Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday health

Hello ladiez and gents;
How have you been all of you? i hope you were on track and concentrating on shedding that excess fat.
I have to admit mine is going slow and steady the way i believe in losing those fats. I hope you are on track with your wieght loss and writing it down every friday . I am one more kilo off the scale which means 3 kilos till today from day one i started these letters with you my dears.

Today i wont be talking about wieght loss.. i'll be discussing wieght gaining programmes which was requested by one of our readers.. so here we go..

To gain wieght one should understand their metabolizm habit as well, for examply you can know if your body is more tolerant to carbohydrates and sugars or to fats buy the kind of dessert you eat.. if one likes candy more than chocolate that mean their body digest and burns sugars fast so in this case this person should increase level of butter, olive oil, fried and rich milk foods into their daily intake.

So you want to gain wieght yet you eat chocolate alot, add more carbohydrates and sugars into your food, full cream milk and cheeses and lots of white bread and pastas and potatos.

To gain wieght you shouldn't drink with your meal and shouldn't move alot while eating. Any kind of activities after any meal are not recommended also tea's and coffees without sugar are not recommended as well.. they will help in blocking your appitite.

Simply eat eat every thing every 2 hours, don't stay for more than 3 hours without eating a rich snack as in honey, youhgurt, chocolate milk (full cream), backed potatos, french frise simply any kind of food, and dont forget your protien lots of protiens which they will help you increase your wieght by muscles.

IMPORTANT : Follow this eating habit only for 2 weeks and then check your wieght if any differences occure then go on the week after with less amount of sugars or fats (depending on your metabolism) per day and exchange them with fruits then go back again another 2 weeks with full meals. so 2 weeks yes and one week of fruits :) you need to take suppliment (multivitamins) as well.

Let me know if you need anything
my best regards

Judy Abbott.


Hind said...

sweeeeeet Judy!
I appreciate the effort you dedicate to KC readers :$

"Simply eat eat every thing every 2 hours"
hmmmm ill do my best!

thanks for your informative and usefuk post:)

Judy Abbott said...

hind girl any timo sweeto :)

Kthekuwaiti said...

That seems like the fasttrack to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Jacqui said...

I used to do that LOL! I didn't get any results until 5 yrs later I believe hehehe I forgot how long I've wanted to gain weight and now that I have done it, I want to go back :/

Judy Abbott said...

Jacks :) you probably did something wronge... actually when you eat something you have to study your body reaction toward it. some people are really sensitive to some kinds of food and if they eat them at any time might either help them reduce their wieght by which it get digested quick or it might be stored as fats and go into their blood stream so study your body toward food and you'll be back :)


I am so not with you in that. first of all if you are skinny and you don't have any disease or high cholesterol you wont get any of what you mentioned.

2nd i did not say eat till you sophicate your body .. i said add kind of food that your body can use at the same time increase your fat and be at the same time good fuel for your muscles. Thin people are not to gain wieght ..skinny people need it..because after all having below the healthy level of fat (lipos tissue) will have many sideeffects on the long run to many people.

To gain wieght one shouldn't eat alot and shouldn't increase the amount of food they eat per meal..but one should add few extra rich (not greesy or high in salt or junk food) between their main 3 daily meals to help their body store some of that. As i said one should follow this for 2 weeks and then go back to their normal eating habit for one week and then again on the wieght gaining trick for another 2 weeks.. By which this will help them balance their wieght and not make their digestive system go crazy and gain wieght till they get obese.

I hope its clear now.

Windwalker said...

This is comming from someone who lost 52 kg in fat from his body.

Please live your life and don't worry about its issues much, enjoy it like as if you were to die tommoro.

fat,thin,short,tall,ugly,pretty and/or alot of the many issues that makes someone hate themselves.

No one could control how long they live, no one could influence it, if you were to stay in a room where you are being fed the best and most healthiest food, along with any athletic programmes across...still that wouldnt stop you from dieing.

just spread a smile, chill and make your life a happier place.

Judy Abbott said...

windwalker thats for sure :) i add my voice to yours ..BUT i have one question //

Why did you lose the wieght then?

Me my self i lost 40KG so personally i dont think keeping that wieght would make me live my life happy... without it i am much happier lighter and able to enjoy life jump, run, get dressed, dance move ... or do you think keeping those 59 Kilos or my 40kg would made me happier or made you happier?

ZORT said...

Need to gain weight?

Just spend 1 day with me and simply copy what I do.

Eternally gaining weight,


Hind said...

I gained 400 grams! YAY!

tazmanian devil said...

i have a ? what if your metabolism is like a yo yo .... then what does one do ?
for instance u gain weight without doing much but ur usual eating habits and then after a few months you lose weight with the same eating habits ....


Judy Abbott said...

all you have to do is when you start gaining wieght you eat half the amount of food you usually eat :) and no wieght will be gained.

Hind said...

ive lost the 400g ;/