Friday, January 13, 2006

Beauty Salon Confusion

By Delicately Realistic

I'm sure most of you agree that when it comes to women's beauty salons in Kuwait there is no perfect salon that provides the best treatment for separate things. I think that didn't make much sense. What I'm trying to say is that I find myself visting a million salon's a day for different little things. Theres no one perfect salon that you can do everything all at once. I do my eyebrows in one place, cut my hair in another, manicure & pedicure somewhere else, and the list goes on. There are so many cheap salon's about, that I wish that they would all come together and make one good CLEAN salon! I have been on the quest to find that one perfect place where I can pamper myself, for years. Somewhere where I feel comfortable with the place and the staff. So girls, I'd like to know where you go to pamper yourselves.

Best Hair Cuts:
Best Hair Colouring:
Best Hair Styling:
Best Make Up:
Best Eyebrows Shaping:
Best Manicure:
Best Pedicure:
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby):
Best 7amam Zait:
Best Waxing:
Best Massage:
Best Anything else...I'm sure theres more...can't think of anything:


Jan6a said...

Best Hair Cuts: I refuse to cut my hair in Kuwait. In lebanon its: Pace e Luce (Waseem), or Yahia & Zakariya (Yahia).
Best Hair Colouring: Same as above. (Ziad in Pace e Luce)
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Beauty Co, in the building opposite Pizza Hut (elba7ar). Ask for Dalila
Best Manicure: N-Style in Bustan
Best Pedicure: N-Style in Bustan or call Evlina to come home.
Best 7amam Zait: Pineapple (nice head massage)
Best Waxing: Shadows in Jabriya
Best Massage: Spa Time!

I think Lazer hair removal should be added to the list.

Delicately Realistic said...

Pace e Luce opened in Kuwait finally :) In Flex Gym!

Merci Merci

D said...

Jan6a: so typical

Delicately Realistic said...

What's so typical?
Anyway, what are your not so typical answers D?

DareDevil said...


Eva said...

Best Hair Cuts: i only trim it from time to time , ma yafreg elmokan m3ai.
Best Hair Colouring: i do it myself, Loreal ..
Best Hair Styling: Glamour , 3aber elyasen , she got this lebanese lady 3ajeeba 7adha 7ag elhair sTyles
Best Make Up: 3abeer elyasen , i only had my makeup done in Salon ONCE , 7ag 3rs okhoy..
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Co-Op salon , Bayan ;P
Best Manicure: Jameela , wa7da phelipenO i've lost her num Lil asf , though my friend still have it , French Manicure with cute flowers .
Best Pedicure: -
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): never did that , planin to have1 .
Best 7amam Zait: well 9alon bayan too ;P
Best Waxing: bayan :P
Best Massage: spa time , e7im never hade 1 before too bas 3aly asm3a : ) !

i think my asnwers wasn't too helpful , bas wamenkum nastafed;P

* Jan6a Chnch elwalda she likes pacee aLuce ALOT , last time she went there daggat etbrshne ena they have a section 7ag mt7jbat now ;p

Flamingoliya said...

thanks for the post DR. We really need this info ;)

Jan6a, enshalla we post a seperate post for lazer.

Delicately Realistic said...

Daredevil: Been very interested lately havent u? ;)

Eva: Thank you Eva. My cousin goes to Bayan, so I guess they are popular.

Flamy: Where are your answers? :)

Princess Mestiza said...

ALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I now worship ur blog ;P YeSSSSSSSSS a7taaaaaaaj info chithy ;P Bes khal yjawboon more ppl! Aby asbaq sha3ree help.

Best Hair Cuts: Tea Rose
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Lamode Qur6uba, yam Opera oo Rose, 3ind Filo.
Best Manicure: Miss1 (qur6uba) aw Blush(shuwaikh) im gonna try it yamde7oona
Best Pedicure: same as above
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): Miss1, Cameo, or Elysium AMAZING
Best 7amam Zait: Miss 1, Alif-Yaa (Olivia)
Best Waxing: ya3ny sheera? Al-Fay in Hawally or Jabriya,, u lay down on a bed and they do sheera (not Indian) oo its in a way relaxing ;P aw wa7da nisayt esimha teyeey il beyt arya7
Best Massage: Spa Time, oh and Oriental Princess- its not relaxing but more rejuvinating.

