Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jower Shell

by MissCosmoKuwait

The other day I told a business contact of mine that she smelt good and she told me that she'd recently bought a new perfume and continued to say "ee...wayed 7elo...sherait ba3ad...hathak...shesamoona...hatha...el jower shell mala" took me a while to realize that she was trying to say that she bought the Shower Gel...need I say it was hilarious...from that day on..whenever I call her..I say "huh...shlonich jower shell!"...

So speaking of shower gels or jower shell, if you prefer, I've always used the Oceanus from the Body Shop but I'm so getting bored of what's your favorite Shower Gel and why?


The Stallion said...

No favortie ones but I will read on to see what the popular one is cause I'm coming close to the end of the one I am using now!

Flamingoliya said...

I have to be home and check what i got. i think it's one of dials'. i also like baby johnsons :) always feels good to smell like a baby. lux for good cleaning or oily skin.

Flamingoliya said...

i don't like the body shop products, just a few.

Delicately Realistic said...

6ab3an I am sure you are none other than my dearest friend MissCosmo! You always forget to write your name :*

1. I'm like Flammy I love the whole Baby Johnson line...I use almost all their products :P
2. I prefer Bath & Body Works best, anybody wo goes to the states has to bring me something so I dont run out. Not only shower gel tho, all their products smell amazing. I don't like Victoria Secret.
3. Palmolive Aromatherapy Shower Gel ily yinba3 bil jam3iya smells quite good.

O bs :)

Blossom said...

Well , I use Dial... and I like buying parfumes with their shower gels ...they do enhance the scent .

Try Moschino I love Love ...AMAZING !

Desert Girl said...

This is why I'm always charged for excess baggage weight when I leave the States:

Origins Ginger Burst or peppermint
Bath & Body Works vanilla or verbana
Bliss Vanilla + Bergamot Bubbling Bath & Shower Gel
Organics Peppermint or rosemary body wash from Wholefoods
Favorite scrub is Dessert Sugar Scrub (Jessica Simpson's products)

Why can't we get the good stuff in Kuwait - especially during the summer when we all could use a little help smelling better????

Purgatory said...

I was going to say again ams who wrote this post! but I could not comment, giving you time to write your name, so remember to do so next time, its always you :P

MissCosmoKuwait said...

stallion...keep coming back bro!

Flam...I'm beginning to have a whole new respect for baby johnsons!.

DR..hi can't figure it out..write my name in the link?!..I love Bath & Body stuff...but walla too much to keep ordering from the states...Palmolive sounds good..

MissCosmoKuwait said...

blossom..Dial...huh? must check out..and the Moschino already sounds fabulous!'s a long which one's your favourite..I can't go ordering the whole thing from the internet...are you sure we don't have any of these around here??

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Purg...I know..I soon as I figure it out..I will...but thanks for waiting..:)

MiYaFuSHi said...

I usually buy a perfume, and the shower gel and body lotion to match.

Now I have tons of half gels, and lotions :P

Delicately Realistic said...

7ayati not in the link...just at the beginning of the post on the first line :**

Pedro said...

I tried so many at first to find the right one but.. Bath and Body Work's Sun Ripened Rasberry.. is my favorite no doubt and i've been addicted to it for 6 years now;)

jiji said...

Girls.. word of the wise.. AVOID AVOID AVOID ow ham AVOID scented lotions, creams, shower gels... etc!!! on the long run they can cause u skin allerg.. sun spots if they were applied to sun exposed areas :(

plus perfumes are not made to be sprayed or sprinkled on skin!!! the best way to wear pefume is to spritz some on ur clothes 30 minutes before you put on your clothes.. and dont tell me perfume, eu de perfume eu de colone!! they are all the same bs with different concentrations.. dont get foooooooled!! even the ones falsly marketed as natural and plant derived scented creams are bougus!!

The Stallion said...

I'm always coming back for more but I wanted to add that I too use Johnson and Johnson products but I have to admit that I stopped cause I definitly felt the difference between the products sold here and the ones I used in the US!

NuNu™ said...

I've always used the body Shop 'jower Shells' cz it smells good but I'm not satisfied with the good smell bes fa my fave Jower Shell now is Dettol.. It makes me feel SO CLEEEEEEAN!!!

Ms.Baker said...

Miss Cosmo-

I am and have always been partial to Crabtree and Evelyn's lines of perfumes, "jower shells" and lotions. I have used them for many years. One of their fragrances seems to have become my signature scent apparently...

After that, Bath and Body Works shower cremes are great. I stock up on Crabtree and Bath & Body shower/lotion stuff whenever I go to the US.

However, the cost of my overweight baggage gives me migraines...

Ms Baker

Pieces of Me said...

Bath and Body Works "Warm Vanilla Sugar" Thats mine!

Salted-Caramel said...

YES, Bath & Body Works! Someone needs to open that in Q8. :/

*smells her hands* EEMM.. I smell like Sun-Ripened Rasberry! :D

The Stallion said...

Has anyone tried the St. Ives Swiss Formula ones?

DiiGMaa said...

Spring Fever by Origins !!! OMG I always go back to it when I get bored of the current jower shell !!! it makes you feel Amazon Fressssshhh :P otherwise I also like Sheer Freesia or Gardinia by Bath & Body works :)

Desert Girl said...

Yup Mrs. Baker - that's it - Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works. The other ones I couldn't remember were Origins Salt Sheen and Avalon Organic Botanicals.

MissCosmo - Unfortunately, you can't find any of this stuff in Kuwait. It sucks. You can't even get most of my list online. Next time I go back to the States, I'll drop you an e-mail and see if I can bring you anything back. :)

Salty-C said...

Does the Origins in Fanar Mall still exist?

