Saturday, February 18, 2006


by Flamingoliya

Dear Bloggers,
Join us at Artezana exhibition organized by Loyac from 6-7-8 of March at Bait Lothan (Salmiya-next to Marina Mall) for handmade goodies like clothes, accessories, or even paintings. If you're 23 or under, you can submit your own handmade goodies too!

Registration deadline is Wed the 22nd
For information, call 5723606

Click the picture for a larger view

This invitation is brought to you by Eva


Sloth said...

now u tell me about the invitation when i actually CAN NOT attend :(

get some pictures of the event and share for the miserable me :(

Flamingoliya said...

we will surely show you some pictures :)

Eva said...

Y36eech el3afya Flam ;* , Today Kan aakhr yom lil tasjel .. eL3adad ektemal , but sure we'll wait for u guys bel m3rath wenshalllah Ya3jbkumm ....

Sloth , ;( Enshallah Next One !

Thanks Again

Flamingoliya said...

allah e3afeech, anytime dear!!

Anonymous said...

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