "live jeddah" campaign finally succeeded in giving me an ulcer.

However (snap snap with an attitude) I am back in shape because I have decided to take my friend's advice and "filter" everything to avoid having wrinkles by 25.

HOLD on.. this is NOT the purpose of the post.. the purpose is that I found a bunch of links that might; ahem; be apealing to you (actually I know they'll be apealing to Sarah)

This is for all the chocolate lovers

Rococo Chocolates
Definitely Chocolate
Woodhouse Chocolate
Chuao Chocolatier
Chocolats Rohr
MissChief's Forfeit Cookies


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Age matters

To me, age is an extremely important factor. I can never see myself having a relationship with a person my age or younger. I have had experiences in the past where I would be attracted to someone and immediately lose interest as soon as I found out he was younger, my age, or even older in a year or two. I’m not exaggerating, but there’s just something that automatically turns me off. He could be the most attractive, most intelligent, most romantic guy in the world, yet age can ruin the image for me completely.

Many women out there don’t really care about age; to them it makes no difference. In fact, they would actually prefer younger men as opposed to men their age or older. I don’t understand that. Why do women choose younger men?

Would you?

Monday, July 18, 2005

my first post :)

How do you act or feel when a guy propose then you decline and he propose again after weeks!!!?

I mean would you decline coz the same reasons why you rejected first time are still there?
or would you change your mind coz you feel that he wants you and no one but you? especially that rarely happens in Kuwait because of what they say (ille ma yabeena ma nabee)! usually when a guy is declined he doesnt think of proposing to the same girl again or even his mom wont let him :p

any comments? any experiences?

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I heard that usually the man/woman you get married to is nothing like what you imagined or wanted him/her to be..

A friend of mine used to say she would never get married to a fat guy or a smoker. but she told me that she had to give up on something and the reason is there is no such thing as Mr/Mrs.Perfect. So she got married to a smoker with a good body!

so if you ever have to give up on some qualities in a man/woman, what is the ONE thing you would NEVER give up on?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yali it6ali3 oo chinik mat6ali3ni ;)

In high school, my friends and I went through a ‘poetic-phase’. We bought tapes of various 5aleeji poets, such as Aseer il Shoog, 5alid il Fay9al, 3bdalra7man bin Imsa3id, Bader bin 3bdalmi7sin, etc. We would listen to them and actually memorize their shi3ir. For a while there we were obsessed. I enjoyed listening to Aseer il Shoog's calm voice; I like his style. Our favorite was 5alid il Mray5i. The dude cracked us up. The way he talks just draws an image in my head. Check him out in Yali it6ali3, Wala oo bidayt ash’3ila, and Widee adris. Daloo3, moo sa7? ;)
Anyone here an Arabic shi3ir fan, or is it just me?
p.s. Thanks PALFORCE for the links.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


If you can become a man for one day, what would you do?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The Salties are BACK!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dear Ra-1..

On behalf of the girls, I would like to say we’re sorry for your loss.
Hope you feel better and come back very soon.
In the mean time, you’ll be missed.

p.s. Life goes on.

Friday, July 08, 2005



I can't watch the news anymore.. I Don't want to read news papers.. What is happening to the world???? Terrible so Terrible!! When will we ever live in peace?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you love what you see?

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror?

Hollywood and fashion, cosmetics and diet industries work hard to make each of us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and need constant improvement. TV shows tell women and teenage girls that plastic surgery is good for self-esteem. Does that tell you kuwaiti women have low self-esteem? Everyone wants the perfect look! is that any wonder that more than 80% of young teenage girls have been on some form of diet!!

Women and girls spend millions of KDd every year on cosmetics, fashion, magazines and diet aids trying to reach impossible standards! Perfect bodies are every where on Printed ads and TV commercials.. how much does is affect you? and how far could it go?

Some offensive ads :

Winston tries to convince young women how tough and cool they can be by smoking while waiting for a man. Hope he arrives soon...before lung cancer sets in.
What is it about selling alcohol that makes advertisers want to belittle and insult women...does it really make men feel more powerful? Don't answer that.

