Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hello Dears,

Here we are on our first Tuesday, ready and excited to lose all that ugly fat under our skin which is suffocating our organs from doing their job easily and normally.

Sit straight, chest up, tuck your tummy in. Pull your shoulders up and take them backwards till they are on a straight line level, push them down and take a deep breath, and feel the air entering your lungs, nourishing your body with the oxygen needed to boost your metabolism to get rid of those ugly clotted fat cells under your skin. Put on a wide smile, rest your neck and relax... & don't hunch


Our first step into better shape and lean body is to understand our body and feel our organs and how they react. Take an image of your body and figure out where does the fat accumulate the most, do you have a pear shaped body (fat is concentrated around your hips)? Or and apple shaped body (fat concentrated mostly around your waist line) _which is on of the most dangerous fat accumulation, number one risks to heart diseases_? The latter indicated that you have excess intake of Carbohydrate _white carbs in specific_ in your meals, while the former shows that Fat level in your meals in higher than your body need. If you have fat spread all over your body equally it's because both carb's and fats intake are high.

These Carbohydrates are what nutritionist calls the white carbs which includes: white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white bread, even sweeteners as in splenda. Do a healthy choice and replace all these with whole grain breads, cereals and brown sugar by which they still turn into glucose in your body which is the only fuel for the brain cells and takes longer time to store the excess as fat, mean while you can burn it. This would be the first step in the carb's problem. As for the fat intake problem one should totally stop any fried food instead you can grill your food then add olive oil (healthy fat) or try to spray your food with it using oil sprayer, margrin and butter should be excluded from your diet for the first few months and then slowly will be added in your meals.

This is our first step into better looking bodies and healthier hearts, Remember before each meal try to do some activities for about 10 min to boost your metabolism and lower your appetite level. For example if you love kids you can run around the house playing with them, or you can dance , run up and down the stair (if you don’t have any health problems) or the easiest thing is to take 3 steps forward and 3 steps backwards or jog standing in your place.

DRINK WATER as much as you can between each meal and befor each meal, when ever you see water ...or you can go downstairs evey hour to drink a glass of water.

Till we meet again on Saturday feel free to ask, discus or e-mail me anytime.

My best regards,
Judy Abbott.

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D said...

Its toooo long and too much details makes people less anxious to loose weight. As hard as it may sound, the task is much easier once u know the trick. Eat healthy and work out, but results won't show in a week or two, 3 weeks o 6ale3. Its all about erada and how much u want those flat tummy!

Judy Abbott said...

D: is it! thats really simple..
what body shape?
1- apple (stop white carbs)
2- pear (stop fried items)
3- both (reduce both)

your points are right yet one might eat healthy and not lose fat in those areas.
Its important for us to understand our body and work upon it so see results right away with in a week :)

slow steps would make the results last, dont you think?

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jiji said...

lawyer: rijeeeem MAY??? ABI??? cuz sam3a fe rijem may yabay.. its for tranquility ow piece of mind ow kharabe6.. bs ana aby for weight reduction.. plz elaborate

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