Princess Mestiza said...

Its my dream to open up a salon- the perfect one, a clean place, with clean manicure tools, and a cozy atmosphere, etc etc.. oh my friend's sisters r opening up a place very soon. Its a spa with a salon in Hawally in the tall building next to Plaza hawally. I hope its as good as she made it out to be ..

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Best Hair Cuts: Nina at Carita on the Gulf Road

Best Hair Colouring: I do Henna at Shadows

Best Eyebrows Shaping: Solitaire at Jabriya

Best Manicure: N-Bar in Gallery 2000

Best Pedicure: Same as above

Best 7amam Zait: Shadows

Best Waxing: Um Kefa7 (comes to the house)

Best Massage: Ayurmana at the Bisher El Kathmee building - Bneid El Garr...(you get two ladies massaging you at the same time..who could ask for more!)

DR girl...good idea..we could all use this info...and stop place would be fantastic...:)

Delicately Realistic said...

Lol! Great info girls! Bes il7en Im even more confused! Please include numbers and directions! All we have now is a list of names :)

Princess: Thanx for your answers, its also my dream to open my own salon! Wanna be my partner? :P
Oh, and please let us know about the new salon when it opens :)

MissCosmo: Thanx for the info 7abebti :* I go to N-bar as well :)

Flamingoliya said...

wow check this out. a site where you can upload your picture and see yourself with different hair cuts

*-fwai7-* said...

Best Hair Cuts: Tea Rose
Best Hair Colouring: i don't really dye my hair, but i heard Crystal in Shi3ib was pretty good :)
Best Hair Styling: Crystal
Best Make Up: my momma hahah
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Warda in Jabriya
Best Manicure: N-Bar
Best Pedicure: N-Bar
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): Dior in Rumaithiya
Best 7amam Zait: Dior in Rumaithiya (ask for Mariana - BEST head massage EVER)
Best Waxing: myself, i dont like women touching me like that.
Best Massage: Dr. Mog (a Korean woman i call over)

Desert Girl said...

Best Hair Cuts: Ashlee at Strands, Fanar
Best Hair Colouring: Ashlee at Strands, Fanar or Danielle at Images (for blonde hair – there IS a difference)
Best Hair Styling: Same
Best Make Up: they always make me look like a hooker, so I do it myself.
Best Eyebrows Shaping:
Best Manicure:
Best Pedicure: Images – perafin!
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby):
Best 7amam Zait: Oriental Princess

Desert Girl said...

Maybe you should do a poll for the places where you have had the WORST of, or maybe biggest mistakes... I have a few of those too.

MissCosmoKuwait said...

amerab...good point!

Fastest and useless manicure and pedicure: Shadows

Worst haircut: Scissors...(cried my eyes out and seriously wanted to kill the woman!

7ammam Maghriby: some crummy place in jabriya...can't remember the name but wanted to wash myself with Detol after that 'coz I was so disgusted!

Flamingoliya said...

Miss CK
eeww! dettol? that seems to have been a bad experience!
and thanks for mentioning sissors cos a friend recommended it!

MBH said...

Oi women!

Mind a guy intruding! But I have this interesting question :: Do you take your own toolkits along, as hygiene precautions? [Scissors ... etc.]

A few guys do so :: Scissors (nails & hair), blades, shaving machines...

If you don't, do you make sure the tools are cleaned infront of you?

Just wondering...

Judy Abbott said...

MBH: do you?
we dont ... the places i go to are clean


Best Hair Cuts: 9afa2 al motakhalefa in la blu blanc what ever, she have great hands really and i love GABI but if you are going to canada go to Augastin & co. with goerge you will love me for that :)

Best Hair Colouring: GABI .. or samara in damn cutting edge.

