Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gorgeous Salesperson

Sometimes when I shop I see things that I like but friends don’t and vise versa. Their opinions matter but not always; not when I really like an item so much that it desperately calls me to buy it.

Sometimes I don’t like an item much, but the salesperson who happens to look gorgeous tries to convince me that the thing looks beautiful on me.

Do you fall for that?

Have you ever bought something just because the salesperson is gorgeous?

Have you ever reassured yourself that your friends' opposing opinion doesn’t matter as long as the gorgeous salesperson thinks it look nice on you?

Do you think they mean it when they praise you?
Or do you think they are just doing so because they are targeting your pocket?


samboose said...

Naaaa, i'm not convinced I know they're only doing it for the pocket. BUT... For me I'm more convinced the other way around. I won't buy something even if i'm loving it if the Sales person is rude. That I hate i'll easily just shove the stuff in their face tell them they need to get some customer service training and storm out of the shop.....Yes Hot blooded Scorpio Watch out!!! he he he

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe! I will try to memorize that! cos when i get mad i forget the right words!

are you sure that when a SWEET real gorgeous salesperson compliments what you're holding or wearing doesn't have an effect on you?

Wild_Mare said...

I agree with samboose 100% . I won't buy a single thing from a store which has rude and insolent sales person . especially if the item needs a service from time to time and so I have to go again & again to that store and see that person :|

Sagittarius is hot blooded too .. :)

Flamingoliya said...

sagis are hot blooded but they calm down easily :)

yes i wouldn't do that either. but i think i do it sometimes when I REALLY fall in love with the item, or when i really need it and can't find it somewhere else.

Papillona ® said...

I do my own shopping alone, I never go with someone 'cause I Don't like anything to distract me or someone asking me openion or picking the item before I do! Yes it happens A LOT.

I never care if someone thought it isn't nice and I never bought something just because the salesperson told me it's beautiful 'cause that's their job don't let them trick you

but on the other hand, if the salesperson was rude and gave me an attitude I always ask for the manager to tell him/her that "salespeople" should be quilified and they should also know that a SMILE is required.

Flamingoliya said...

even when i shop alone, they ask me where i bought it from and they go get it hehe

talk about tricking! it happens most when buying cosmetics.

3baid said...

Never trust the sales people! They'll tell you anything to fill your shopping bag. They don't have to lie; the clothes might be actually be good, but they might not match your personality/style.

Flamingoliya said...

yeah :/
i don't know why.. but whenever i go with a friend she ends up buying stuff just because i convinced her. i guess i could be a good sales person.

Lamoos said...

Naaaaah , they're targeting their commission... but sometimes when they're not exactly super model material... and they say that smthg is flattering and they got on for themselves too.. I ususally cave in and trust them... like comfortable shoes , flattering pants and warm jumpers !

True Faith said...

I always shop alone... it is easier and faster like that.

And never take anybody's opinion in what I am buying.

Equalizer said...

I'm the salesperson's worst nightmare! Except that I do not appear to them in the middle of the night while sleeping, unless she is a hot sexy salesperson, but then that is like a wet dream :p In general, salespersons are a nuisance. So why do I think that? its for the following:

#1 Always suggesting a product that is about to go off production.

#2 Always chasing you around like a fly.

#3 Always blocking the view of the product you really want to look at!

#4 In a luxury brand store, they would look at you as if you are about to shoplift. Unless you come in flashy clothes.

#5 They think they are more intelligent than you are.

#6 Never stop suggesting products even if youre already paying.

#7 Becoming up close and personal with their BO and bad breath.

#8 They hate thier jobs.

#9 If the product you ask for is not available, they will throw in an alternative without telling you about it.

#10 Never honest about their discount policy.

MissCosmoKuwait said...

equalizer...nice list!..when I'm facing a salesperson's bad attitude..and they're rude...I usually stop what I'm doing and ask them if somebody's stepped on their toes that morning...on most cases...they end up telling you how miserable they are...if I have the time..I listen..if I don't I just give her back the item...tell her that we all have to work even if we're having bad days and then walk out....

