Sunday, December 25, 2005

New Year’s Mantra For Kuwait’s Single Girl Society

Dedicated to all the fabulous women out there...Have a Fabulous New Year!

Repeat after me...

I am a Beautiful..
I am responsible for my own happiness and pleasure.
I will let go of regret.
This is my life and I chose it.
I am in full command of my destiny.
I will not force memories upon myself that set me back.
I will look forward and anticipate my happiness.

I will live without regret.
I will embrace my gorgeousness, my magnetism, my
magnificence, my effervescence.
I will surround myself with people who appreciate me
and inspire me to go higher.
I will listen to great music and I will sing.
I will continue to learn.
I will practice yoga.
I will spread joy..
I will put my pleasure first.
I will be captivating.
I am fabulous and I know it and I will be it.
I am unafraid and I am not a victim.
I will make things happen, I will shake things up.
I will make a difference.
I will follow through.
I will dance often and decorate myself.
I will let myself be happy.
I will have faith in the order or the world and
I will stake my place in it.

Because no one can do this for me.
I must do this for me.
I am for me...others will follow.

A Mantra is something you keep repeating to yourself until you believe any of your own you'd like to add to the above?


Purgatory said...

Again, I will ask the question, even though I have a feeling on who posted this

Q: who posted this post!

Delicately Realistic said...

Purg: No doubt about it its my fabulous friend MissCosmo. Isn't it obvious?

MissCosmo: I missss you soooooooooo much! We have soo much catching up to do.

Great post!

Purgatory said...

DR, she needs to add her name then I know if its a post I can comment on or not.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

This should be the new national anthem :D

NuNu™ said...

Happy New Year!! =D

MissCosmoKuwait said...

purg...yes it's me...again!

DR....habeeeeeeeeebtiiiiiii....miss you toooooooo!!! Can't wait to catch on things...ya bint el 7allal wayed lich wa7sha! Glad you liked the post! Call me as soooooon as you finish hal emti7anat malootich...hada ma9a7'ooha!

lialyQ8...LOL! Totally cracked up! I love the idea!

Nunu...same to you!

Flamingoliya said...

I will stop eating once I feel full
I will not eat lots of chocolates and cake
I will not run away from work in the morning and go for breakfast
I will not smile untill I floss
I will not blog until after midnight


to be continued!

Jewaira said...

Love your mantra ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Purg: Did I ask why you didnt comment on the post's subject material? So, you pick the posts you comment on depending on who wrote them and not whether or not the material is good or interests you? Thats gotta be discrimination.:) How Purgy of you.

Missy: I finished my exam, but have been busy with family lately. Aunt, cousin, bro and sis all came back in the same week. Mo gadra a7ik rasy. And now I have to start preparing for my coming exams. Ma midany arta7 wallah! We should have organised the next blogerette gathering, mo sa7? Bes I guess everyone will be fully booked for the remainder of this month, with New Years coming soon. Hmmmmmm I guess we're skipping December? Ok, this is way too long...this should have been emailed/smsed or verbally communicated....! LoL
To be continued!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Flam...I like! Can't wait to hear the rest!!

Jewaira..thanks! You strike me as a lady that's already way ahead of us in this and doesn't need mantras..:)

DR...7abeebti...true..true...I figured we'd all be too busy so hopefully sometime in January...Can't wait to see you girl!...

Purgatory said...

DR, Yes I only comment for posts for certain people here, unless I feel generous, but that has been my policy since the start of this blog, which I predicted to fail, but so far my plans have not worked, but I will keep trying, too much women in one place is evil.

Back to the post,

"I will surround myself with people who appreciate me", I like that part :)

Sabri Hakim said...

i know this is a girls only site, but i passed by and your words caught my attention, i wanted to tell you that your site is beautiful and to wish you luck on the goals you have set forth for the comming year.

Temetwir said...

misscosmo enty bel thaat lazem tezeedeen:
I will be nice to temetwir.
I will not judge temetwir.

o ya 7abatha lo tekhaleen el nehaaya:
Allah, alwa6an, immatwir..

Blossom said...

Interesting post , love it :)

Bissa said...

girl, this is the best poem/resoulotion i've read in the year 2006 :P

I will not anyone stop from persueing my dream
I will be happy in my own skin
I am damn gorgeous & I know it !

Anonymous said...

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