Best Hair Styling: Paravine il motakhalifa

Best Make Up: 3abeer al yaseen

Best Manicure & Best Pedicure: Avida spa .. or natty in shadows she's good .. the best ever in kuwait .. NONE.

Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): Elysuim Health spa

Best 7amam Zait: shadows
Best Waxing: glamour or shadows
Best Massage: elysium

How about best skin care? facial: Aveda.

i wish we have aveda in kuwait :S

3afoor said...

Best Hair Cuts: nabeelah in carita
Best Hair Colouring: dont do that in Kuwait
Best Hair Styling: nabeela in carita
Best Make Up: ala2 dashti
Best Eyebrows Shaping: na3eemah in randezvoux
Best Manicure: n-bar
Best Pedicure: n-bar
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): never did that
Best 7amam Zait: la mode surra
Best Waxing: lamode surra
Best Massage: spa time
Best Anything else: try facial cleansing in spa time and teeth cleaning ( which i consider on of best ways to pamper my self) in alhikmah dentist

Qaneema & her husband said...

3a'6am Allah ajirkom 3ala baba Jabir
Allah yr7ima

Princess Mestiza said...

What about best gym? I want to join one now that I have a bunch of free time,, But I don't want an outrageous price. (I blew it, my dad got an eshteraak in Elysium for me last year and I went maybe 25 times or less in one whole year). We need pay-monthly gyms! And moo gym mixed!!

Princess Mestiza said...

There has got to be at least ONE GOOD place in Kuwait that colors hair almost perfectly, without leaving the hair orangy and unnatural!??

Desert Girl said...

MBH Said: "Mind a guy intruding! But I have this interesting question :: Do you take your own toolkits along, as hygiene precautions? [Scissors ... etc.]"

I do! I have had some nasty finger infections from dirty nail tools. I always ask them when they cleaned their tools and they always BS and tell me they do, but none of the stuff is ever sitting in alochol - nor do I see any in the immediate area. The manicurist/pedicurist may be a maid one day and working in a salon the next.

Judy - why "damn cutting edge"? Want to exchange stories. :) LOL

Princess - try Ashlee in Strands.

Desert Girl

Ms.Baker said...

Hair cuts and color: Jacque Dessange - they are the best I have had in Kuwait, I have been pleased every time. Either them or Strands, I don't like Cutting Edge which is good for short hair but not long like mine. They botched my hair the only time I was there.
Eyebrows: Wont let anyone touch em and mess em up! I refuse! I do my own!
Manicure: Al-Bustan definitely.
Massage: Elysium is great!
Waxing: I used to go to Shadows and wanted to find somewhere else but I think I am as bound to them as I have been for this service since I was in high school!

MsB, who loves Jacque Dessange right now

NaMooShA- DiVeR said...

Yup i agree :) i do the same thing go for 100 saloons for 50 things :(.
thank God i live In Jabreyah..! i really wish to count the number of the saloons in jabreyah .. they are good cheap and clean

ananyah said...

my mom's friends own the cutting edge lol

MBH said...

Amerab, my point exactly. Thanks ^_^

Delicately Realistic said...

Nail bar use tools that are sterilised. They come out of the sterilised thingy bags.

Eva said...

need ur help
shinu elbest health club ?
miss champion shlona ?
abe shay Fun swalif Salsa and sO :D o bas girls , infos about what ur gonna mention plz .

Thanks !

Eva said...

Best Manicure : I Found Jameela's Num Again Yaay :p Here is It 7ag elle yabe 6329745 .

Delicately Realistic said...

Sa7 kalamich JiJi
7anan mashAllah fanaaaaaaaanaaa! I love her work! As for the make up it is also very good.
Bes I prefer Mneera Al Faraj. She is amazing mashAllah! I would say she is the best in Kuwait.

Delicately Realistic said...

Why in the world isn't Jiji's comment here, but is on the other page? being a naughty boy again?


