Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pump it Up!

Its about time for those fat accumulation on our hips to be removed for ever,
Its about time for this fat underneath our epidermis to get destroyed,
Its about time for this jiggly, pumped belly to be flat and firm,
Its about time for those empty, round, chubby arms to be tight and sleek..

Here I decided to start again after losing 30 kilograms to continue on my track on losing the 20 Kilograms left and show my hidden abs again.

Helping you improve your weight loss and well being and have a fit and firm body that we all dreamed of.

Little tips and advises from my field in biochemistry and herbal nutrition and from my weight loss experience of over 4 years now. I believe I can help you and help me reach our goal in losing the excess fat and get the body we dreamt of and the fitness we need for a better life style and living.

I introduce to you all the Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan Boot Camp for fitness and weight loss; where group work outs will be shared as well as tips and advises, success stories and encouragement prayers, Desk workouts and metabolism activating tip.

Virtually and in reality tips and workouts can be shared, what ever suits you and makes you happy. Nutritional discussions and supplements tips will be on as well. And many more.

Just remember its all to make you feel good about the way you live. You have the choice to join the KCBC or just learn from it.

The camp program will be as followed:

- Friday Will be the weight in date.
- Once every month there will be gifts for you to help you reach your goal which will include work out tapes.
- There will be a post every Saturday and Tuesday's
- If you have any health problem please ask your Dr. Before practicing any of what will be proposed or we can discuss it.
- Most online tips will be suitable for all people at all ages and fitness level
- Help me to help you.

Remember I am not a Dr. or a nutritionist.. I am a student in that field and trying to help you while IM helping my self.

Till Tuesday ...

Judy Abbot.

Thank you flam.


NooNi said...

Im with you all the way cuz i want to lose my KARSHAAA but is guyz are alowed to enrole in this Boot Camp :P

D said...
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bo_sale7 said...

hellooo >>
can u send me the tips and the programm slip plz ??

Judy Abbott said...

nooni yes men are allowed.

Bo-sale7: wait for the sat. and tuesday posts :)

Welcome all

jiji said...

y3ny we hit it off tuesday? AM IN!! am sooooooo in neeeeeeeeed of gettin back into shape!

Judy Abbott said...

jiji: you are welcome my dear.
you will deffinatly get the body you dream of.. but remember you and only you can make that dream come true.

Anonymous said...

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