Friday, August 12, 2005

Fat Fat Fat


I have been cheating and cheating AND cheating on my diet for the past.. what (counting) month!!! MONTH!! anyways..
This morning, the weighing scale showed that I've lost a total of 1.5 kg since the first week of August. So what does that tell you? CHEATING IS GOOD? Not really.
I suppose taking the stairs, jogging a lot and aerobics exercises I've been doing is working great!
I need to lose another 5kg by end of September, I don't really 'need' to but I want to lose 5 kg, especially that in Ramadan I can't help but gain weight I should really have self-control and avoid Ramadan gatherings (aka ghabga) and that's another issue I could write a whole post about but now I want to concentrate on how I can lose 5 by the end of september?

any ideas? ladies and gents..


Purgatory said...

don't lose weight, I repeat, do not lose weight!

Purgatory said...

You are the most active member here, followed by salty, how come the rest are not posting?

Blossom said...

Sarah ,

Reduce the amount of food that you eat daily and gradually so that your stomach don't shock.

Drink alot of Soda water instead of cokes or juices.

If you have one ugly fat picture that you don't like stick it on the fridge stay away from it.( It worked )

When it comes to chocolate , eat minis instead of large chocolate bars.

Eat alone with nobody , cuz being with somebody gonna make you eat more n more .

Exercise ! It really works ... go to the gym three times a week and you'll feel the difference

One more thing .... don't pay attention to your weight ..what matters most is to have a firm toned body

And oh , don't listen to Purg

Good Luck !

Sloth said...

hi everyone ..

ok my problem is the opposite and its not pretty either .. huh
Gained 3 kilos in 2 months and i KNOW i will lose them soon :/
i need a plan to keep my weight in the normal range.. and sarah.. i am not a chocolate person :/

Equalizer said...

Alot of people think of diets as a temporary "fix" or eating program to their lose weight. If you think so then dont diet at all. In reality the word "rejeem" comes from the english word regimen which means a systematic plan. What everyone should do is really study your eating habits, because ultimately it is the cause of excess weight. Researcher have studied different diets like Atkins, Health Watchers, The Zone etc. and found out that it is not how the diet is structured that makes it effective, it is the amount of calories in the diet that really made people lose weight. So how do you choose a diet? Pick one that really suits your taste buds and lifestyle, a diet which you can live on for the rest of your life. Personally I have tried the South Beach Diet, and from personal experience it is the best! Atleast for me. What lesson did I learn from it? Eat healthy and avoid excessive processed carbs like white bread and white rice, and white sugar. The word here is "avoid" and not eliminate.Drink alot of water, eat alot of salads and soups, it leaves no space for other fancy shmancy belly inducing stuff.

Equalizer said...

Oh BTW. Losing more than 1 kg per week is not recommended at all! THe reason is that if you do so, your body will think you are being starved and automatically reduce your bodies metabolism. If that happens, your body tend to burn at a slower rate, saving all the excess as fat. This is why alot of people complain about gaining weight too quickly after losing it too quickly, so watch out!

Papillona ® said...

Wild-Mare, No I did not try any of these, I'm so picky when it comes to food (and men ofcours) but I need some kind of diet that allows me eating chocolate, seriously I can't quit.

purg. "yes sir"

msbaker, that's what I need: to eat normal and lose weight, actually to eat CHOCOLATE that is.
Be my friend?!
the thing is, it's hard for me to lose weight, I think my body reached to a point where it can't lose anymore, it's hard and it's taking forever which is boring me.

I need (again, I WANT) to lose 5 kg and I'll be really happy and satesfied :)

Papillona ® said...

Salted-Caramel, no not really :(

Blossom, I don't eat that much already, so my stomach will be actually shocked when it sees food LOL. ok this might shock you too, I never drink sodaand cokes. and the picture lol I have one right on my mirror but it's for a model hahahah that helps too.
Mini chocolate? are you kidding me? I think they started those as samples but then people found it cute and started buying them..
when it comes to chocolate, there are no rules!
I exercise everyday and yes i am very concerned about my weight. I weigh myself every day morning. thanks blossom :*

Purgatory said...

that is the way i like you, chubby to be Sarah :)

Papillona ® said...