Flamingoliya said...

on what post is jiji's comment?
i dunno what's wrong with blogger!

jiji said...

delicately realistic: eeew 7anan dashti!!! i was mocking her style!!!

mneera elfaraj 7iloo.. kan make up`ha senat 2000 7ada 3qedy bs tesani3at.. 7addddaaaa sara gher!!! le darajat enha esta7at min roo7ha and changed her name ;p (am not lieing walla)
bs sij mashalla mekyaj`ha 7aq 3arayes nice lama t7e6 red lip stick ow goldish 3ala bronze eye shadow.. bs she`s greedy!!! bs if into mnera`s make up.. try gypsy!!

and as for the rest of u.. walla i posted here ;p not in another page ;p.. unless this was ur sweet way of kickin me out :<

Flamingoliya said...

here's your comment that I received on my email. I was surprised that it didn't show here. And even more surprised how DR found it! She says it's on another page, but I don't know which one. So here's your comment again so you won't think we're kicking people :P

Hi.. I hope its not too late to give u an idea about the best salonat in Q8 :p

well... lets start.. and if u need extra info on the places ill mention.. feel free to contact me thru my blog or from here..

best hair cuts: mahoogny in jabrya ask for "Tharwat"

best hair colorin: also mahoogny "Tharwat" too ;p

best hair stylin: 9alon gypsy fi shar3 mcdonalds in jabrya.. they have this big cowboy saloon sign.. u wont miss it.g... ask for "7anan".
also, mahoogny`s "Tharwat" is good

best make up: Gypsy in jabrya.. ehma 2 Q80 girls.. ow their make up is amazing.. mo min no3 majalat elnahtha ow samra anwa3 ala`a dashti ow 7anan dashti EeeWWww!!..NO! 7ad`hom pros and they know wut they`re doin.. 7ada their make up style raQy.. their stylings range min light europen to mekyaj 3arayes.. they`re willing to consider ur personal taste.. never forcing u to accept wut the smudge on ur face like other make up artists wanna bes ;p

so far thats all i got ;p

Posted by jiji to Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan at 2/04/2006 03:29:23 PM

Flamingoliya said...

Best Hair Cuts:
mabrooka (jack-mishrif coop)
moose (jabriya-um yousif),
Shafeeqa (lamsat jamal)

Best Henna:
La Mode

Best Hair Styling:
Moose (takseer)
Profile, Jack, Strands (blow dry)

Best Make Up:
I tried Carita, and Nour AL Rshaid but wasn't satisfied. The one I like on girls is Muneera Al Faraj.

Best Eyebrows Shaping:
Wasanti (Miss1)
Jack (Mishrif Coop)

Best Manicure:
Al Bustan

AL Zahra (AL Shi3ib)

I don't consider the salons I mentioned as best. But they are what I tried so far.

jiji said...

well thats weird!! i gave a comment like i`d normally do.. bs 3adi.. ana the life size walkin gubbisa doollllly ;p..

good to know ur not kickin me out sis ;p

i hope u DO consider my opinions ;p tara they are good.. trust me.. am some wut khebra in the cosmetix feild.. i studied cosmtix in univ as a minor .. ;p dermatolog and cosmetix are my thing ;p

Delicately Realistic said...

Flammy dear: I saw the comment on the main pink page with the post. But when I came to the comments section it disappeared. I'm sure blogger is the culprit. Fashlana with our guests :P

JiJi: I meant 7anan the hair stylist in Gypsy!!! Not 7anan Dashti!!! Hahah enough said :P

Mneera AlFaraj changed her name? lipstick and bronze eye shadow! Thats the makeup she put for my friend on her milcha!
Ohhhh....minor in cosmetic & dermatology.....very nice...we gotta toalk girl....this is my favourite topic!!! :>

Flamingoliya said...

ee walla fashalna!

true about Mneera AlFaraj. she applies the same make up on all faces. the amazing thing is, it turns up nice!

