Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yali it6ali3 oo chinik mat6ali3ni ;)

In high school, my friends and I went through a ‘poetic-phase’. We bought tapes of various 5aleeji poets, such as Aseer il Shoog, 5alid il Fay9al, 3bdalra7man bin Imsa3id, Bader bin 3bdalmi7sin, etc. We would listen to them and actually memorize their shi3ir. For a while there we were obsessed. I enjoyed listening to Aseer il Shoog's calm voice; I like his style. Our favorite was 5alid il Mray5i. The dude cracked us up. The way he talks just draws an image in my head. Check him out in Yali it6ali3, Wala oo bidayt ash’3ila, and Widee adris. Daloo3, moo sa7? ;)
Anyone here an Arabic shi3ir fan, or is it just me?
p.s. Thanks PALFORCE for the links.


Papillona ® said...

I don't like him but he's funny lamma yeshta6 he does this thing with his lips (sa3abeel ow 7alta 7ala chinna bil rawtha) so ma7ibba yeah :p

Love the rest of the poets

Sloth said...

not a fan of poetry.. i get confuse easily ! heheh .. i'm more into music

Hopeless Poet said...

Is that what is gonna encourage me to write in Arabic? ElMray5i? He is a sissy :P But still it is fun to hear him from time to time ;)
I am sorry but you have to work harder in order to make me write poetry in Arabic :P

Flamingoliya said...


I listen to none.

Purgatory said...

ok why change the name of this blog, the old one made more sense, this one is just stupid (yeah I know you all will throw your high heels at me) but that is what I think.

Salted-Caramel said...

Sarah: Lol! Yeah, I know what you mean. :P

Sloth: I'm only into this kinda poetry. And only when am in the mood for it. Music is always number one though. :)

Hopeless: i7tart wiyak! ish-hal sha3ir ili I have to push and work hard in order to have him write a poem? Isn't writing poetry what you guys do? Bs yala moo mushkila.I'll think of something better so help me GOD!

Flamingo: TWEETY! Eee, lool! :P

Purgatory: You're lucky am not wearing my heels right now. Girls? Anyone?

Judy Abbott said...

'3azi al qo9aybe the love of my life.
the thing with me and arabic poet is the accent they talk with i hate it .

Purgatory said...

SC, you would not hurt me :)

Salted-Caramel said...

Nooni: Hala wala, nice to see you! :) I actually like the accent they speak in, maybe that's another reason I like them.

Purgatory: Hmmm.