Sunday, December 11, 2005

Female Circumcision

by Flamingoliya

Al Arabiya news: Death of a four year old girl because of female circumcision in Sudan. They showed her picture and said that she was chopped not only externally, but internally too.

I know this issue is not new, but seeing her picture really affected me. I searched for this news online for posting but found nothing, maybe by tomorrow's news? Anyway, check out these links I found on the topic:

Definition and types of female circumcision

A specialist midwife's view who offers support

Oh and while searching for news, I found this <click>
P.S. it's in arabic.

Special thanks for my friend who loves Kuwait.


3baid said...

What's the point of female circumcision? And why the heck are they doing it without proper medical apparatus/anesthetic ?!

meWHO! said...

to my prevents women from enjoying sex..

Equalizer said...

Its a primitive way for societies to stop women from fooling around. Maybe if you chop up some sausages you wouldnt have the problem in the first place.

McArabian said...

To put in another perspective: what's the point of male circumcision? There's no real medical evidence to support that circumcision for either sex is more healthy in the long run.

That being said, if a society feels that female circumcision is important, there should be enough standardization of the practice to make it less deadly to the female patients. Unfortunately, Western doctors are so horrified by the practice that they refuse to even consider putting up a standard of safety for the practice, yet no one thinks twice about vaginal (including the clitoris) piercings or plastic surgery. Body modification enthusiasts, including those who opt for castration, are supported by the medical community (ie. if you really want to do it, we'll help you do it so you don't hurt yourself). While I don't condone female circumcision, there are women who feel they are less than acceptable to their society if they're not circumcised. The medical community should address these issues instead of condemning the practice as barbaric and not worthy of their time and effort. So these women have no choice but to go to hack doctors who don't know crap about a womens genitalia. It reminds me too much of back-alley abortions in the fifties.

(PS. sorry for the long comment)

Jewaira said...

Although I do not condone female circumcision especially as it is practiced now, I find McArabian's viewpoint interesting and she makes a good point.

(PS: Darling please turn off your WV. I think we are safe from the evil spammers for a while at least)

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