Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kuwaitize Saud Port and Saudize Al Khafji Port

Read this article. Its in Arabic, though it is talking about some mutual trades in lands between Kuwait and Saudi when those lands belong to Kuwaiti!!!!!

It goes...

The possibility of Saudi Arabia giving “the Port of King Saud” to the Kuwaitis for that the geographical distance of the port is within Kuwaiti borders (considering the sovereign depth that Kuwait falls within), while Kuwait will give “Al-Khafji” port to the Saudis, which is an oil rich port! The discussions will raise to borderline that litigant area.

The “Port of King Saud” is notorious for raising question marks between the two countries (Kuwait and Saudi) especially that it was taking this classical move since 30+ years.

After liberating Garooh Island of Kuwait in 1991, the Saudi Arabian Navy raised their Saudi flag on the island (the first Kuwaiti land to be liberated), and this issue went into some political and disputable issues and that file was shut quietly to keep a good relation between the two countries.

The question is.. How much longer do we have to keep quiet and shut such issues quietly before our flag is replaced???


Blogger said...

My dear, this is the weak people logic.

My grandfather always tells us such stories of Kuwaiti's quitclaiming their rights

Unknown said...

the problem is the media is not doing their job covering this matter ,,, we all know we have more land to be reclaimed to Kuwait but no one is doing anything about it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

OK so here is my take on this issue. Most people from both sides seem to take a very national approach to this issue but I will try my best to take a neutral approach.

There used to exist a neutral zone (for the Bedouins) between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which was agreed upon in the Uqair convention of 1922, but upon the discovery of oil in Burqan both sides agreed that the splitting up of the neutral zone must be done. Therefore Al Khafji became in Saudi Arabia but with the equal distribution of oil production there between the two countries; and Al-Saud port was given to Saudi Arabia.

Now that Chevron has stopped Al-Zour refinery from being built, due to it being in the Al Saud port area, these issues needed to be resolved.

I personally think that the best solution for us will be to take the Al Saud port in return for our stake in Al-Khafji.