Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boost your metabolism up

Hello ladiez and gents;

Today its Saturday our meeting day..
how was your last few days? Did you check you weight yesterday? Any changes?
Personally I lost one more kilo YIPPY..

Now you were talking about the water reduction diet.. This diet what is does it helps you boost your metabolism and make you lose toxins (entoxination diet) But for lean body you need to work out and boost your metabolism as well as following a certain diet by which it will help you reduce those ugly fat cells under your skin and around your hips and waist line.

The water intake is really important to every person even fit people.. Drinking a glass of water within 15-30 min. Before each meal helps your stomach to warm up by which increase the enzyme production and boost your metabolism.. As well as vitamins intake will do the same thing.

First thing in the morning before you start your day drink a good full glass of water, before your Breakfast and after. Do that with each meal (before and after each meal) as well as your snacks, and before you head bed at night. As well as the 10 min. Of activity I mentioned before will help your metabolism goes up to the skies and burn those ugly fats .

Add to that you will end up having clearer ,healthier, softer and fresh skin .

Note: if you didn't weight your self yet run run run do it and write it down :)

till Tuesday my friends.. Work out at least 3 hours a week , hard work out and keep those fat, white carb's food away from your mouth ..
and remember:
"A bite is a kiss of failure" said by Dr. Atkins

don't forget your Vege's and fruits :)

And people listen to this ..will make you lean in a week :) (click me)

Juddy Abbott
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Flamingoliya said...

one kilo here in a week :/


I hate water. I only drink it when I feel like dieing.

Judy Abbott said...

flam im actually clapping and cheering BRAVO girl ... it take one step to reach madry shino right :)

so bravo this is the normal limit to shed off the wieght and never gain it again .. :)

you should drink water its a must..mako roo7 ta3al

i would love to know one thing though.. when you drink water do you feel bloated?

if yes this is waht the water salts do, so i would recomend you either use one of the nikken filter bottles (highly recomended unbelievable results) or go for volvic water.

Thank for sharing you success.

Bloo said...

two kilos. i'm aiming 7 more, and i will be a claudia schiffer in the making.

Judy Abbott said...

hey vintage.clod :)
congrats... thats easy off ma boga shay well done yippy :)

Hind said...

I want to gain 5 kilos, I need some feminine curves if you know what I mean :$