Friday, August 05, 2005

Who said Babies are Angels?

Sarah's experience:

I had enough! .. 3 days of babysitting and I'm going insane!!!
I'm not used to this kind of life.. I feel selfless!! My life was ALL about ME!!! but NOW, it's all about him! It's all about the baby!

He watches cartoons all the day and when he gets bored, he cries and wants me to dance and sing to him, otherwise he wouldn't stop screaming, so I have no choice. I hate it when babies cry, especially in the middle of the night. It is pretty frustrating to deal with a one-year-old baby.. He can not talk so how would I know what he wants or how he feels or if anything hurts him!!! How can one communicate with a baby? This is too hard.

So this is the third day I think he misses his mom. He keeps biting me, pinching and punching. you should see the marks he gave me. I didn't sleep well.. Excellent!

Today I realized something, I want my single life back I want to go out whenever I want without worrying about my lil-Dude.. without feeling guilty that I left him home.. This is one tough lesson, I learnt I don't want to have a baby, atleast not anytime soon. I also learnt that being a mother is the hardest job ever! EVER! I mean it! I totally mean it!!

conclusion: this job is disappointingly unsuccessful, I don't think I'm doing good at all. 4 days left.. (allah yastir)

by Sarah.

Flamingoliya’s experience:

Baby sitting for one day.. or should I say for a few hours?

I like babies but only when they are clean, fed, and well dressed. There are times when I have to baby sit my nephew. I miss him when he’s not around but when he’s here under my supervision, I don’t miss him that much. I mean, he needs constant supervision. I can’t do anything else without watching him. He may fall, he may touch my stuff and break them. So I found helpful tools to occupy him. I am not proud of them as I know that I should be more of an aunty but they help.

When I’m exercising in the living room, I let him watch Telly Tubbies. I hate them and never liked them in fact I detest them. But guess what? They are handy at such times. When I turn the video on, he sits still on the couch and gets hypnotized.

The times I’m in my bedroom blogging. Some links help too like:
If he gets bored, I turn the music on and he starts dancing along these rhymes:
He loves old Mcdonalds a lot. I’m ok with this song cos it reminds me of my childhood, Telly Tubbies don’t.
You can also download the midis on your mobile incase you were on the run.

Here’s a list of baby songs with their lyrics
I don’t like teaching kids English before Arabic. They have to learn their mother tongue first but too bad we don’t have such facilities in Arabic.

I think Telly Tubbies are stupid. All what my baby learned is saying ba-bye and to laugh the way the sun-kid laughs. But I realized that I was just looking at it my own way. He enjoys them, so what’s the harm.

But comparing Barney to Telly Tubbies, Barney whom I also hate seems to be more educating. There are older kids who sing, jump and dance. So I recommend Barney too.

I hope these tips can help you in baby sitting.

One last tip, if you smell something awful, call his nanny. That’s when she becomes most handy.

Oh and one more thing, if the baby is a few months old, electronic rocking chairs make them dizzy and you can find them sleeping in less than five minutes.

Thank you Barney, Telly Tubbies and last but not least, Space toons for your hypnotizing help.
by Flamingoliya.


Hope said...


Nunu-San said...

Purgy YAL MOJRIM!!! Spank a BABY??!! You really have to go to jail..

I'd say I know how to baby-sit cz bali 6weel with babies!! I love them and they love me as well..
And also know how to communicate with them!! I don't get bored..
But when it comes to the day where I'm busy studying for exams, I really HATE to watch them!!!

Papillona ® said...

For Love And More

LOL thank you dear for the tips, tawni agraahom hehehe

Papillona ® said...

hope :)

Purg. I say No!

Flamingoliya said...

LOL I like that ;P
you're welcome, they were initially meant for you AND YOU JUST READ THEM? bad, bad editor :P

A3sab said...

6'a77aktooni walla...Thank u for acknowledging the fact that motherhood is by far the most dificult job in the world...9idj lain galo shiga. bas ibsara7a its all worth it.

Papillona ® said...


For Love And More <--- matshofeen ga3da asa7lich :P

Flamingoliya said...

ee walla allah e3eenkom!

yal shai6ana! :P

Purgatory said...

NuNu, they have to be disciplined from an early age.

Spontaneousnessity said...

LOOOOOOOL!!!! "sing and dance other wise he won't stop screaming" LOL!!! I know what that's like!

Sarah, wai allah ye3een! 7emday rabech ina 4 days left you're not stuck for the rest of your life hehehe!

Equalizer said...

There are two sides to the story. One side is to really be involved in the development of the baby in terms of character, personality and so forth, which is usually formed in the first 5 years of childhood. Two is to compeletly focus on making the child shut up by means of cartoons toys and what have you. The most dangerous of all is to leave the children with the maids. According to child psychology research, if a young child (under 5) spends more 3 hours per day with anyone but the mother, will start developing negative behaviors including ADD, agressiveness, weak language skills etc. To further explore this you can read about "the opt out revolution", which is about women in high ranks, leaving their careers to tackle this problem.

Blossom said...

Great job girls :)

Nunu-San said...

Am I talking to myself here?!! =/

Papillona ® said...

Sponta. LOL el7amdillah!

Equalizer, true!
That's why the nanny is only there for changing diapers and giving him his medication.

Blossom, thank you dear :)

NuNu, I'm sorry didn't see your comment :P maybe you should try babysitting too, If you know what I mean

Flamingoliya said...

thanks for the info :) but what's ADD?

thank you :)

hehehe no! well, I don't know how to communicate, so I get bored :P

Nunu-San said...

Ra7 afta7li "7athana" in future inshallah ;P

Equalizer said...

Flamingolya ADD means Attention Deficiency Disorder....which alot of kids have these days...parents are not aware of this order and instead beat the crap out of their kids, where infact they would need ritlin (a medicine) to sort it out.

ArtFiNaLe said...

You sound just like somebody i know... But honestly, aren't they just adorable ?

Flamingoliya said...

good for you :P I'm sure Sarah would be dieing to join you :P

Oh, got it :) yes I can see that alot :/

I don't know who this message is for, but yeah, they are adorable WHEN CLEAN and QUIET.

Papillona ® said...

artfinale, who ? me?

Molecule said...

When it comes to communicating with babies,I have found that the following helps: "Gurgle gruggle quack mwaaah blob blob blob globble dobble coochie coochie coochidy coo arent you a clever boy/girl cuddle wuddle what a lovely poo poo "

It seems to work 99/100.Try it.

Papillona ® said...

carbon atom, hahahhaha
I'll try it

thank you

Flamingoliya said...

MsBaker ;)

Anonymous said...

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