Friday, October 14, 2005


by MissCosmoKuwait

When it comes to being SKF (Single Kuwaiti Females) which one of the following attitudes should one follow:

(1) One day my Prince will show up on a white horse and I'm going to concentrate really hard in my own imagination to make it happen...

(2) There's no such thing as a Prince with a white horse, only a dishdasha with a car and he's never going to show up anyway 'coz life sucks!

(3) I'm having a great life, going out with friends, going to the gym and doing plenty of socializing...Prince?...who needs him?

(4) Oh my God...I'm still everybody and get them to set me up with anyone...I can't stand one more minute of being single!

(5) I've heard enough sad stories about marriages and divorces and I think the whole marriage concept is overrated...I say staying single is actually a blessing in disguise

(6) Sooner or later the committed phobia man will finally pop the question and I'm sticking to him till he does

(7) Men are like Persian carpets..the more you step on them..the more precious they become...and the nastier I am the more likely he'll end up marrying me

(8) The more I party with my single friends, the more likely I will bump into my soul mate

(9) The more I socialize with my Mother or married friends, the more likely I'll meet my future mother-in-law who will lead me to him

(10) The more frogs I kiss...the more likely I'll find myself kissing the Prince


LaiaLy_q8 said...

At first #3 seemed right but then I read #7 and I TOTALLY agree with that. :)

Equalizer said...

No. 7 is funny! we kinda think the same LOL :p (as men)

No. 8 Bad Idea, how bout bumping into the future grim reaper.

Delicately Realistic said...

Lol I tried them all! From 1 to 10!
No luck.
But #7 works for so many people, but I don't have it in me to be like that.

3baid said...

For an SKF, the sooner the better? :/

A3sab said...

ummm if i were still single i would definitely say no. 3.

MissCosmoKuwait said... think so?? Can you do that?

equalizer...coming from a guy agreeing withNo. 7 means that I better start learning how to do that! Got any tips!

delicately realistic..I's too hard for me too..hopefully equalizer will give us some tips..:)

3baid...the sooner we apply No. 7?? married sisters tell me to do just that too!!

Salted-Caramel said...

I read the list twice. I don't know. None of them fit. They are too extreme; either hopeless romantics, DESPERATE, or have the "I-don't-need-men" attitude.

Equalizer said...

Misscosmo: once you start playing games, you better start kissing the relationship good bye. That is the best tip I can give. :p

3baid said...

"When it comes to being SKF..."

misscosmokuwait, I mean, the sooner they're NOT an SKF the better? (ya3ni not single) :P

fickle cell anemia said...

Im not so sure where i stand in this whole will i find luv issue? Maybein a few years ill figure out if my "soulmate" truly exsists or is life just a compromise between 2 ppl that are settling for the next best thing. As for your choices i dont find myself relating to any.

Spontaneousnessity said...

more like, yeah I would say 5 is true so I would go with 3 =}

samboose said...

I don't understand why being single's soooooooo bad. Stick with 3. Eventually things always turn out the way they're supposed too, and when the time's right you'll be surprised at how things always happen for a reason.

Trust your married sisters girl!

Blossom said...

I agree with No.3 and I wanna learn more about No. 7 !!!

Sailor said...

girls are so aggressive !!

do u hate men ?!

Flamingoliya said...

hmmm i need time to think! ;P

MissCosmoKuwait said...

flamingoliya..take your time dear but don't forget to let us know!

sailor..who said anything about hating men!?! These are only options...besides if we hated men do you think we'd spend so much time wondering about them!

Blossom...looks like no. 3 is gaining in percentage but everybody's curious about no. 7...there's a book called "Why men love bitches" and I think it has all the tips we need to learn about it!

samboose..sister's all find and dandy when you're married...but us SKF's won't rest till we get it right!

spont...glad you liked three...and hopefully you're doing just that!

fca...looks like you're doing number three without even knowing..:)

3baid...true....the point was which one of the options was going to lead you to it!

equalizer..spoken like the wise man that I know you are!..:)

salted-caramel...I was hoping someone would suggest other if you think of one tell..:)

Sheba said...


MBH said...

This is why SKF exist!

Seriously, I can't figure out what you girls think, need or want at any given time o_0;
I can't even understand my own mom & sis.

-> I don't like sluts/whores/bitches.
-> I ain't a rug to step on.

Dreaming will keep you asleep and you might never wake up.
You don't go to men. Men come to you, if you're looking for the right type.
Most of you are looking at the wrong direction.

The Krispy Dixie said...

I don't believe in # 6, 7 or 8 .. that's just a bunch of crap! If Mr. Commitment-phobe hasn't asked yet (and there's nothing blatantly obvious standing in his way) then he never will!!

The idea of staying single is not a feasible option! Humans were meant to be together (mating, marriage and every other way imaginable ;) )

sp where does that leave me...? I guess somewhere between the prince charming hopeful and the mother-leaching realist! :P

MissCosmoKuwait said...

sheba...let me know if "all of the above" gets you off the list of an SKF!

mbh...sorry we got you all least we are mutual in that! As for the wrong direction...please do share about the right direction...:)

tkd...looks like your middle ground is the one that makes the most sense...but just to stay "realistic"...keep us posted if you get off the SKF wagon!..:)

Mama Fusla said...

Waiting for Mr. Right is lame. Men by nature are attracted to 'unavailable' women, have a side dish until the main course comes along. Of course, I hardly practice what I preach..Lil Asaf!

Judy Abbott said...

oh my gosh esh7aga kil hatha LOL helarious

MBH said...

MissCosmoKuwait, The right direction? Ok. Almost every SKF is looking for prince charming, where prince means money and charming means handsome. Although such guys do exist, yet they're not enough to fullfill ALL the SKFs!

I'm not saying lower your standards, but understand your standards. Most of the grade A guys aren't handsome, but plain. Not rich, but satisfied.

Another reason why the limit of SKF is diverging instead of converging, is that most think when a guy acts nice/friendly, he's harassing her! It happened to me, a lot! And I got weird/unjustified reactions...

Example :: A girl is trying to solve a question, but can't. Calls her friend and whines about it. I over hear it and ask if I can help. She gives me a "WTF" look!

We're college students! Not kids anymore. We're mature enough to tell help from harrasment apart! Or at least I think so.

* Feeni 7achi wayed :p

Eva said...

Ok i'll choose Num 10 .. Mama Fusla U Rock as always :p

and am waiting for the next post to talk wildley about num 7 :P

Flamingoliya said...

send all your 7achy and i'll post it for you if you wish.