Sloth, maybe you should be a chocolate person.
so you want to gain? man!

equalizer, I totally understand how a regime works, it is not something temporary. less carbs is what I really need, I can never follow atkins it is just not my type of food. I think I should drink more water.
YES YES YES! EXACTLY the human body is really smart seriously, when the body knows you are not providing its needs, it saves fat and burns slower to remain hmm what's the word? alive is the word. hahaha I think my body hates me.

A3sab said...

EXERCISE is the solution to yr problem dear

Flamingoliya said...

I'm so picky when it comes to food (and men ofcours)
you don't believe in chocolate minis?! then forget about loosing weight! i even switch them with 2 dates after lunch when i really need dessert.
now, i only eat chocolate BARS a few times per month.
try the minis TRY

Papillona ® said...

a3sab, I work out daily, yes daily my dear :)

Flam, LOL no MINIs, no minis NO!

maybe I should try dates when I really need dessert.. hmm I'll try that.. maybe just before Ramadan :/

Spontaneousnessity said...

I just started a thing called Water Diet my friend told me about, it's supposed to last for maximun 4 days and minimum 2, where you get to only live on liquids only, allah yaster! but this is not supposed to help you lose weight only, it clears out your body, Yoga instructors recommend it, ed3ooli !

MASS said...

work out
have a normal ramadan :S
ya3ni dont stuff your self on 2iftar

Equalizer said...

GLYCEMIC INDEX: One more thing about food is what makes you hungry. I f you control your hunger you control your weight. Foods that are high in complex carbohydrates tend to make you hungry because the body releases a large dose of insulin to break it up, which will drop your blood sugar too quickly, and that is how you get hungry very soon. Get a hold of a chart that gives you the glycemic index of foods and fruits. The lower the index the better. FYI for all you date lovers, although rich in nutrients and vitamins, dates will make you crawl on the ground looking for food because of its high rank on the glycemic scale.

Nunu-San said...

I wanna lose 5kg too, I wanna be like 49-50kg =/
I wanna be REALLY SKINNY!!! As models!! =D

Nunu-San said...

I think I'm gonna go with Sponta and her Water Diet =D

Papillona ® said...

Sponta. that isn't healthy at all!

MsBaker, I started doing it all, although there are things which I already have in my system. but im so excited!

Papillona ® said...

kuwatigirl, thank you, and thank you for adding the magic word too, "chocolate"

q8ibloger, it's not about stuffing ourselves, it's about desserts

nunu, me too, let's work on it! not sponta's diet anyway.

equalizer, omg! I had no idea about that!
thank you that was very useful :)

Nunu-San said...

No! I'm gonna go with Sponta's Diet =/

MASS said...

hahaha desserts
dont eat them :P

if you focus on ramadan you will lose weight or at least gain bass very little

Spontaneousnessity said...

NuNu, yalla ok! ams I couldn't take it lol I ate ceaser salad at 7 I was ganna pass out lol so I started today yalla catch up ;) only 3 days and we're as healty as a new born :P hehehe

Sarah, well it's good for the blood, I know that for fact.. the rest yeah it might actually get ruined! we'll fix that later :P

ha NuNu OK?

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Looks like everybody's on a diet...I did try Health Watchers at Hadi hospital and it really worked but it took 3 months for me to feel really good about it was expensive...this time I went to and put in my's really cool they give you a menu for a week and it doesn't cost should check it out..I've already lost (but I've also cheated..still something's better than nothing..sa7?)

Spontaneousnessity said...

NUNU I DID IT!!! I went on a whole day with nothing but 2 kiwi juice 1 orange juice and 1 pineapple juice and water water water water.. I do not know how I feel! LOL but I know that 3 days is alot hehehe

Nunu-San said...

Sponta!! I'm IN!!! =D

Anonymous said...

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