MissCosmoKuwait said...

chena I went off the subject...if they are nice people and I'm in a good mood...I might buy it..I'm a pisces...we're suckers like that!

SheWolf said...

For my experience..the gorgeous salesperson tried to convince me that hot pink or puke green was sooo my color.. and that it brought out my eyes and hair coloration... boy did i know he was lying through his teeth (which i liked to punch soo bad..i dont do too well with pink :P)
..2nd thing..good thing i have a pretty unique and particular taste in guys.. hence its hard to find guys that i think are gorgeous let alone are salespersons :P

Brava Valentia said...

targeting my pocket ! lol

W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

i hate sales persons !! these people aarrrgghhhh hallucinate you and once you buy and get out of the shop or wotever that place, you land back to the reall world!!..

samboose said...

You know what I hate about Sales people. When they follow you around and if you touch some items and move the hangers the minute you move they start fixing it. It's like I screwed up the organization...SO ANNOYING!

Spontaneousnessity said...
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Spontaneousnessity said...

I llllove shopping it's sort of a stress relief, kelshay sar stress relief! I'd go shopping with friends if am going for like only window shopping or if I know what am going there for, but if am going for like a real shopping day I'd want to go alone and buy stuff that I know I like regardless if the sales person was hot or not, it actually never pulled my attention cause I never ask for her and when they offer I'd say am just looking until I find what I want pay for it and hit the next store.

YES Samboose I hate that too!!! I'd be like: it's okay am good I don't need help thank you and they'd still be there!! I get urrrgh and leave.

Flamingoliya said...

yeah i guess it depends on the item.

True faith
i learned one thing. it's that the time i need people's opinion is when i'm not sure of something. so when i'm alone, i only buy things i'm positive about.

maybe you already appear in their nightmares! i believe that i do! :P
you said it all in your points :)
1. this annoys me most when buying food stuff!
4. i shopLIFT my paycard! and when i try to concentrate, i take the card and forget what i paid for! :P
9. yes yes yes! this happens mostly when offering you a different size of clothes or shoes!
10. 50% catches my attention but when i go there and find that the prices are still high they say that it's UP TO 50% :P and when you check out the 50% you only find khalajeen!

you listen?! you're very kind! :)
so pisces are kind huh?

some shops hire gorgeous salesmen intentionaly! they know it works :/
good thing you're picky :)

Mother courage
hehehe :)

White chalk
that's when you probably start regretting that you listened to them.

this happened to me today morning! i was checking out some magazines and put a magazine in the wrong place. he immediatly stood up and came to place it where it should be. ba6 chabdi. ya3ni this means that he was WATCHING me. ya3ni why the hurry. why wouldn't he wait till i leave the place!

stress relief, i agree!
there are some situations when you need their help. like when shopping for accesories, or glasses.

Temetwir said...

samboose i read ur comment and was like "THATS MINE" lol

flamingo shway ashi6 3an ur question.., some shops who shall remain nameless are 'known' for their lebanese men trying to talk in the q8i accent .. if he offers me the shirt or whatever free, i still wouldnt take it, let alone if he compliments how it looks .. mn el shakhs nafsah y3ni sa3at ma tetgabelain ay shay, u know?

u probably dont know this but the guys sure do, espicially in winter, when trying out stuff on the spot rather than in the dressing room, and one of the salesmen comes out of nowhere and is all touchy and rubbing the shoulders, o probably gives the jacket a little tug, looks up and says "aih, haik ekteer telba'lak" .. seriously, wtf is up with the touching and commenting? like i said, sa3at ma tetgabelain mn el shakhs nafsah

on to the real question, in dubai once there was this HOTTTTIE working in ralph lauren.. i usually take 5 or 6 pieces to try at once rather than go back n forth, am not sure cham wa7da i decided on, but i definitely did NOT want them all .. so i take all of them to the counter, so that she or anyone in the shop can place the shirts exactly where they want when i leave, but when i came to pay, she looked at my hands said "wow, i really like the shirts u chose.. u really know ur stuff".. i shouldve thought "wayed 3alaich, mn halagtich" .. instead i placed them on the counter and bought them all

i still try to convince myself she meant it heh :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

then I'd make them know that am only looking and the most they can do for me is pass me the item, I don't like when they give me opinions and I try to make that clear politley .. it works with me, I guess I have the face that makes people know they shouldn't try :P

PeTiTa said...

