Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blood Test Before Marriage

by Flamingoliya

Should you worry about Sexually Transmitted Diseases like AIDS before getting married?

Some women find it difficult or embarrassing to ask their husbands to be to get a blood test since some men refuse to do so and find it humiliating. Some men may even break up the engagement because of this request.

This blood test is an obligation in some Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Bahrain. Do you think it should be forced in Kuwait too?

I think that forcing it would save the woman from the big request, the man from humiliation, and marriage from diseases.


Temetwir said...

eb lebnan its also obligatory that they check up on both man and woman to make sure that theres minimum risk of the child being born in any way defective

and why ru talking abt STDs as if theyre limited to men?
anyway its not the nicest thing in the world but i c it as something reasonable to do

Flamingoliya said...

ofcourse, there are more reasons for the blood test like fertility too. but i guess i stressed on STDs because they are the most scary.

you're right, the test is for both genders for many health reasons not just STDs. again i stressed on men because from what i've seen it's mostly women asking for the blood test and men finding it hard to accept. and i've witnessed a man leaving his fiancee because he refused to do so. and then after thinking of it all over again, he came back and did it.

people here take it in a sensitive way while as you said, the test is general and both genders would have the same risk in results.

The Stallion said...

In my point of view, if the woman has to do it so does the man, and visa versa!

MBH said...

I see it as a must. Both should do the test so as to avoid or at least know the risks of having kids with genetic diseases.

This might be a bit off topic :: If a guy leaves his fiance because of a silly blood test, then she should be happy, cuz that would mean that he's stubborn and/or whatever else.
(spare me the love charade)

* This test would be a good marriage test case, since it may show whether both couples were telling the truth or not. (e.g., cases of insanity in the family)

3baid said...

IhateneedlesIhateneedlesIhateneedles >_<

Salty-C said...

Ya, I think it should be a law enforced in Kwuait. Why not? It's in the best interest of both parties. And like you said, when it becomes a legal obligation, it avoids any humiliation or hard feelings, althought I don't find it humiliating. A person's health is above all.

Salty-C said...


Delicately Realistic said...

Yes, I think it should be obligatory. Plus I think they should have blood tests for rare genetic diseases. Especially if its a consanguineous marriage and u know how many of those we have around here.

Special note to Flamy: Seems like ur doing all the work here :( and i deeply apologise. As a 'new member' i would like to say that kilina ma mina fayda! I've been a bit busy, can't seem to focus very well.

Broke said...

I think that it should be obligatory for men and women not only for STDs but also for inherited ones ...

Plus .. fe fa9elat dam ma tetwafaq ma3a '3erha ..o hashay ysabeb amrath fe edam for their children ..

o kher shay fa79 el qudra 3ala enjab ... ya3ni ..fa7s shamel ..kamel avoid future problems ..

My cousin asked his fiance to do it ; they did it together and broke up because of the results ..

Broke said...

تصحيح للبدلية

آخر شي فحص القدرة على الانجاب

Spontaneousnessity said...

ili gets humiliated hatha mashkook fee amra aslan =P

just kidding.. or am I .. anyways it shouldn't be an issue to ask someone for a blood test, this is my life and I only have one of those so I have all my attention focused on it, I take a blood test every 10 months just to make sure everything is in order, even though lately nothing is! hehe

q8Sultana said...

But wouldn't making it obligatory somehow encroach on the citizens' human rights? and privacy?

Because then it could go further. Like what if they find that one is genetically defective and shouldn't have children? They'll sterilize the person? Or how will they stop them from reproducing?

Also, making such information public could hurt the person in other areas of life. For example lets say they find out someone has AIDS, obviously the person will get divorced and in no time the whole of Kuwait will know, and then that person will be a complete social reject, without a job, friends and family.

Ideally everyone should get themselves checked out BEFORE starting a fresh relationship. And it should not be embarassing at all if the other person requests such an examination. I wouldn't mind going for a blood test hand in hand with my future husband to be.

It's the 21st century. And it's not about trusting the other person or not. If he/she has been with other people then you never know what those other people might have had...

Desert Girl said...

Fer sure they should be tested. More importantly, I would like to propose a mandatory stupidity test before marriage because stupid people shouldn't be allowed to marry/have children. This particular test would eliminate the need for the new drivers license law requiring a university degree to drive a car.

eduardo waghorn said...

I really admire your country, indeed. Funny and interesting blog, congratulations:)
Greetings from Chile and Salaam to you! Visit my blogs and make a comment, you are welcome!

Flamingoliya said...

thank you all for commenting :)

the Stallion
that's for sure.

very true.

now i know why :P click click

sa7 elsanich.

it's ok, i have my busy days too ;)
your comments would do :)

I admire your cousin!

good for you!

yes, checking their health before getting married,, in the engagement period.

LOL ;p i agree!

eduardo waghorn
thank you! :)
but too bad your blogs aren't in english!

The Krispy Dixie said...

agreed. I was actually just thinking about this topic the other day. In this day and age, you can't be too careful. I would definately ask him to take a test and if he refuses.. well you know what they say.. where there's smoke, there's fire.... In which case, bi 6agag illy i6iga if he wants to break it off! :P

Equalizer said...

blood test for both.... there is no humuliation in preventing a life shattering disease from spreading.

Flamingoliya said...

The Krispy Dixie
3afya 3alaich! ;)

thank you for sharing your view.

Òrange Juice™ said...

c'mon that's one way to find out if ur man to be has fucked once before u

Jewaira said...

Yes, there should definitely be some stringent regulations on testing for both sexes before marriage to avoid future problems and the embarrassment of requesting a potential partner to have a checkup.

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