Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Age matters

To me, age is an extremely important factor. I can never see myself having a relationship with a person my age or younger. I have had experiences in the past where I would be attracted to someone and immediately lose interest as soon as I found out he was younger, my age, or even older in a year or two. I’m not exaggerating, but there’s just something that automatically turns me off. He could be the most attractive, most intelligent, most romantic guy in the world, yet age can ruin the image for me completely.

Many women out there don’t really care about age; to them it makes no difference. In fact, they would actually prefer younger men as opposed to men their age or older. I don’t understand that. Why do women choose younger men?

Would you?


Papillona ® said...

I surely would :)

you know what? I have a story
I'll post it

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Age does matter to me A LOT.
While discussing this subject with some friends, we came to a conclusion that the younger you are, the more you care about age. Older women don’t care that much of age.

Sarah, can't wait to hear your story ;P

Brava Valentia said...

i AGREE it does matter alot ,, am only 21 and feel so damn old =(

Papillona ® said...

Shopa I think you're right, if you're 20 you wouldn't want to be with a younger guy or kid.

Exceer said...

After reading Sarah's stroy, i feel i might be wierd when i say; i dont actually care if he was younger than me, at all, as long as he has the personality i like!!!

But i always was attracted to ppl 6 or 7 years older than me!!!!

Papillona ® said...

exceer, no you're not weird. you are right it doesn't matter how old he is :)
I was just comparing myself, now and then.

Salty, one day you will change your mind about this, I've seen many examples of happy couples younger-man/older-woman.

NuNu™ said...

GOD NO!!! I wouldn't !!!
I love men 5 to 15 years older than i am =)

Salted-Caramel said...

Sarah: Commented on your post.

Shopaholic: Maybe that means I'll change my point of view when I grow older. ;) But like I said to Sarah, to me its more of a psychological issue. I'd rather be the 'younger' member of the relationship rather than the 'older' one.

Mother Courage: I'm 21 too and WE ARE still young! Don't feel old yet, taw il nas! :P

Exceer: I know what you mean!

Sarah: I don't think I would ever change my mind. I always like to be the youngest. I like to feel young, hence I'd like my guy to be older. Being with a younger man just ruins this feeling.

Nunu: I feel ya! ;) Bs 15 moo china wayid? Hell, he's older that's what matters! :P

Ra-1 said...

I agree with Nunu ;)

A3sab said...

I personally dont think age should be the decisive factor. I know many married couples where the husban is the same age or even younger in one or two years and they get along very well il7midilla and on the other hand I also know from personal experience that marrying an older man (10 years) works well too. It all depends on the man and the woman too and if their compatible because age I think is in the spirit and mind.
You can have someone who is much older and acts like a kid and someone who is younger but very much mature.

Salted-Caramel said...

Ra-1: Me too. :)

A3sab: I totally agree that age is just a number and that there are older guys that are SO immature and younger guys that are more mature etc. etc.

Flamingoliya said...

I prefer an older guy but also wouldn't mind that much if he was a bit younger. 4 years max I'd say.

Papillona ® said...

Flam, that's ma gurl ;)

Salted-Caramel said...

Flamingo: I seee.

Ms.Baker said...

Younger is great, as long as its not more than 5 years younger. Ladies, honestly, when you get to be in your 30's, you will realize that age ( a man being a few years younger) no longer matters, because everyone has now grown up (USUALLY AND HOPEFULLY). At 21, you are still growing and there is too much of a difference in maturity when someone is 2 or 3 years younger than you. Especially with men who seem to mature much slower than women. By 30, everyone is pretty much equal.

Salted-Caramel said...

MsBaker: You know what? I think it is true that by age 30 or so everyone is pretty much equal. Hmm. I never thought of it this way. You're right.

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