DR, eshrayich enboog jiji? we need her as a member here! ha what do you think jiji? got topics to offer? ;) JOB VACANCY

jiji said...

hmmm... well am just new to this addictive bloggin world ;p.. fa i think yeah.. count me in.. id love to share infos with u girls..

oooh and as for 7anan eltoneseya malat gypsy.. eee fannnnaaan ;p ( ashwa 6ala3 9aloona OK) bs tara the make up is even more raw3a than the hair dos.. give it a shot ;p

anyway back to negotiating the job offer.. since i`ll b providing beauty, cosmetix and medical advice.. i think a good hamcha type of salary must b included ( 3ad ana special kefkom deal with it ;p)

jiji said...

hmmm... plus i love 7eshing ;p... (ambeeeh badda3t)

mnera in her dark ages used to be callewd "mnera el7o6y".. ana mashalla my cousins kilhom OK with make up.. especially when it comes to 7aflat and what not.. fa mara wa7da mn my cuzs 7abat tjareb a7ad y7e6 laha make up.. waaaaaay waaaaaaay!!! she looked like something the waves drifted off to shore after a moonson!!!!! miss drakulaa!!! <-- i dont mean that in the gothic terms.. i mean it in terms of actual horror!!! foundation 3aqad ow shadow ese7 after 2 hours in the lights!!

bs mashalla allah yzeed ow ybarek zebayenha min kil (7adb wa sawb)

Flamingoliya said...

we love 7ishing too. that's what makes us girls :P
i dunno the salons you're talking about, where are they exactly?

you got the job, i just need your email address to send you the invitation. email me if you want to keep it private.

cham tabeen el ma3ash? :P

Delicately Realistic said...

While we're on the subject, why not do some free advertising :P
I'm not too bad in the make up area. Usually family and friends are the ones I work on. But I'm too scared to do the real thing :P

Flammy tara a7tar chithy...ana ba3ad aby ma3ash :P Itha feha ma3ash kil yom new post :P heeheehee

jiji said...

since am gonna quit my day job u girls should bid HIGH ;p cuz i got other offers u know.. am wanted ;p ash`har mn nar 3ala 3alam ;p (shfeeeeeeeha jiji!!!)

flamingoliya: adresses? gypsy is in the mcdonalds street in jabreya.. and mahoogny is in the building infront of miss champ in jabreya.. its in the same building elly feeh FuDDs

how can i give u my email?? am not typin it here ;p

delicately realistic: waaaaaaaaaaaaaay elme7tareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Best Blowdry: Nadin at Retro salon Qortuba
Best Hair Cuts: Fadya at Kajal salon Surra
Best Hair Colouring:Nadin at Retro salon Qortuba
Best Hair Do: Zainab at Layla Harmony Salmiya
Best Make Up:Noora at Blush salon Shuwaikh
Best Eyebrows Shaping:Um Ali Salmiya
Best Manicure:Bubble Nail Spa Deera
Best Pedicure:Bubbles Nail Spa Deera
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby):Blush Shuwaikh
Best 7amam Zait:Reena at Retro salon Qortuba
Best Waxing:Reena at Retro salon Qortuba
Best Massage:Spa Time Hawalli

DamDoom said...

best haircuts: brush tha7yeh 3abdullah al salem wa7deh i3ragiyeh madrii shisemhe walla

eyebrows: my own ib bneid al gar 3ella share3 il 7ub we7deh hindiyeh ihya il we7eedeh

best manicure: dashing diva flex gym

best pedicure: dashing diva flex gym

best 7amam zait: brush tha7yeh 3abdullah al salam lebnany dubah

best waxing: philipino ib wardeh

best massage: royal 7ayatt kilshay ako teeth whitning, lazer, wax, massage, manicure pedicure, gym, personal trainer, sports, 7amama zait, 7amam ma'3riby, hair cuts, hair styles, 9obo8 sha3er, ay shay ib balich 7abeebty roo7ay 3indihom oo intay 7ather

Anonymous said...

hi girls! i have moved to Kuwait around 6 months ago and i am looking for a good hair salon to trim my hair. I have long straight hair and i i have bangs that go on the side.
Plz help!!

Anonymous said...

Try Aaya at Retro salon in Qortuba (its in the co-op mall there), she's amazing with haircuts and blowdry ;)

Shazy said...

