Friday, May 25, 2007

Store Opening: GAP Kuwait in The Avenues Mall

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The GAP opened its doors in The Avenues Mall at 11 AM and within an hour items were sold out. One of the most popular items was the cropped elbow sleeve cardigan in white. Most of the items on my GAP Top 5 list were at the store but unfortunately the military style jacket which I wanted did not look flattering on me. I still love its color.

Other items that caught my eye were the popular polka dot dress that sold out in stores in the USA. They have two cute "GAP KUWAIT" t-shirts, in navy and white. I noticed that most women were grabbing for the dresses and basics. Not many approached the jeans section even though they had many selections in all styles and sizes.

Prices at the store didn't differ greatly from the US prices. The cropped elbow sleeve cardigan which sells for $34.50 online is KD14 in GAP Kuwait.

One other observation was that the store wasn't as spacious inside as I thought it would be. That could be on account that a lot of the space is taken up by the men and kid's section which were well-stocked as well.

The GAP is a great one-stop shopping store for the entire family. New stock should be in during the next couple of days. I highly recommend checking out the GAP.


cozy said...

why evrybody making a big deal about Gap?

Zahra said...

Personally, I enjoy their basics because every item I've purchased from GAP has lasted years and I appreciate that :) You'll have to ask everybody else why they like it.

Flamingoliya said...

I was disappointed by it's size too.

hey, I took pics too, bas sibagteeni :)

Ansam said...

Any new store that opens in Kuwait cozy.. the Kuwaitis will make a big deal about it :-)

The GAP store is one of them.. although I like it. I have decided not to go there anytime soon.. till every one cool down a bit. I dont like to shop in packed places where I may find people fighting over the last item on a shelve LOL.

I really wanna go.. they have nice stuff! And also, I cant wait to go to The Banana Republic too. I hope they think of opening J-Crew too!

Narrator said...

Gap has sizes for people with serious sizes problems, and I don't mean being fat or skinny

Wish77 said...

thats good news, i like GAP products because its have simple design.
i agree with ansam, but i think GAP deserve it, its big brand with allot of loyal buyers.

Zozo said...

See that white shirt with the GAP logo in the pictures?

I bought one from GAP UK in December 2006 from the CLEARANCE section!!!!

Why do they keep bringing us old stocks?

Ansam said...

Zozo, some items are classical and will be there for as long as you live LOL!

The white t-shirt with the logo is not a 2000 production nor a 2007! And look at Kuwait below gap! Was this in London too?

Its like you said.. white with their logo!

I had that hooded sweater with big GAP on it.. I bought over the years.. over and over in many colors.. it was never out of style nor an old stock!

They may have clearances ones in a while though, true!

Anonymous said...

Now that winter is coming in Kuwait, Is there any chance to buy their winter sweatshirt with GAP printed in front? I've checked last week the items in Gap store Avenues, I saw that all coats displayed.

Anonymous said...

This just shows how great the store and its Gap coupons are.