Monday, April 02, 2007


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Sooma says: " ~first,, allah yzed el ne3mah
~second,, what the hell? 1 cupcake for 500 fils?!?! wein ga3den?iSteal?
~third,, these were the most tastless cupcakes i've ever tried in my whole life.. they taste like.. NOTHING.. the chocolate one was weird.. with a bitter tatse.. the vanila was really CREEPY it was like one of those bad bad bad qer9 3gely cakes..
heefff wallah i make better than them.. even if they were naked :P "

This is exactly what I thought too.

Have you tried them?

What do you think?


sasa said...

i did try them and so did a couple of my friends and they tasted just as bad. the vanilla ones taste like medicine

Shousha said...

I honestly loved the "red velvet" cupcake with cream. Bs ur right about the choco and vanilla! I tried to describe the vanilla taste to a friend but cudn't find a word! "Creepy" is the perfect description! Hehe! Oo 3adil kalamich, ishda3wa nu9 dinar 3ala cupkaika wa7da! Gilna yaboon profit bs moo chithi..

Peony said...

i tried the vanilla one.. uggh.. baad !! the icing was made out of whipped cream !! ewwy.. it tasted bad.. madry airplane food.. chinna im eating water..

maci said...

thanks awal shy 3lshan el post, ly el sharaf ykon klamy 3la ur blog
thany shy THANK GOD a5eeeeran a7ad gal methly enhm CUPCRAPS not cupcakes!!
klman weee la '3l6aanaa waaay yhaaabloon shlon ma 3jboch!!

latifa said...

The worst cupcakes i ever tasted (flavourless..tasteless).The prices are high too for the size.

My home made ones are delicious.

I think the shop willt not last long.

Ansam said...

I have not tried JuJus cupcakes yet, but I tried the homemade little treats cupcakes. hmm hmm good! A bit pricey for cupcakes but they are oh-so-delicious you should give'em a try!

Check their website for orders

Sara said...

woow jojo's shwagteeny men zemaan ma klaait mena .. el 9ara7a i love iy :> 7ada latheeth o bl thaat el vanella wel velvet :> na9ee7a el kel yjarba :>

Benny said...

I am a regular customer for Juju's. I feel that, this is the perfect cupcakes available in Kuwait. I believe, those people made comments about Juju's Cupcakes are by force of someone who is in the same market. Please dont say stupid things like frosting on Juju's Cupcake is made with whipping cream.

Anonymous said...

Ahh I thought Cupcakes where an American Thing. Huh? What??? How did they get to kuwait. I didn't taste them. but they don't got the look. I make them by the dozen. Ah? they don't look like that.

Anonymous said...

``i think... no acctually im sure as a matter of fact that jujus cupcake are the best cucakes ive ever had in kuwait, acctually it taste alot like lolas cupcake in london... so the point is, WE LOVE IT. regardless of what people think.