I'm moving to Kuwait pretty soon and have been reading these comments and I have to say they are quiet helpful But would you pls include some price quot too :)

Anonymous said...

hey guys.. i just moved to kuwait as well.. about 2 months ago.. and i was wondering.. is Jacque Dessange here any good? he's fantastic in my hometown, and i was wondering if they are as good here!

another question.. do they wax there???

Anonymous said...

Can someone please give me the address for carita or a number pls pls


ha6oo6 said...

Just now TONI&GUY the famous international salon was opened in shaab.There is this french girl named Sophie she cuts stylish haircuts and brilliant in colouring.All european people goes for her,I've tried her she rocks!!
This is the number of the salon:22626003 open from 11am-8pm reservation

Anonymous said...

the best hair salon in kuwait is Hair Studio in Galleria 2000, great service!!

Anonymous said...

the best hair salon in kuwait is Hair Studio in Galleria 2000, great service!!

Anonymous said...

Best Hair cuts: The new Toni&Guy. I used to never cut my hair in Kuwait, but she's pretty good!
As for the rest (some) I prefer doing it at home. I dislike depending on salons, I'll admit.

tara said...

candis at soho - fantastic, especially with blondes!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am new to Q8, I am a african woman of 40 and I looking for a hair salon to do my hair. I like braids and weaves. When I am not using those, I like my hair relaxed and short. Can anyone help.


GuruBabe said...

I have lived in Kuwait all my life and havent had a good haircut :) hard to believe eh ! I usually get my haircuts back home and on vacations ! this time i didnt have the time to get my hair cut so i have scheduled myself with Toni&Guy this evening; based on your feedback !
lets see how it turns out .. Wish me luck

Anonymous said...

can u ladies plz let me
where i can find a saloon that gives me a Tann

Shoegal said...

Best Hair Cuts: Nina (Carita)
Best Hair Colouring: The other Nina in Bede3, or Profile Salon
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Joodi in Jabriya (My Style), Janet in Alaa Dashti
Best Manicure: N-Bar or Queen Nails, they only do it at home, they bring u candles, tea, flowers and a magazine. Amazing.
Best Pedicure: N-Bar or Queen Nails
Best 7amam Zait: Lamode
Best Waxing: Lamode in Yarmouk ask for Fanta
Best Massage: Spa Time

palk said...

hey...wats the price for a haircut at Toni & Guy??

Anonymous said...


Decided to try braiding on my own. to my surprise, I did not do too badly. Like you,looking forward to going home to get my hair done.

Did Tony&Guy worked out the way you hoped.


Anonymous said...

Best haircut: Oriental Princess (Shayma)
Best coloring: Laila spa ib mojama3 laila
Best makeup: 9alon pure ib 7awaly yam ilmasra7 ismha Heba wayd wayd sha6ra.
Best eyebrow: (alon hindy isma 9alon ilthahaby blsalmiya
Best massage: oriental princess oo Lavender blmohalab

Anonymous said...

Hey .. My hair is pretty long and i duun wanna cuut it but i have to .. yu noe just trimming and fringe but i dunoo where ..=( anyone could hlp?

Delicately Realistic said...

I just had a hair cut at Betty Boop Salon, I love that place to death, check out their details on their Facebook group :

AlleyCat said...

I have long straight hair that needs a revamp. I just moved back to kuwait and i need a hairdresser thats great with layers (especially to add volume) and who is actually gonna tell me what looks good on me as opposed to doing whats 'in' regardless of whether it suits me or not... I have no idea where to go! I still want to keep my hair long (as in a 5cm or more past my shoulders for the longest part of my hair.. I've been looking for a hairdresser literally for the past 5 months!

Tony said...

assalamu alalikum

i am a white Canadian. i want to marry a Kuwaiti girl. please help.

she can be age 22-36. divorced is ok

please reply back thank you

Anonymous said...

Best Hair Cuts: Sozan ele kanat fe crystal
Best Hair Colouring: fadia mendela` ( Salon atyaf )
Best Hair Styling: Salon el yarmok + Zainab eb laila harmony salon
Best Make Up: LA mode el yarmok 3end wa7da philbeneya
Best Eyebrows Shaping: Linda LA mode qurtuba
Best Manicure:
Best Moroccan Scrub (7amam Maghriby): elezyam
Best 7amam Zait: miss one
Best Waxing: Dalia in CAmio
Best Massage: royal hayat o bs !

