Wednesday, May 30, 2007

M.A.C Tendertones

Sexier on the lips than balm. Silkier than gloss. More protective than naked. A lipcolour that combines soft shine, easy glide, and double-smooth satin finish with an everyday sun protective formula. To treat your lips...Love 'em tender.

They will be available May 31 (Suggested retail price: $14.50 U.S)
I dont know when they will reach Kuwait! I hope soon :-)
They're so summary and yummy!


EniGma said...

This pic is soo beautiful, make it ur header!

Ansam said...

heehee I copied it from MAC

EniGma said...

so u won't make a header out of it? :(

Delicately Realistic said...

Love the shades!
I love glosses....slight set back i prefer ones that come in a tube or with an applicator...these ones mess up my hands...and u know sometimes ur fingers are dirty and u just want a quick application...ok ga3da ahathir..

Ansam said...

use brush

Blue Ice Envy said...

I was trying to understand the photo, I thought it was a girl's ass with a penis! LOL

Anonymous said...

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