Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pleasure of Driving a Hummer

Hind (our reader) complains that when she drove her cousin’s Hummer her brother saw her and told her that she had crossed the line. He thinks that it’s a men’s only vehicle.

Hind is very upset now. Why should there be men’s only cars?” she complains.

Uploaded on November 30, 2005
by DavidZA

So what do you think people?
Should Hind drive the Hummer and feel the pleasure?
Or is her brother right? If yes, explain why.


Jacqui said...

I hate hummers, but then again I hate being restricted or told by someone not to do something.

Trust me, tell me YOU'RE FORBIDDEN TO (do a specific task) and then I get more rebellious and do it.

Anonymous said...

1/2 the drivers of Hummers I see on the road are women.

Flamingoliya said...

I love Hummers.. and I wouldn't care what people think.
It's my current dream car :/

Hind said...

OMG OMG I am honored to be on KC!
Flamingoliya, thanks thanks for posting this! entay 3asal wallah! :)

Jacqui, exactly!
anonymous, really? I don't see em. are they being jduged?
Flamessss, zis iz for ya

Flamingoliya said...

Anytime dear. Just send in anything that's on your mind ;)

Pink!! Never seen pink here!

Judy said...

sorry but i hate it... let her drive what ever she wants ..i mean for gods sake its only a car@!!! its not a sin!

Hind said...

Flamingoliya, ty:)
interesting huh?;) 3ayal haven't you seen a pink escalade cruising around in Kuwait before? Allah ezidhom :D

Judy, e wallah:( shitsaween fee our messed up society:/

Anonymous said...

my hubby almost bought me one :P 'n he thiks it bullSh*t what that guy is's just a car

Jacqui said...

With that being said though, I personally don't like how the car looks like, it's too ugh for my taste you know.

Therefore, regardless of what they say I would never drive one, for one thing I would probably crash into everything around me :P

But I still support my first point.

Papillona ® said...

I saw the bubble pink Hummer, It's.. I dunno. I never liked Hummers. Maybe the H1?

There's no such thing as "men's car only". Drive whatever you want.

I'm dying to drive this or THIS

Purgatory said...


Blossom said...

Are you gonna listen to him ?
I think Hummers are good enough for girls ... it makes them feel protected and high !

D said...

la men's car wala ba6eekh. He's simply jealous.

as for men/women's car. try Lexus coupe, how would u react if u saw a man driving it? 3alaih bil3afya i know and he's free to do so, bas as an overall image, what u think? eloog or not? maybee thats what ur brother is trying to tell you(Hind).

Hind said...

anonymous, BS 3ad ;/
Jacqui, :D
Papillona, cracked up at the second one haha, omg bs me like :)
purgatory, :P
Blossom, you got a point there!
D, lexus coupe? this one ?
ashof eloog 3ala rayal, laish laa?

Flamingoliya said...

Papi.. raw3a!!!

Papillona ® said...

Flam, athab6ich ;)

Desert Girl said...

No such thing as a "mens only" or "women's only car"! Just the image the car portrays, perhaps. How many men in Kuwait drive SKL's, for example. In the US, it is a "chick car". :)


Desert Girl said...

By the way - "hummer" is an American idiom for blow job (felatio).

Flamingoliya said...


Hind said...

GD :o :P

Princess Mestiza said...

OMG I am shocked but then again not shocked.. Many guys really think this way! Bes they think this way bedoon backup -- for no reason at all!

The other day I was in a Mall with my friend waiting for our car at the Valet waiting area,, then my friend said hello to one of her mom's friends,, then her car came and it was a Hummer H3!! 7adha e3jebatny WAYED! I felt proud to be a Kuwaiti woman 3ogob ma sheft'ha ;P oo galatleee refeejty ina every month nou3ha she rents a funky, unique car

Anonymous said...

I wrote this last year for the Kuwait Times. I'm still in love with the Hummers. Thanks for letting me post. - Jamie

Ladies, forget suffrage, drive a Hummer

It looks like a tank but moves like a jet. It rises 79 inches off the ground and makes the driver feel like you're piloting a racing yacht down the highway. Ladies, if you are feeling frustrated with home and work, sick of shopping and going to the hairdressers and looking for a way to relax, vent some frustration and dominate the road, I say "Drive a Hummer!"
The Hummer is more than just a truck, more than just a machine. It's an attitude on wheels. Cars in the fast land speed up and move over as you pass, men in SUVs and BMWs stare with amazement and awe and just a twinge of envy, young kids stop on the sides of street to watch you pass. The car is a moving statement of freedom and power.
Forget women's rights and protests in front of parliament. Women want respect and on the road, there's nothing that will get it faster. Forget "feminism" and Gloria Steinem and bra burning. Get out on the streets and burn some rubber.
In the day-to-day grind of life, we can often forget how it feels to fly. The Hummer is a beast that will remind you of why we like looking over cliff edges, racing motorcycles, parasailing, handgliding and flying down Fifth Ring Road as if we're a cross-country skier and even the trees are bending to move out of our path.
I climb into the cab of the 2004 H2. Equipped with a standard 6.5 litre, V8 205-horsepower turbo engine, the machine rocks to life as I rattle the ignition. I've got 15 minutes to race down Airport Road, circle back up Fifth Ring Road and not get clocked for speeding or running red lights.
It's hard not to want to speed in this lovely monster. It evokes a sort of primordial passion that raises your blood pressure and adds lead to your feet. The Hummer is such an iconic, intense machine that it has its own fan websites and hate mail.
Driving it may seem like no big deal. But trust me on this. After a long frustrating day, when the heat of the coming Kuwaiti summer is just starting to get under your skin and nothing you need to have happen at work, at home or at the souk, get in a Hummer and go for a ride. It soaks up frustration like a sponge and leaves you exhilarated and oddly, calm.

Hind said...

PM, H3 7elwa ba3ad :)
Jamie, was that a text-ad? ;p
i loved it :)

Ba7aR said...
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3afoor said... car is hummer H2 and i dont see any problem driving it and i do have a brother and a father and neither of them complain..and i had never been judged!

Anonymous said...


No it wasn't an ad, although GM should definitely pay me for promoing Hummers. I love the H2 (the H3 doesn't impress me) and talk about it all the time.
I've seen a pink H3 in Salmiya, its fantastic!


ZORT said...

A woman driving a 4X4 is definately a turn-on in my book. I'm all for it! :-)

Hind said...

3afoor, lucky you;)
Jamie, i thought it was H2 :s ive seen a pink escalade! :D

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Joseph Bloggs said...

Sure, why should stupidity be restricted to only one half of the population?!