Anonymous said...

Best Hair coloring is definitely Lisa at Sloanes. She really takes her time to get it right. I havent tried her at cutting but I am sure she is just as good.
Sloanes is on the gulf road near the Bida roundabout.Tel: 25753949

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do - don't go to Laila's Galleria/Spa in Salmiya! They will tell you 1 thing about your hair and you will walk out looking way different. Not in a good way!

Anonymous said...

I just had a Blowdry at salon Jam3iyatna (Qortuba)
I had no idea there was a salon there (retro salon), it was really nice, trendy and clean, and my blowdry looked amazing, am so happy its ib jam3iyatna :)
They also had the coolest nail polish colors

Anonymous said...

I am naturally a brunette and my hair was destroyed (in terms of color) in Dubai about 2 weeks ago (I asked for natural highlights and ended up with blonde streaks and light puke brown hair).... SO i am going to just go blonde completely...I did this once in venezuela and was quite pleased....

ANYWAY, my concern is to have my hair look even worse... anyone have a suggestion for where I can trust a colorist to make me a blonde and not look like an orange or yellow head? hehe I am going for golden blonde...

Inertia... said...

I am naturally a brunette and my hair was destroyed (in terms of color) in Dubai about 2 weeks ago (I asked for natural highlights and ended up with blonde streaks and light puke brown hair).... SO i am going to just go blonde completely...I did this once in venezuela and was quite pleased....

ANYWAY, my concern is to have my hair look even worse... anyone have a suggestion for where I can trust a colorist to make me a blonde and not look like an orange or yellow head? hehe I am going for golden blonde...

Strange Life said...

Can we have some numbers too!

Anonymous said...

ok seems like there are a lot of confused ladies out there, but certainly going to a salon anywhere in Kuwait is very RISKY! That is why you must always check that your stylist is fully qualified!! I have been going to soho since they opened, they are very in line with the latest trends and styles etc..I have to confess that I had been a hardcore cutting edge fan, was very happy with my hair most of the time but anyhoo the atmosphere and surroundings at soho much more relaxed...not to mention stylish!!
soho 23902077...give them a try and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

ok seems like there are a lot of confused ladies out there, but certainly going to a salon anywhere in Kuwait is very RISKY! That is why you must always check that your stylist is fully qualified!! I have been going to soho since they opened, they are very in line with the latest trends and styles etc..I have to confess that I had been a hardcore cutting edge fan, was very happy with my hair most of the time but anyhoo the atmosphere and surroundings at soho much more relaxed...not to mention stylish!!
soho 23902077...give them a try and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know they had MINX nails in Kuwait and was so happy when I saw it on a friend at AUK. She said she got her Minx at a new nail Salon at The Avenues mall called Me Time nail spa.
Cant wait to check it out and keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

Best Hair Cuts: Triple in Surra block 6 bs 7ada 3ajeb 3ndhom wa7da esmha heyam 3ajeba .
Best Hair Colouring: Same Triple ba3aad heyam etyeblich el lon eli tabena loreal yest5demon
Best Eyebrows: Bursh in Tha7ya
Best Manicure: Triple or Bubbles
Best Pedicure: Triple or Bubbles
Best 7amam Zait: Triple best treatments ever! they have many kinds of hair masks ana jarabt their honey and butter mask mo 9ij kan!
Best Waxing: hmm madre laser ana asawe
Best Massage: Recoveri in Jabriya 3ndhom hotstones masage mo 6abe3i

DrKeithCurrie said...

Beauty care profession really a nice job. salon and makeup also an important issue a beautician and the customer. All looking to be nice but I think only one bad side is excessive/wrong use of cosmetics and makeup accessories may be harmful.

Beauty Salon Plano

Anonymous said...

