Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best Laser Clinic

What’s the best laser clinic for permanent hair removal?

By best I mean:
Qualified staff
Less pain
Effective treatment
Reasonable price


Stinni said...

Oh, good question. My niece just had her legs done at a place in Salmiya, I forget the name. It was around KD150 and she said the pain wasn't so bad. I'll ask her about the name and get back to you.

Flamingoliya said...

thank you Stinni :)

Broke said...

I just asked my cousin , She tried 3 different clinics and Dar Al-Shifa

د. عيسى بشور

was The BEST ;)

D said...

Taiba Clinic

However, appointments given 1-2 months later unless you know how to get urself through

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Taiba Clinic is great for everything but lazer!

Alsaigh Clinic is the best, they have the best equipment.

Baroque said...

al shaab al takha9o9y, the egyptian dr. aboo il dahab..

he's amazing!

Hind said...

Fifiiii, IPL therapy (Intense Pulsed Light) is way better than laser!

D said...

Hind: IPL doesnt work on kuwaities and feels like oooty(iron).. the normal laizar o 3sah ela7eg and its not even permanent, u need to redo it over and over again and might take you up to 5 years.


Flamingoliya said...

Thank you all for the advice.

never heard of him.

it burns like hell.

it didn't work for my friend AT ALL.

hmmm haven't heard of him.


Hind said...

D, i had IPL hair removal done 6 months ago, and guess what? i am Kuwaiti! :D
fifi, ma3aref in Kuwait, sorry:(

Anonymous said...

relax and enjoy

Monmon said...

I did my half hand in Taiba Clinic, two months ago... and it hurts alot !!! Maybe because I used to shave it.... any way, my next appointment is tommorow... but I heared that 3yadat boshehre (an Indian Dr. her name is Sajna) is good, and Dr. Essa Bashour in Dar Ashefaa'..... Good Luck

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

where are some clinics that use IPL?

Jacinta said...
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Anonymous said...

I had my laser hair removal done at CosmeSurge. They use a cool laser and I had no pain. It was only 112KD for full legs and they do not charge for seeing the doctor or for opening a file.

Anonymous said...

AHHH i understand the frustrations you all are dealing with as i myself have been back and fourth thru clinics from one end of Kuwait to another! I recently got referred by a friend to go to Cosmesurge i have been there now for about three months the laser is tolerable and I'm getting amazing results so far and they are so nice and booking is simple and easy i didnt even pay for a file for mandatory patch test they are soo different i feel like im back in the states during my studies


Anonymous said...

where exactly is CosmeSurge? Cuz Ive been looking for a cool laser treatment not a hot skin is very sensitive

Sofy said...

Hi everybody,
The best qualified laser therapest is an Ukranian lady,hername is Marina and she is working for Dr. Marouf the plastic surgeon at Inaya German Clinic in salmiya.She is really professional and use the cold laser, I felt nothing during my full body treatment,and I paid only half I used to pay before.Good luck guys.

Loloa said...

Good morning. Yes I know Marina. She is amazing.She is also perfect for treating face pimples and whitening.

тαмιℓιαηρσηηυ said...

The Best laser clinic in Kuwait:

Dr Bouhamra Clinic

Mydan Hawally, Salem Mubarak St.,
Fourth Ring Road Extension,
Before Gas and Fire Station, Kuwait.

+965 25666668 / 25626162 / 25656381 / 25664321

Fax: +965 25611118


Clinic Timings:
8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.


yasmine jaz said...

why don't you try the NO!No! hair removal it no hair no pain its a personal hair removal device and it works on all color of skin and hair.
For more info plz call 90013411. Or you can buy it at eurika or alghanem.

yasmine jaz said...

why don't you try the NO!No! hair removal it no hair no pain its a personal hair removal device and it works on all color of skin and hair.
For more info plz call 90013411. Or you can buy it at eurika or alghanem.

sheryl odessa said...

Hi there! Try cosmetic surgery clinic / dr adel quttainah's clinic...they offer great deals every now and then
Can call them :25625030

ylevol said...

i tried IPL, dr. said it is not laser and result do not lasts longer compared to laser hair removal. i tried long life clinic in mahboula. they also uses a cool blower during laser. and i think they still have a package for full body (12 sessions)!

Jumana said...

Where can I find IPL treatments in Kuwait ?

Barbie Chiu said...

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doctor said...

I feel the best clinic is faisal clinic,as it provides a very clean hygenic and pleasant environment,it is situated in daiyah,lovely ambience,You will enjoy the pleasure,presently offer package of full body with bikini only 70 kd,call 65818029....,to know about laser experience.
IT will bring back your youth......

Anonymous said...

I hope this will help as I've also been desperately searching for a decent clinic with fair prices and proper hygiene... I tried 3-4 clinics before Blooming , and I ended up with irritations, allergies or NO results - just a waste of money. Plus the gel laser didn't work for me at all. About 2 years ago I was directed to Blooming clinic in Hawally (by 40 HWY and 4th ring road) and I've been with then ever since. I got best results (they have the laser with the cooling off system - Candela), great hygiene and... reasonable prices/offers. qualified staff, certified nurses!

After 6-8 sessions (plus a few maintenance ones) I got rid 90% of that unwanted hair.... waiting for the summer...
hope this helps... :)

tel. 22615264
they have sale now for Mother's Day!

Trang Nguyen said...

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