Friday, July 22, 2005

The Joy of Being Single

Forget rumors about married people living longer or that single people are miserable and that two can live as cheaply as one. Married people started these rumors out of pure jealousy! because if that isn't so, then tell me why more than 40% of marriages ends in divorce??

Joys Of Being Single
  • You can be yourself: When you're with someone, there's always give and take and you lose yourself to a degree, sometimes, completely. Plus, You don't have to look your best like 24/7 because there is someone else living with you.
  • The in-laws : If you don't have a mother-in-law, you don’t have to be nice to anybody’s mother but your own. You don't have to deal with questions like “Are you going to wear that to my parents’ house?”.
  • You make all the choices: It's all about (Me) It’s easier scheduling holidays, parties and gatherings without the pressures of another person. You are free of commitments.
  • Not having to explain yourself: You can just take yourself off and do things on your own without having to explain that you're not in a mood or having to convince the other half that you're not sneaking off for an affair to remember.
  • You have your time alone: anytime you want it. It's nearly impossible to get when you're in a relationship.
  • Relationships eat time and not having one gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want whenever you want. the nicest thing about being single is that you don’t have to include someone else into your time.
  • There's no guilt, it's great! You can change all your plans for no reason, You can be spontaneous without feeling guilty. You can go out with your friends at any time without short notice and you don't have to tell or discuss it with anyone.
  • You can flirt with anyone and everyone you 'Fancy' you are totally Free to return any male attention, which is Fun and you don't have to stop flirting.
  • Hopes and dreams: Being single means that you can still dream of finding that "knight". Once you're married, you stop dreaming you just have to deal with reality.
  • Love is blind, marriage is an eye opener!

Being single is not better than being attached, but just as good. People argue continuously that being single is more fun, or being in a relationship is more rewarding. But both have positive/negative qualities..

A partner should complete your life and not be your life,

we should be happy with ourselves before being able to be happy with anyone else.


Devilish said...

Being single isn’t a challenge, being with a partner n coping, compromising…etc is the Challenge….its a beautiful challenge….

Flamingoliya said...

I agree to all those points but don't wanna stay single forever. because still in marriage there are more things to have. a good partner (if he ever existed) and kids.

be happy the way you are, oo shib3aw. and don't get married until you feel you want a change ;)

Papillona ® said...

shopa we do agree baby ;)

devilish & SC, life is all about challenge wether you're married or single.

Flam, you don't get married for a change!!! LOL marriage is no joke honey

Flamingoliya said...

read the fox

Papillona ® said...


Flamingoliya said...


E3younAlbak said...

what a great post :) reassurance that i don't suck, cuz the hard part when you're single is when you're lonely :(

Papillona ® said...

e3younalbak, sweetie being single might show you that I'm alone, but I'm never lonely ;)

you can't be lonely when you're surrounded by friends and fam

E3younAlbak said...

true.. i like how you put it :)

Papillona ® said...

E3younAlbak :)

Devilish said...
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Devilish said...

Sarah, I agree, life it self is a challenge, though the marriage challenge is of a different dimension all togather.