Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My First Post as a Member of the Kuwait Single Girls Society

by Delicately Realistic

Yay! I'm so happy to be part of the team, I feel so special! I'm part of the 'In crowd' as MissCosmo put it. Thank you girls for inviting me to join.

Big kiss for: Flamingoliya, Blossom, LittleBig, MissCosmoKuwait, Shopaholic Q8eya, Sloth, Spontaneousnessity and Salted-Caramel!

My post is inspired by the sweet Papillona's post about Guilt & Regret. This question is going to be more focused on relationship's and relationship doodee's to be more specific. I'm sure most of us have gotten ourselves involved in relationships lacking in affection and aspiration, while the other party feels the exact opposite. It is a very sticky situation to get yourself into, and you end up contemplating the different strategies of rejection. Be gentle? Or be truthful about the whole matter? You could always take the easy route and be deceitful by hiding behind juvenile excuses you know are inexcusable. Another approach could be the cruel tough guy/girl act. This is where you push yourself to be as brutal and nasty as possible, in the weak attempt to push the person into hating you and just moving on. I call this the 3abdel 7aleem Method (remember Ma3bodat ilJamaheer?) There are many other methods of destruction that I can think of, but I'd like to hear your views on this matter. That said, my question is obvious.

What is your strategy?
What is the worst you have done to end a relationship and why?

Hehe it turns out they are more than one question, but you'll forgive me I know :)


MissCosmoKuwait said...

Welcome to the SKF society and thanks for the big kiss..right back at you my dear...:)...I think the worst I've ever done is not answer my explanations...nothing...sooner or later...the phone calls stop..totally irresponsible...but very, very convenient...bad, bad strategy...highly not recommended...bad karma resulting in your calls not being answered in the future!! Sucks!

Temetwir said...

me: "e, hala dana"
xGirl: "ya melgik.. ana dalal"
me: "walla sij?"

me: "hala sara"
yGirl: "sara? mno sara? ana reem"
me: "eh 3adil 3adil, enty bent khalat sara.. aswatkom nafs ilshay"

me: "men ma3ay?"
zGirl: "sheno mn ma3ak! mo 6ale3lek elesim?"
me: "shdarani, el argam eli ma athkerha amsa7ha 3ala 6ol, khair mn tabeen?"

wa haluma jarra, lain na7asht elkel o ever since 3ala el sera6 el mostageem

Spontaneousnessity said...

first of all thank you for the big kiss and such a beautiful thoughtful post, welcome on board =}

if I like a guy I walk up and let him know that I like him by simply telling him that I like him, it allows him to know that I am straight forward and helps him to be the same too, if he likes me back oki doki if he doesn't then am sure it was worth a shot =}

I don't see why complicate things, take life as easy as possible and let things go as they are meant to, don't fight whatever is meant to happen, let it go =} hehe I sound so mellow! but for real, it's only a relationship after all it will end up one day whether we like it or not.

Purgatory said...

how ironic

Flamingoliya said...

the best turn off would be "will you marry me NOW?" :P

glad to have you here Delicate, here's a big kiss back at you :*
but what about Salted-Caramel? i don't see her name mentioned there! :)

samboose said...

"You know're not worht my time, please don't call me ever again"

That was that!!

Blossom said...

Thank you sis and welcome ;*

Delicately Realistic said...

misscosmo:bad true!

temetwir: all i can say is OUCH, waaayid qawiya. Laish ma gilt, ya flana ana ma7ibich o kil shay intaha.

sponta: ta3jibeeny wallah. Honesty is always the best answer.

purg: whats so ironic?

flamingoliya: 7ilwaaaaaa wayid! Knowing how commitment-phobic our men are all you'll see is a cloud of dust! O fashlaaaa I didn't put her name :( Il7een I'll add it, so embarrassed.

samboose: zain tsaween! Best way is to be honest and to the point.

blossom: your welcome

LiTTLE BiG said...

THanx :D

Papillona ® said...

I'm trying to remember..

I'm too mean, I hate explaining reasons. I hate those long discussions.
Once it's over,
it means it's O V E R!
why is it too hard to get that?

jeez ! I sound like a man lol

Mama Fusla said...

I haven't been very articulate when it comes to relationships and emotional matters in general.

