Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Thoughts are our reality

submitted by Broke

A couple of months ago I had a useful conversation with my friend A. about one of Jennifer Aniston 's movies which ended up nicely and made me think of sharing it with you . This is a summary of it:


A: How was the movie?

Broke: Well, I didn't like its story that much but what I really loved about it was J.A. She's gorgeous..

A: Gorgeous! No, She’s not!

B: How come! I know that her face features are not that beautiful.. but at whole she's attractive …charming !

A : No , let me explain my point and the secret behind it … Jennifer thinks that she's so beautiful which makes her behave and act as if she's really so . Eventually , this thought is reflected on her personality and appearance and we as her fans can see this and believe in it just like way the way she believes in her herself !

Broke: Oh.. How could u bring it this way! U r absolutely right!

I think that we should take this secret into action too ; )

A: I can give u more examples on this, if u would like to …

So, I gave her the chance 2 elaborate more on it which lead me to the following conclusion …

1- If we believe in ourselves, people will believe in us..

2- What we see is the result of what we think and feel..

3- Our exterior is mostly a reflection of our interior; therefore, we have to take care of our minds and hearts more than anything else …

That's all I have for now. I hope that you find what I wrote interesting and useful just like the way I do : )


nanonano said...

أنا شخصيا وايد أحب جينيفر فأي شي ينكتب عنها استمتع فيه

The Stallion said...

J.A is gorgeous! She's amaing!

Salted-Caramel said...

I second Stallion, JA is gorgeous! True her facial features don't exactly meet the "beautiful" standards, but she's so CUTE and attractive. Definetly gorgeous.

And yes you're right. The way we feel about ourselves reflects on our outer image and can influence peoples' perception of us.

Nice post. :)

Judy Abbott said...

she's an airheaded women..i don't care about her.

BUT hell thats right...didn't they say " altheqa ne9f al jamaal" :)

And as a women being sweet tender and yojy mojy (dala3) will definitly make any women a beautiful female.

if i only had her 1 million $ spent on Evian water to wash her skin ! who wont be beautiful.

ZiZoTiMe said...

1st of all what was that movie? :)

2nd I'm WIth (A)... I don't find JA an attractive person and I'm really glad thar brad is now with Angelina :)

But I really liked the 3 points of(A)... Daaaamn they were good ones :)

jiji said...

take a closer look at her face...

yes shes got a man`s face.. ow with time her chin and mandibles are getting bigger and bigger.. this is wuts called acromegaly "enlarged facial features"

tara if she wasnt THE IT girl on friends.. and if it wasnt for all the propaganda the media created ow she herself have created.. none of us wouldve ever considered her wala 7ata to the least good looking.. not even normal lookin.. shes less than normal.. bording towards UGLY!

Night said...

our self-image is influenced (to some degree) by others perceptions, therefore it’s highly likely that other peoples perceptions of us can be influenced by our own self-image (confidence).

There's no denying she has an awesome figure though.

Salty-C said...

Jiji! :P She's not ugly. Jisimha iyanin, sha3arha iyanin, she's got a nice smile, 7arakat-ha itshawig, and she's cute. Wain ugly? :P 7ata lo akoo ugliness, if u take a closer look at other so-called "gorgeous" celebrities, u would be able to detect some ugliness too. All of them out there are gorgeous becuz of some role they played that earned them fame and propaganda and makeup and the way they dress etc etc etc, ya3ni moo bs ihya. :P bs if u look at her overall, ya3ni the way she's portrayed by the media, u gotta say she's gorgeous, or just ok looking at least :P NOT ugly!

Salty-C said...

Then again it's a matter of taste and the definition of pretty/gorgeous/ugly etc differs from one person to the other. ;)

jiji said...

not ugly.. she looks like a man salty dear!!!!

her hair on the other hand.. is amazing.. i do consider it khafeef tho.. bs its pretty..

jiji said...

ooh and her body?? hmmm is there somthing as too anorexic or too bolemic?? JA is!! get real salty.. her body aint gr8.. unless u like fallin for the hollywood type!

her body is closer to a lil girls body.. thats isnt attractive or even sexy

Salty-C said...

Jijiz, not trying to convince u to agree with me here, but jisimha is closer to a little girl? Just off the top of my head, I remember her looking gr8 on FRIENDS. Who's body exactly would qualify as a "woman's" body according to ur standards? Would getting breasts and butt implants like the rest of the celebrities out there make her more of a woman than a girl? Plz enlighten me.

Salty-C said...

Oh, and just because someone is NOT fat doesnt make them anorexic or bolemic. There's such a thing as high metabolism or being careful of what goes in ur mouth (diet) or exercise. They are celebrities and are paid to care for themselves and look good and as we all know, being over-weight in that industry isn't always desirable.

Broke said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Broke said...


I really enjoyed all of ur comments !

Thanks everybody

JiJi & S-Caramel ..Badda3taw

I was expecting a hosha over this ..

Lazem ;P

* Zizotime ...The movie was : Derailed , as I remember ..;)

jiji said...

broke wer not in a hooosha :p JA ma testahal i fight with sweet salty 3ashaanha ;p

and yeah salty... jisim.. well wut abt that french model latetia casta! ok shes slim.. not THIN JA is wasted her body is malame7less!!

lemme think of more famous ppl with gorgeous bodies and get back to u... ooh yeah.. chalize theron?? ba3ad mino... beyonce!!

Salty-C said...

Like I said, it's a matter of taste; I see her body as nice (and over-all good looking) while u don't. That's alright. :P Mara7 nit-hawash Broke, hehe. Jiji is my bloggerina buddy. :*

You know what, now am curious. Flamingo, how about a poll: Jennifer Aniston, HOT or NOT?? :P

hindq8 said...

I agree with Broke's friend (A) completely!

Broke said...

JiJi ..

S-Caramel ..

Yeahhh I know ... It's not a serious one ..:P

I usually have this kind of hosha with my freind over Angham ;)

Mia said...

I agree outer beauty is often a reflection of your inner self. Several times in my life I’ve met people who I didn’t find physically attractive but after getting to know them I thought they were the finest thing in creation. Same with “beautiful” peeps. I’ve met a few and after getting to know them they don’t seem so cute anymore.

Salty-C said...

Broke.. What about Angham? :P

Broke said...

Mia ..

So true .. :)

S-Caramel ..

عاد هذي قصتها قصة

Let me give u this link ;) :

fractal00 said...

Yeah well .... it is a reflection of th inner self and all ... bas she aslo has got to have some nice features after all .... smooth skin, blonde hair, lovely smile , nice figure (it shows how much i adore J.A right! )

Hazolat said...

Great point! I do believe that whatever we feel on the inside shows on the outside.

However, jennifer is not, nor has she ever been, beautiful. She's a lovely person I give you that. Great body (kalbah) but her face is so long it looks like a horse's

Hope said...

First i liked ur post and its totally true what u`ve discussed bas mino eli y6abiq thats all the time ! second of all i think JA really attractive woman she is so easy to fall in live with

Wilted_Roze said...

come on pppl

NuNu™ said...


And I don't like Zizo, cz at first I thought he was a good guy bes 6ala3 la since he liked the fact that Brad is with that BH now

Bloo said...

i strongly believe how character reflect on features.. or why.. dear god.. why!! do every girl like johnny depp.. i mean .. COME ON !! :d

Marzouq said...

The reason I think she is beautiful is because of her personality! I think she is adorable and a really nice person on the inside! I ran into her once in a Malibu shopping center about three years ago now and she was sooooo nice to talk to! And that made me love her even more!!!