Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little Treats

Hello everyone.. I am new to this blog.. I hope you like my first post :-)


Littel Treats

I am a person who doesn't believe in sharing food!.... No body shares my popcorn at the movies or eat from my plate when in a restaurant.... Well, sometimes its a mood thing, I may see something that I like in your plate and change my mind and ask you if you would like to share! LOL!

A cupckae is the perfect size of a cake for one person, that you can hardly share! They are the perfect gift as they are the best alternative to the regular size cake specially when it comes to office parties, birthdays, outdoor picnics...etc, because you dont really need silverware nor plates...

I received an email one day about little treats cupcakes in Kuwait and decided to browse through it.. let me tell you this, the presentation, look, colors, flavors, and variety of cupcakes on the site made me hungry, and I have decided to try them out for myself..
I called the number listed on the website and a very nice young lady talked to me.. she gave me the option of choosing what kind of cupcakes I wanted to get for the babyshower... and listened carefully to everything I wanted... even better, she gave some suggestions too.. in a couple of days, just right in time before I went to my friend's house I got the cupcakes...

Simple as that;
1. browse the site
2. choose the cupcakes
3. pick up the phone and order
4. get a confirmation by SMS of the order and price
5. sit back and relax... and the cupcakes will come to your doorsteps

Everyone at the babyshower that night loved the cupcakes! It was a huge success and a nice trend! I loved it.. Loved how it looked, presented, and tasted! The whole enchilada!!
I decided then to order again for other occassions, such as presentations, birthdays, surprise gifts...etc! Every time I order... I "accidently" order more than I need, and end up indulging in eating more and more of it LOL.

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