Wednesday, March 01, 2006

15 Female Birthday Wishes

By: MissCosmoQ8

Dear Beauty Goddess,

Please grant us the following:

(1) No wrinkles until we are 80 years old

(2) A Marilyn Monroe body until we are mentally prepared to ruin it by getting married and having babies

(3) A Hairdresser that is never in a bad mood when we go to see her so she doesn't end up chopping our hair off when all we need is a trim

(4) A beautician that doesn't blubber about her problems when we're supposed to be relaxing during a facial/massage

(5) A manicurists that's made sure the cuticle cutter was disenfected and is hygienic

(6) A salary that gets us to spend a whole shopping spree at Salhiya without having to sweat at the prices

(7) A magazine that gives us the latest trends in fashion and the intelligence not to follow the ridiculous ones

(8) A sheera woman that walks into the house discreetly without bumping into your Dad who asks "Who is this women?" and having to explain what the woman does

(9) An eyebrow plucker with mint breath and doesn't tell us that "you're eyebrow is made that way and there's nothing I can do to fix it"

(10) A nice saleswoman at the MAC/Estee Lauder who would never say that you have to buy the concealer/eye cream because "Yeee...3endek ekteer aswad ta7t be seeer...or have black under your eyes...not goood!"

(11) A nice pharmacist that you just want to buy Panadols from and then won't try to sell you a new hair product because he's "noticed" that your hair is falling

(12) A one stop spa that can do everything all in one day, instead of letting us drive all around Kuwait to get them all done in different places

(13) A Moroccan girl that will give you a 7amam maghriby without sweating her head off and get you too depressed to enjoy it because you're feeling sorry for her

(14) An aerobics instructor that won't push us too hard that we end up pulling a muscle

(15) A man who can appreciate all the hell we women have to go through just to look good!

From our limited perspective...this is what we think we want and I ask that you grant us this or something even better...

Thank you!


D said...

yeeey, shu mahdoomeh!

Flamingoliya said...

# 9 & 10 are funny LOL
I think the plucker should wear a mask just like dentists!
I want # 1 & 2 my whole life!

NuNu™ said...

WoooHooooo!!! Bravo Bravo!!

Swair. said...

abiii :(

Princess Puzzle said...


The Stallion said...

Amen sista!

Praise the Lord and pass the amunition!