This is an ad for luggage, right? And the nearly naked bronzed woman is there because...? When creativity fails, insert sex!!

and don't make me start about Arabs ads and commercials.. so pathetic and they give bad images of arabs life and mentality and the way women are beeing treated. It's 2005 for crying out loud! anyway, back to our subject..

What can you do?
  • Learn how to love your body
  • Create your own possitive standard
  • learn more about how advertising affects women's health, body image and self-esteem.
  • Make a pact with yourself to treat your body with respect
  • Give yourself a break from women's magazines and the mass media
  • Try a new physical activity just for fun, not to lose weight
  • Stop weighing yourself
  • Change your goal from weight loss to improving your health.

*Love your body*

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why do Women Put on Weight

I read this survey about the main reasons behind women gaining weight. The majority went for "stress and boredom".

So what about you, what's causing your weight gain?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Help Needed !!

Ok i have a serious problem..

I just came to kuwait and i asked a dear friend of mine to find a place for us to chit chat and update each other.. The first time we went to Costa Cafe in Galleria 2000 .. the second time we went to the same place.. ok i thought to myself that she really likes this place and its not bad ..we do get some kind of privacy..
the third time i refused to get out of the car ! gosh as if her car is on Auto Poilot .. it bacame a second instinct to her ! I want to visit other places that everyone has been talking about..
the problem is.. where ? I don't know where to go in kuwait.. and although she lives in kuwait.. she's worse :/
we sat in the car for 20 minutes trying to find another place to visit.. all what we could come up with is costa ..costa and more costa ... HELP !!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Twenty reasons to stay single

1- You will have no “In-Laws”
2- You don’t have to worry about those tiny little hair growing on you everywhere
3- You can hang out with “your” friends as much as you want
4- You will have better social life
5- You can wear whatever you want
6- You don’t have to worry about waking up with a bad hair day
7- You don’t have to share your bed with a snoring device
8- You don’t have to deal with him criticizing you every day for the rest of your life
9- You can shop all you want
10- You can spend all night talking on the phone
11- You can flirt with as many guys as you want
12- There will be no pressure to have sex
13- You keep getting your “first-time” kiss
14- You control your life
15- You have your freedom
16- You can be selfish
17- You can travel whenever/wherever you want
18- You don’t have to worry about the baby’s dippers
19- You don’t have to save for the children’s education
20- The word “single” sounds better

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ladies! Something to cheer you up



Joys Of Summer

Summer.. ohhh Summer.. Where everybody have great plans and plenty of activities all around the world. In Kuwait It's different! Summer makes you bored and boring, stressed and even "thinking" needs much effort.. It's too hot out there to the point where you can actually feel your brains MELTING! Technically, it is worse than living in a 'Sauna'. Soo.. any plans for spending summer in Kuwait?

Beach girls

What about spending time on the beach? get a tan, I mean "sun-burn". who am I kidding it's "our" Sun we know it well don't we?..
so stay indoors..
How about joining a Health Club? You get to work out, swim, play tennis.. etc. Great idea! huh?
So you become a member, you spend hours working and feeling good about yourself, you get out of the gym, next thing you know:

STRIKE ONE! you break down and order up some of those nachos with cheese. The damage: 1,530 calories and 105 grams of fat.

STRIKE TWO! Mmmm, those fries sure smell good.
The damage: Another 530 calories and 24 grams of fat.

STRIKE THREE! Holy cow! You haven't even added in your sodas and your dietary damage is already a whopping 2,326 calories and 144 grams of fat.

Avoid Fat! it's summer. Try to include fruit and more liquids to your diet.. it's good for the skin..

Food is The Joy Of Summer
Try "healthy"


Bon Appetit

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I'm STILL here..

Dear BloggerinA’s and BloggerinO’s,

As some of you might have already noticed, my Blog has finally decided to retire. This resulted from my blogging-mood swings and lack of blogging-commitment. To all of you who emailed and asked about me, I’d like to say: Thanks for your concern. :)
This is where I am going to be posting.. until further notice! :P

Flamingoliya: I’m with you all the way to Shuwaikh, gurl! ;)