Friday, February 10, 2006

Sorry Your Single

By: MissCosmoQ8

I lost my tongue the other day when I bumped into Jazz Central...and he said "I'm sorry you're not married"....granted he apologized a million times after saying it...and partly 'coz I believe he was worried I'd blog about it and get all the single females giving him a hard time...but I was more shocked that I just laughed and didn't come up with something smart to I figured I'd leave it to the smart women on this site to do exactly what they should...GIVE HIM A HARD TIME!


The Stallion said...

Naaa 7aram! He only had good intentions! I was shocked when you told me but still!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


If a cute guy tells me this I'll actually be happy. If an other girl, especially married ones, I will smack their heads ;P

Purgatory said...

He meant something else, he is that way, a nice sensitive guy, so do not annoy him.

jiji said...

sweetie.. u should b happy he said that to u.. the hidden meaning behind those lines was probably (ur too goddamn sweet, beautiful, smart well acheived and lively.. how come ur not taken yet!) so u see he meant it as a compliment ;p

i know ur gonna say but i dont need to be married to fullfil myself.. bs still .. give the guy a brake.. and u should appreciate him for tryin ;p

am not takin sides here.. i dont know him to defend him ;p

MiYaFuSHi said...


"I am sorry you are not female"

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Stallion...hehehe...I know..I know..but I can't resist not blogging about it!

shopaholic...seriously? you'd be happy? saying that you're usually said "I'm sorry you're not feeling well".."I'm sorry you broke your leg".."I'm sorry you didn't get promoted"...but sorry you're not married...couldn't possibly make me happy!

Purg...i very much agree that he's a wonderful sensitive guy...but annoying him is very much called for in this annoy him I shall...:)

MissCosmoKuwait said...'s a compliment?? to say you're sorry that you're not married is a compliment?? interesting...and coming from a female...! please elaborate...

miya...loved it!...nice one!

jiji said...

i dont see where u got the feeling of being insulted by his comment! i mean c`mon! really! dont they always say that the good ones are already takes (applies to both Ms and Fs)

i think ur a bit of an anti-marriage girl (its ok me too) bs really think about it .. he is sorry for the male population in the world for not having the chance to know u and wanna settle with u.. see.. i look at everything from a positivly bright angle ;p

clear as mud?

Swair. said...

hahahahaa i love JiJi's comeback :p

Delicately Realistic said...


Ana za3alt min Jazz.
Sh7aga ygol 7g my friend chithy?
Thats just not nice.

MissCosmo :*********************
Ma3indohom nithar! 7a9ilohom wa7da mithlich?! I could write a whole post about you and still have loads more good things to say!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

jiji...yep...clear as a mud...(ever seen mud that's clear?)..:) that a for or against?..:)

DR...HABEEEBTI...7ajiyatee al mufathala...:)...that is just about the sweetest thing I ever heard...thank you...I can do the same too about you babe!..:)...Bass don't be mad at Jazzy...I know it slipped out of him and he didn't mean to insult me...miskeen...I just wanted to blog about it to get even...:) was too funny to resist!....I honestly thought the rest of the single women would fight back at the thought...but's ok to be told such a thing by a guy but it's not ok if it's told by a women...sometimes..I don't blame men for saying that they can't understand us women...this was one proof!....Just as much as I couldn't understand why some single female bloggers would not attend a female bloggeret gathering but would if they were guys!...(sorry ladies but sometimes our double standard really bugs me!)...

I should write a post about women tend to trust men more than women even though they can complain for hours about men to the women that they don't trust!...HA...did that sound confusing! Well..hope you know what I mean!...See you soon habeebti!...

Flamingoliya said...

my answer would be: I'm sorry YOU'RE married.

I went back to see his blog to be able to judge on the situation that made him say that but didn't find it. maybe deleted?

anyway, i'm with you all the way, whatever hurts you, hurts me.

i only hear it from women and it really pisses me off. dunno what i'd feel if a man told me.

Desert Girl said...

Oh my God! You poor spinster girl. You haven't "settled down" yet? Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to have children if you wait "too long"? Ya 7araaaaam!

... these are just SOME of the lines I hear ALL THE TIME. It must be a gazillion times worse being Kuwaiti!

