Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Help Needed !!

Ok i have a serious problem..

I just came to kuwait and i asked a dear friend of mine to find a place for us to chit chat and update each other.. The first time we went to Costa Cafe in Galleria 2000 .. the second time we went to the same place.. ok i thought to myself that she really likes this place and its not bad ..we do get some kind of privacy..
the third time i refused to get out of the car ! gosh as if her car is on Auto Poilot .. it bacame a second instinct to her ! I want to visit other places that everyone has been talking about..
the problem is.. where ? I don't know where to go in kuwait.. and although she lives in kuwait.. she's worse :/
we sat in the car for 20 minutes trying to find another place to visit.. all what we could come up with is costa ..costa and more costa ... HELP !!


Papillona ® said...

hey sloth
it all depend on what kind of place you want.

If you are seeking quiet places, you could go to Lo Renzo, casper & gambini's, pomodoro and many other places at marina crescent it all depends on your timing.

but since it is summer people are out there everyday all day long

R2K said...

Great page!

Flamingoliya said...

there are lots of places to go to! Kuwait is famous for cafes and restaurants!! you have what Sarah mentioned above and you have all the shopping malls in Salim Mubarak street like Fanar and Zahra. and you have all the restaurants along the gulf. Nino and all the way to Chillies close to Kuwait Towers.

NuNu™ said...

Well since it is summer people are travelling i don't think you're gonna find a lot of them there =)

Sloth said...

i dont know about Lo Renzo.. i might try it..
Casper.. and all the rest are dinner material.. u have to be hungry to go to these restaurants..
marina crescent .. at eightish is unbearable.. we went there.. parked took a long walk and got into our car and drove to costa ..

i am looking for a nice place to sit at and talk.. i mean those restaurants are pretty busy at the summer .. i don't want to take a table from ppl who are really coming to eat :/

i am afraid its the opposite..

E3younAlbak said...

marina crescent is wonderful, tche tche is a great sheesha bar there, also if you don't mind the drive, The Hilton in Abu Hlaifa, Grand Cafe' beside marina mall (upstairs is beautiful!)...

Purgatory said...

Casper is not for dinner only, you can just have coffee and dessert, you can go upstairs to more private areas and better seating if not occupied.

You can go abu 7leefa hilton resort and sit outside, that is usually quiet.

You can go 2nd cup opposite the stock market, best Thursday as the parking below is empty.

Starbucks Palms, or Starbucks mojma3 sheikha, also quiet.

I think you have options there for chit chat.

Judy Abbott said...

esh7aga !!,,,go to marina cresent feeh wayed ashya2, go to palms , go to aldeera next to cheraton etc. go to (our house ) and enjoy ziggy playing around with the smell of my coffee.. go to alraya (eew) go to soug al mubarakeya, go to starbuck soug al manakh, go to the scientific center, go to Diva's go to the best place on earth (hard rock) go to nenos .. go to al nokhetha, go to SAS, go to crown plaze (its a good place to chit chat) go to edo, go to elysium, go to al 9al7eya ..go to madry mino launge, go to 2nd cup .go to naumi, go to colombus..ba3ad?

Blossom said...

Go to The One cafe, I know their menu sucks but it is nice place to chit chat.

Go to Starbucks Hilton Resort

hmmm , you can go to Plams which I really like :)

I guess I don't have to say more ...Thanks to nooni ;)

Purgatory said...

Nooni dayman ta3fs eldenya with her suggestions :P

True Faith said...

Go to lenotre .. They have good coffee there and a nice view.

Spontaneousnessity said...

it would bother me if I kept on going to the same place over and over again, yet it never mattered to me where am at as long as am with good company and enjoying the conversation.. am lucky I guess!

Sloth said...

i7mmm ok i need to get a pen and paper to write down all these suggestions ! thank you for giving me reasons to strangle my friend !

Marina crescent ma yindekhul.. its so busy and honestly i don't always feel like parading infront of ppl

you think so ? khala9 i'll give casper a try.. any particular timing ?
abu mino ? i7mm ok we're starting to get deep.. next!
ok i'm honestly writing it down.. thank you :)

nooni ..
can you pick me up.. u sound fun ! hehehe i don't know half of what u said ! i honestly don't know my way around kuwait except for il Salmiya la o mo killaha only il big malls ! la la yabeely ga3da it3arfeen itsaween kroke :P

one cafe ? is that new ? ana tawni mit3arfa 3ala 2nd cup !

True faith
Le Notre is a good idea.. i've been there before..i gueess you have to see it in the morning.. to appreciate il view.. yet again we never thought of it :/

i totally agree.. but trust me if you only come to kuwait twice a year and u end up going to the same place for more than 3 years.. trust me u'll cry at the sight of the place !

nice of you to join us :)

True Faith said...

Yes .... I usualy go there at 9:00 am .

Sloth said...

true faith..
wish i could do that :)

Mohi said...

Hey all,

You should check out Astra Lounge. Its a cool place to chill.


Purgatory said...

Sloth afternoons are quiet, ask nooni to be your tour guide :)

Equalizer said...

Well, the problem in Kuwait is the crowd (Party Poopers) so its about picking the right time to go. the selection isint that great, but the scene is showing signs of improvement, which Ii hope it continues. Food wise there are some good selections although limited. For burgers I would go to B+F Burger Boutique in Arraya, for the best burgers in town. Gaucho at the Palms for the best steaks. Edo for the best sushi setting. I can think of alot, but then I would be charging for it! Timeout Kuwait?

Sloth said...

i'll do just that once i talk to nooni to draw me a map of the place !

i love going out at anytime to tell u the truth.. hot weather is what i crave for so i'll try to make it to these places..
nooni kashta feeni .. i7mm

as long as u're comming up with these new places that i haven't heard of .. charge as much as u want.. i'm sure its worth every fils !

Salted-Caramel said...

Have I been away for long? New places since last august!