Monday, May 21, 2007


My new love LOL..

My friend got me mango-cheesecake for my birthday from chocolateria....
OK, so I am not big on Mango cakes, Mango mousse, Mango juice...etc

I just like to eat Mangoes as they are, preferably Indian Mangoes heehee

But I went crazy over that cheesecake, I couldn't be satisfied with just ONE slice.. I am telling you it is oh-so-ammmmazing!

Check out their menu and selections! hmm hmmm so yummy!


Zahra said...

It's a beautiful site filled with delectable goodies. You are still tempting me Ansam!

Ansam said...

LOL I am tempted to order strawberry cheesecake!

Its all low fat (to make it even more tempting!)

Flamingoliya said...

low fat? are you sure? :S

Ansam said...

yes... its written on their main menu!

Nora said...

yeah, chocolateria is the most freshness, high quality chocolate, i think they are using the best top class chocolate ever, I tried the SEUICIDE CAKE WOW, huge and shinny...Well im on shape but i cannot say no to another pice of it. You have to try it.

Ansam said...

Yummm... sounds yummy