I'm sure your friend meant well, though. Seriously.

jiji said...

swair: glad u liked it ;p

i always turn things around to suit me..
never think about things in such a way it can hurt u.. words never kill.. and what doesnt kill u.. makes u stronger :)

Eva said...

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Thanks !

jiji said...

eva: meno taq9iden ;p me? well i wont b puttin ads.. i will b providing a FULL health service to the readers ;p

NuNu™ said...

I'm sure he didn't mean it.. Jazz is such a gentleman, he's the best!!

But if it was another guy, then HELL YEAH!! I'd give him a hard time!!!

"I'm sorry you're a man" =/

Eva said...

huh :P ?
i didn't read the comments , so i have no idea what ur talkin about ;P

i have a real ADD;P for some EXB .

Waitin Ur Reply girls ..

Delicately Realistic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Delicately Realistic said...

I shall inform the editor Eva :)

7ayach Allah any time!!!


Purgatory said...

Statement issued by Mandate:

"As members of the mandate, we stand by Jazz in his time of judgement by the female population and we pledge our support to mandate member number 5 until this issue is resolved.

Any attempts to push this issue into another direction by eternal man-haters will be dealt with as usual."

However, if anyone said that line to me, or the usual other form of "when will you get married?", my answer is well known, so you should have a bunch of answers ready to handle it.

Again, Jazz is an innocent, loveable person, just like the other mandate members, with the exception of one member, and Jazz in particular needs to be handled with care.

I saw something else in this post, but I will keep quiet, not the place nor time to highlight this issue.

Jazz Central said...

Ok...I'm here. First I want to apologize for what slipped out of my mouth (*and Jazz bangs head on desk*). It was not supposed to come out like that. Granted Miss Cosmo said she will blog about it, and I was all for it just to see what people would say...not thinking that I will be dart board of criticism. But I had it coming. What happened was that we were talking about aloooot of stuff. Believe me, Miss Cosmo is great to chat with....great listener. SO the issue came up about marriage. I did not say..."I'm sorry you're not married". here's what happened:
I asked her:
"Are You Married?"
She replied.."No"
SO then I said.."I'm sorry"...thats it.
....only to numersously state and chant "I'm sorry" a gazillion times cause it just slipped out without thinking. It just merely slipped out. Trust me, I'm the last person to actually believe in that....I'm not married...and I'm sorry for myself. But we laughed it off. A good giggle for such a stupid moment by Jazz. Much respect. hug!

Purgatory said...

There you go and say something else, why don't you just keep it simple, now how am I supposed to do my cover up for you!!! we need to give you some media lessons.

"Trust me, I'm the last person to actually believe in that....I'm not married...and I'm sorry for myself. "


Flamingoliya said...

mo khosh targee3a :P

Flamingoliya said...

Eva I'll email you.

Jazz Central said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jazz Central said...

LOL think I need media lessons? hehehehe...maybe. But its not a targee3a, its not making excuses, or making up stuff. I just that I said something that ticked people off, and now I have to justify what happened. I said that statement "...I'm not married, and I'm sorry for myself"...cause I can't tell you how many times people think I have issues or a disability for not being married at 27. But thanks for the support bro, as well as others who commented :)

Purgatory said...

Jazz, be quiet! you have shot yourself in the foot again :) yes you do need media lessons, let me show you what I mean

1) your statement to miss cosmo, which we have tried to fix, and we we were managing well until you said what you said

2) we also managed to lighten up the second thing you mentioned, hoping it passes, but then you go and say this

"...cause I can't tell you how many times people think I have issues or a disability for not being married at 27"

I will tell you what your disability is, YOU TALK TOO MUCH! keep it simple and concise, do not over do it, now what shall we do!!

hmm what can we do, what can we do??


Jazz meant something else, he is that way, a nice sensitive guy, so do not annoy him, please.

Now do not say anything else Jazz, just disappear for a few days, and we will spin it our own way, that is what we do well, protect you from harm, and we support you always.

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Group Hug!!..Couldn't stay mad about your comment even if I wanted to!...


Better post something new to get you off the hook...:) let's see....?? Eye make you remover???

