Saturday, April 15, 2006

Emotional Eater?

When mood affect your food, its time to .. lay your back.. rest.. and think,

What is missing in your food..?

Recent studies proved that emotional eater lack essential fatty acids from their daily meals. mood swings, sugar craving and sleepy heads after meals are all caused from the lack of omega-3.

having 2 spoons daily of flaxseed powder to your food will give you the essential fatty acits your body requires and by that it will shrink your appitite and helps your brain concentrate on your life instead on your food and cravings.

Asta la vesta.

_ a Flat tummy is my goal, a healthy mind is my aim and a strong body is my target._


Flamingoliya said...

olaa! i am all of the picture above! :P

where do i get flaxseed from?

Judy Abbott said...

Co-op, sultan, or arth al6abee3a

Flamingoliya said...

but i heard enna esammin!

Anonymous said...

Wht is Flaxseed called in Arabic? i searched the racks in TSC...found some seeds...but they were all packed under their arabic name...
By the way u hav got a gr8 blog!:)

Anonymous said...

Flaxseed is called "kattaan" in Arabic. If you buy it from TSC, get the organic kind. Either the dark or golden flaxseeds are fine. You should store it in the fridge because of the high concentration of wonderful omega-3 oils in it, and try to always grind just before eating (can be added to food whole also - I add them to my oatmeal, cereal and muffins)