Best haircut: havn't found one yet
Best 7af: brush (ask for Kristy or Lilly, the Iranian lady Um Rasool sucks!)
Best 7amam zait: Dassange in shi3ib
Best 7amam ma'3riby: dunno havnt tried
Best makeup: i do it myself, they never get the foundation right kilaa y76oon a billion layers!
Best mani/pedi: Brush and Bubbles Nail spa in Burj Jassim

Anonymous said...

HI I need to know if carita saloon does exist now and where is the location,,,,, i used to cut my hair with lara at aster saloon (now alla beauty)in jaberiya but she left to lebanon for good and i cant find agood replacement


Anonymous said...

from my expeiance, working with middle eastern clients is their expectations about what their hair can do . they often have a natural base colour too dark to acheive the european hair colour they desire.and even if you give them a great colour that suits eyes and skin colour. they want a complete change for the next pary .damage to the hair will therefore ensue.

Sarah said...

Eden Salon & Spa has the best of everything!
1 stop from A-Z !

Sarah said...

The Best of Eden Salon & Spa

Best Hair Cuts:
Elaine: she worked at Tony and Guy + Cutting edge.
Danielle: is good for older women
And Flory.. All are very good!
Best Hair Colouring: Same as above. (Elaine, Danielle, Flory)

Best Eyebrows Shaping: Sandy
Best Manicure: Jane + gloria
Best Pedicure: Jane , Gloria and Josaphine
Best 7amam Zait: Mazeena, Eden has the Best Hair Treatments .. " Simply Zen: done by Flory + Danielle Trained in Italy.
Best Waxing: Sandy, Gloria,Jane
Best Massage: Orawan

Eden also has one of the best Spa Body treatments you can find.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where you can get a hair styling and make up done for a good price?

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Kuwait and looking to find a salon that does a decent spray tan...

Anonymous said... getting married and will inshAllah move to kuwait after marriage..waxing is a very important part of my life..can anyone PLEASE tell me the cost of a good body wax, arms, legs and pubic hair..plz do share the prices i ll be grateful..:)

Anonymous said...

I do NOT reccomend Crystal Palace (in shi3b) for Kerateen! and their service quality is unproffesional. They burnt my ears (There is a scar on it now) and since 1 stylist did half of my hair and the other did the other half now half of my hair is perfectly straight and the other half is wavy @@
When I asked nicely for a redo, they started whispering, snickering and ignoring me. When I asked again one women told me I have to pay for a redo and when I asked how much should I pay for getting only the half thats wavy redone she asked another lady who replied they would not do it, and suggested I just straighten half of my hair at home! I probably should have demanded a redo or else. But unfortunalty thats not my personality.

Anonymous said...

For those who said Bayan CO-Op earlier - it is horrible and dirty (especially for manicures and pedicures - their equiptment is dirty and unprofessional) - just a warning I got a semi-infection from the pedicure :(

Roraima said...

To those who recommended Ashlee at Strands, you guys are plain wrong. She's an imbecile and color blind.. I went to her with a stressed out burned hair but asked to tone down the red and have a light brown and she made it BLACK.

Social said...

I need to know specially for hair cut , is anybody from hair cut stylist accept home visit , if not , pls anybody tell me who can i invite ? I dont wanna visit saloons , but need hair triming :/

Patience said...

Hie everyone, for all your african hair services e.g braiding, weaving,cornrows e.t.c at affordable prices. For appointments call 60628496 or email

Dee said...

@ Patience
where are you located? trying to get my hair braided. Im in kuwait as well. Also, do you have clients here that come to you often?

Patience said...

Im in Salmiya most of my friends come for their hair to be done

Anton said...

Hey everyone! Does anybody know a good clinic/parlour in Kuwait for "electrolysis" hair removal treatments?.. I been searching on the web for days! There are several Laser clinics , but i can't do that due to some skin conditions!=( so i HAVE to do electrolysis now (I know, *sigh*)!
I desperately need to go for it soon, so if anybody out there knows ANY ELECTROLYSIS PLACE IN KUWAIT, please, please do post the name and Contact number here?! Thank you in advance! =)

Aida said...

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