The Stallion said...

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives!


Purgatory said...

hmm, is that the one with susan whats her name?

Rampurple said...

i know jc really well to know that his intentions were good... he says sorry a lot... i am sure he didnt mean sorry ur not married... if that was the case he would keep saying sorry to all his friends lol

NuNu™ said...


NuNu™ said...

here's what happened:
I asked her:
"Are You Married?"
She replied.."No"
SO then I said.."I'm sorry"...thats it.


MissCosmoKuwait said...

I really do have to agree with Purg...Jazz can never work in PR...I recommend a mandatory course in "How To Avoid Saying the Wrong Thing..not once..not twice but three times in a Row"...I believe Purg would be the perfect Teacher in that...I just hope after the course...Jazz would have the capability to talk..:)

Flamingoliya said...

"How To Avoid Saying the Wrong Thing"
I smell a good post! ;)

Purgatory said...

I appreciate your confidence in my ability to pass my knowledge to young cubs, I see myself as the big grizzly, who must spread my knowledge seeds to a generation of lost youth, confused and dazed by years of tv, burgers and lots and lots of video games.

However, it would be unpurgatorian of me not to highlight this part

Jazz would have the capability to talk.

Easy on the poor guy, he will not say a word anymore, try to say something positive in your next posts about him, he is one of the best around :)

Dr.Lost said...


ok.. jazz central: man u shouldnt have put a comment here, the way u said what actually happened actually sounds worse than what misscosmo said ;p looooool 7addik ma it3arif itragi3 dude..

BUT IN JAZZ CENTRAL's DEFENSE: i've known jazz since i was in high school and if anything i know this: that he is a great great great guy, very popular, was always liked by everyone, never seen a bad thing out of him, and would be a guy all u ladies would love to have.. take my word on it, im a man and i know how many of us are assholes ;p

misscosmo: u r still one of my favorite ppl, so ill be on ur side now and just say: u should have just hit him upside the head... la la im kidding.. really it was innocent and i know he meant nothing by it, and babe all i can say is that the reason u r not married is coz there is no one that is truly good enough for u, u deserve someone who is perfect, and thats why u didnnt find that one perfect man.. coz he doesnt exist, but lets just say u would have had 2 settle for less, which is not good enough.. so more power 2 u, and trust me what DR said about u is just right..if we were 2 get started on talkin about what a great person u r we'd end up having 1000 comments from guys sayin "whats ur number misscosmo?" :)

MissCosmoKuwait said... take it from here?..:)...actually it sounds like a title of very funny movie too!

Purg..I couldn't help but remember the MGM sign just before the movie starts..:)...ROAR!..:)...Now I'll have to think of something Jazzy to post about just make to make him feel better...I've already used up his favorite song on my post!..Oh well..I'l think of something!

MissCosmoKuwait said... that's just about the sweetest thaaang I ever heard...thank are too kind my I'm feeling rather sheepish...and currently hiding under my desk...raw compliments getting me all shy and giddy...better save myself and change this post soon!

samboose said...

OH MY OH MY!!! JC talk about slip of the tongue.... I'm sure you didn't mean it the way it came out. Yet Ms Cosmo I must apologize that you had to go through it. If it wasn't JC he'd be on a particlar list of mine...he he he and not the good one;)

The way I see it those that are single are felt sorry for by those that are not and the other way around... It's funny. You see people saying "Why aren't you married yet?" by those that are married yet they themselves bitch and whine about their own flop of a marriage.

I say LIVE ON!!! Married, single, straight, gay...WHATEVER!! Lifes too short to have messed up hang-Ups like that!!

(my 2 cents.....)

Any way I see you've all group hugged and water under the bridge kinda thing!

7tenths said...

Hahaha, poor guy :P But knowing myself & my tendency to get into similar awkward situations I would've probably ended up saying the exact same thing! :/ I'm sorry for you jazz, but at the same time kind of relieved it wasn't me! :P

Delicately Realistic said...

"How To Avoid Saying the Wrong Thing"

Please please! I need that!

And how about:

"How To Say the Right Thing"


Flamingoliya said...

Delicate & Misscosmo
that will be our next topic enshalla.

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