Sunday, April 29, 2007


Summer is just around the corner.. so give yourself a makeover from head to toe :-)

First learn to love your skin and body... love it and take care of it. If you don't have skin routine START ONE NOW! Just go out and spend some good money on good brand for skincare product and start a routine of having to take care of your skin on daily basis.

Ladies! You usually don't mind spending lots of money on shoes, bags, and clothes... so why not on YOUR SKIN!!??! Wear facial masks and apply lotion when needed and after every wash.... this is very important!

Also buy yourself a sun block... Remember, its summer time!

Also, love yourself.. and love to be healthy! Be at a weight you are comfortable with. Join a gym and work it out... if you cannot afford it then do at least 20 sit-ups in the morning and at night. Go running.. this is totally free! Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and sleep at least 8 hours at night :-) Add fruit and vegetables to your daily diet.

After this step, go shop for new summer clothes... OR put things you already have together in new ways.. . mix-and-match.

When this is done, look at your hair and think of what you want to do with it? Straighten it one day, and curl it the other.. have it in a ponytail sometimes... do that and keep on changing the look.... basically start experimenting what you can do with your hair heehee.
Take good care of your nails.. its summer time! You are swimming a lot, the weather is not helping, and the dryness is doing a number on you...

Put on makeup lightly in the day and a bit more at night. Let your face breath.. sometimes you go minimal and all you need is lip-gloss, eye shadow, and mascara..

Spend some money on having a good massage too... its so relaxing!

Remember, when you are healthy on the inside, you will glow on the outside! So stand up straight, tuck in your tummy, and don't forget to wear your white bright smile all day long :-D


EniGma said...

sits up straight :D

Great post

Ansam said...

Thanks enigma

Flamingoliya said...

what i need most in the summer is pedicure!!

Ansam said...

I know... and I am glad we have so many good places to choose from, let alone the Nails to U, home services :-) ITS SUPA DUPA convenient.