Sometimes they get really annoying, like when I take 10 things to try on and they all look bad and I walk out leaving a mess. But I like the salesperson that are helpful, like theirs a gorgeous skirt that comes with this top, want to try it? Sometimes they know they're store and clothes more than me so they'll know what they're talking about

Bloo said...

maku shi'3il... la 6ab3an.. never did i buy something bcz the salesman is gorgeous.. and ESPECIALLY if he says inna 7elo 3alai.. tabeen esij flamingoleya -tara i miss u - ana sar 3indi mana3a min enon kuwaiti beauty.. lo tyebeli jude law.. brad pit... he wouldnt mean a thing- but dont acutally bring him :)- elfal inshalla le tser 3indi mana3a from kuwaiti guys as wel hehe.

Bloo said...

its really surprizing shopaholic didnt comment on this woman.. im curiuous to know what she would say :D

Fatso said...

lol duh! but didn't u ever notice that after a while u and ur best friends start to share the same taste!!!

it still shockes me when sometimes me and my best friend are walking past a store and stop all of a sudden when we spot something and walking in we reach for the same item! lol

Fatso said...

oh and about sales ppl! Like my mom says about unwanted ppl, act as if they are flies .. *lifting hand* pish pish (insect killer) :P

and that is soo true about how they lurk about behind ur sholder all the time! I HATE THAT! and no amount of pish pish has driven off these buggers so far :/

SheWolf said...

LOL you know what i just remembered? Back in my sensitive teen years (13-15) i was a chubby little thing..and i remember going to this store with my mom to look for some denim. Ilmohim this saleslady just looked at me and BLUNTLY said wow you're have to look in the women's section cuz they dont make anything in your size in the girl's section...the worst thing is a)i never asked for her opinion..she just gave it b) she was REALLY big herself ..i doubt they made women's size's for her..
-They should train salespeople to be friendly and approachable and have this magnetic prescence that wants you to come back...not make you bitter after all those years :P (yeah i still havent recovered from the denim lady hehe)

Hope said...

I was a salesperson and it is partly true that sometimes we do go for the pocket. each salesperson must reach a target in sales by the end of the day, so they could keep their job.

I used to be honest at times, and at times I just felt like I wanted to the day to be over, so when a customer used to ask me 'what do u think', I said, yeah yeah it looks good, and thought, please leave Im tired:P

He's gorgeous, just take it LOL!

Sheba said...


samboose said...

Spon, don't you just hate it when you leave before you're done just because you got annoyed! Even more annoying then the initial annoyment…he he he

Flamingoliya yeah then you want to say "what were you eyeballing me like I was going to steal something?? MAAALAT!"

Temitwer…LOL am I closing in on your thoughts tooo he he he!!!!

SheWolf that saleswoman was a 7amara!!!! I hate that…. Or when they say "oh you're wide from the bottom" UGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Double Maaaalat!!!

SheWolf said...

Samboose.. LOL when they say something like that now...i swear i've lost it, smiled sweetly and asked them if they'd like to see that wire hanger hanging from their a** :P

Ms.Baker said...

Targeting my pocket for sure.


Flamingoliya said...

I totally understand what you mean it's really annoying. that was funny about the lady casheir.

you've gotta show me that face of yours! :p

yes they can be helpful :)

miss you too :)
ana ma3indi mana3a min blue eyes :P

that's really funny! pish pish! LOL i will try to do that. what i've read once is that you should imagine all people are naked (but i guess that was "how to handel being shy" therapy) :P

that was really mean of her :( I don't blame you for keeping it in mind till now.

i can get it when the salesperson want me to leave even when they don't pronounce it :P
it just shows in their eyes and vibes they send :p


yesssss!!! I feel that almost all the time! :P cos I take long time making my decision :P

I felt that today morning when I went to get my new bank card, the banker wasn't as sweet as the time she convinced me to get a new visa!

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