MissCosmoKuwait said...

miya...I know exactly what you mean...every spring..I end up doing some "spring cleaning" and basically toss them all out 'coz I know I'm gonna be too bored with them and I'm not gonna use them!

DR..thanks habeebti...eshbasawy min gairich ana..mwaaa.. they sell it in Kuwait?

MissCosmoKuwait said...

jiji..thanks for the advise but you didn't give us another option..what do you suggest?..

stallion...don't you hate that! I have the same problem with the cream I used to use in the state..the Palmers Cocoa butter is so different here that the one in the states...even the shampoos are different too!

NUNU!...DETOL??...min sijich?? that would kill my skin...too sensitive and it'll dry it up...bass 7elwa hay...detol!

Ms Bker...ohh...I love!...but do we have Crabtree in Kuwait?? I can't remember if I've seen it..

pieces of me...where do you get it from in Kuwait? Is that the place upstairs in Fanar?

salted-caramel...I'm getting very anxious to get it now!..:) that's a first...I always see the ads but never tried it!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

desert girl...well that's mighty kind of you girl...I would love that!..thank you so much!

salty-c....good question...anybody know??

Pieces of Me said...

MissCosmoKuwait ..

No, i get them from the states =)

jiji said...

well.. basically any moisturizer will do, e.g. (J&J).. anything u get from a drug store (fragrance and scent free) is (trust me) a 1000 times better than any fancy scented cream.. cuz walla i`ve seen eczema and allergy cases due to those creams le gubal.. so its not too late to make a change to better products..

some might say:" i wanna smell nice" ok.. to those i say.. u can smell nice.. on ur clothes! not on ur skin clogging your pours with fragrance particles! and sensitizing your body to the sun..

sometimes an allergic reaction to such products can occur without being exposed to sun..

i used to like all those creams and stuff from all stores from all over the world.. i even used to make moisturizer cream at school and go mix this cream with fruit extracts, vanilla, musk, dehen 3ood! u name it.. but when i found out about those side effects i totally avoided it!

even ur regular bar of soap is BAD :<.. (true story) did u know that in each batch of cami or camy soap (spelling am not so sure of ;p) contains a whole horse!! yes 79an!! how? this brand of soap is English.. England is famous for polo (the sport) after the horse used for this sport becomes senile, it is no longer used in the game.. since soap is alkali+fat and horses are all fat ;p (u know body fat and muscle.. etc).. wut the soap company does is that it buys these senile horses.. so wut do they do with the horse? they have big containers of alkali (may elnar) and the horse is literally thrown into this containr!! the alkali dissolves the horse and fat is mixed with the alkali.. hence, U HAVE UR SOAP ;p

disgusting aih?.. u think this practice has stopped? NO!! its still goin on.. its cheap for the soap company!! why would they make the soap with the finest ingredients if they can make low quality ones + adding a few drops of fancy french colon? ( like in the ads they always show u that weird hand coming from the sky droppingg 2-3 drops of fragrance to the soap ;p.. hey they`re not lieing to us ;p) makes sence right? or hey wait! perhaps the horse is wut "fine ingredents"are all about!!

just imagine.. an entire horse!! bones, teeth, bladder, stomch and tongue :s

l0o0ol.. i think i smuthered u with toooooooo much depressing infos ;p but i really hope they were uselful.

and by tyhe way..
To Whom It Matters: this was a free consultation... no fee..
but next time.. i wont give ANY advice if i dont recieve my pay-check!! *hint hint*


MissCosmoKuwait said...

jiji....yeesh...what exactly do you for a living? Can I guess:

(1) You're an animal rights activist
(2) Dermatologist
(3) researcher
(4) looking for a job and hopeing to find one here...:)

Where in heaven's name did you read about that horse story...that was pretty awful...but then how do you know if the J&J stuff is the real thing too?

NuNu™ said...

Yes that one But mine is light blue!! 3adi I change my shower gel every now and then ;P

jiji said...

misscosmo: ;p well am a lil bit of des and a lil biit of dat ;p.. but not an animal right activist!! i love eating them.. hunting them and wearing them ;p

the soap story is TRUE!! told by a non biase dermatologist.. it was discussed in class.. bs u know wut.. i think i`ve confused lux with camy.. am not so sure ;(

bs j&j a3teqed ok.. cuz they have no smell and they are plain white.. plus they are 5.5 pH which is the normal pH of skin.. they do no excessive harm like other products.. and by the way. .anything with the phrase (for babies) is also good.. cuz its mild on skin.

again: MA3AAASHY!! HELLLLOOOO!!!! am not doin charity work around here taraa!!!! ALOOOOOOOOO!!

Papillona ® said...

lol. Jower Shell!! hahahaha
nafs ilyom I wanted to say "moody zift". Instead I said "zifty mood"

I know mala 3elaqa but I thought it was funny ow nafs il bedleyya. non?

La-La Land said...

I have 3 favorite shower gels/body sprays.
Firstly, "Gardenia" by Bath and body works. The scent is amazing its ! its as though your in a garden without the added scent of other flowers, which sometimes can get to you.
Secondly, "Sheer fresia" by bath and body works. Its light and refreshing !
And Finally, "Lavender and rosemary" by restoration hardware actually the hand soap is amazzzing !! It leaves you with a long lasting aroma.

White Wings said...

Oceanus is my husband's favorite :)
As for me, I like vanilla-smelling ones, I walk around feeling like...a piece of cake:)

NuNu™ said...

Misscosmo, I changed it.. Now I'm using baby johnsons (Lavender)

MissCosmoKuwait said...

I finally went to the jam3iya and bought the whole line of Johnson & Johnson...(boy they really oughta know about this website!)...I bought the one that had Aloe Vera but not sure if I saw the one with lavendar...(what colour is it? maybe I'll find it next time)

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