Relationship: Though I don't vocalize my disinterest but I express it very well in every other way. If a man isn't smart enough to realize that he isn't wanted..perhaps its time to learn the hard way!! (This in no way guaranatees that they won't come back and stalk you)
General intetrest: Since I don't get approached by hardly any men, there isn't much rejection that I have to do..(conveniently sad)

The worst I've done:
I moved over 5000miles without warning..

Nice post btw..& How can I join the sisterhood?

Judy Abbott said...

abe big kiss ana ba3ad ;)

Purgatory said...

DR, she knows.

MBH said...

No love relations for me, but I had to end a 6 year worth of friendship.
Me: "6 years and this is how you treat me?"
Her: "Sheno? shfeek?
Me: "You're insensitive & selfish! And I so not deserve all this from a low life like you. Delete my number, MSN & have a nice life away from me."

Spontaneousnessity, interesting... most approaches are: eye-ing, number swapping/forcing, or hoping for it to somehow happen!

Temetwir, lol! love your way... I'm sure they wouldn't understand nor believe you if you said the truth!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Ladies...anybody interested? Check out my last post?

Delicately Realistic said...

little big: your welcome

Papillona: Hehe you do in a way. I just can't imagine you being mean. I don't know why.

Mama: I would LOVE to see you in action. I can imagine you being mean but in a really funny way that it isn't mean anymore. With that personality how can you not be approached? They don't know what they're missing! Sij ina ma 3indohom nithar, wela shraykom ya banat Kuwaiti Cosmopolitan?

Judy: Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Purg: She probably knows, but I definetly don't. Care to elaborate?

MBH: But why did you have to end it? What haapened? 6 years is a long time.

Purgatory said...

no need it, the message has been received.

S A F 1 said...

Hi girls, found your blog through the 248am blog. Is there a male version of your blog by any chance? You know, for single guys who want to meet interesting female counterparts, but not the ditsy ones. Where do all the intelligent & cultured women hide in Q8?

Brava Valentia said...

break ups always hearts !

the funny part is that i always ask for it !!

i know i got issues !!

Sloth said...

welcome sis :)

Mama Fusla said...

Why thank you daaalin! There is a very thin line between laughin with or AT someone..A lot of men can't distinguish the difference cos most underestimate women.

Flamingoliya said...

sa7 elsanich ya DR.

Flamingoliya said...

mama fusla
we'd love to have you here :)

Delicately Realistic said...

purg: not yet

saf1: there isn't a male version yet, but it's a great idea. Why don't you start it?

mother: don't worry, we ALL do!

sloth: :)

mama: generally kuwaiti guys don't know how to have a laugh. The slightest thing can be offensive and they get all touchy. "Ana bint teth7ak 3alay? Laish ana mo rayal?" Loool (sorry guys, it is true)

Purgatory said...

DR, I will not say more on the subject, its done.

Equalizer said...

Just had futoor and just came back from a nice ride on the HD. So my fragmented thoughts would be like, do we really care? Things are so bad these days that the best thing to do is stay single and have endless massages :p

Flamingoliya said...

LOOL Equa... would you care to be a member in this blog? :P

NuNu™ said...

LOL!!! Abbaih!! Tawni agra temetwir's comment!!!
Man you're SO FUNNY!!!! 3ajeeba wallah =D

Mama Fusla said...

Hyaaaa *6aa6 6aa6*

Bottom line: A guy who knows how to have a good laugh is a cool guy!
A guy who can make fun of himself and remain cool..IS A SEXY GUY!

Delicately Realistic said...

Purg: You talking to me? Huh? What subject? ;P

equal: Your so right. Being single rocks! (Who are we kidding?)
No No, lets put it this way, I'd rather be single then be with someone who isn't the love of my life.

flam: it would be nice to have a male counterpart, but I guess it won't be the Kuwait Single Girls Society anymore

mama: Madame FusFus where o where is my email? By the way your so right, yet again. :)

Dr.Lost said...

why cant we all just be honest? look if u stop havin feelings for someone then say it in their face straight out.. shit happens right ? i mean look, i am sooo against the whole "ill just stop callin her" or "ill just be an asshole till she runs away" , ay shay ! min 9ijkom? is this what the world has come down to ?

im sorry but i like to be decent about endin my relationship, no matter what the cause..

and "spontaneousnecessity" : why did u say that who cares its just a relationship and it will end anyways? r u implying that u cant keep a serious relationship go on ?

misscosmokuwait: yes i believe in karma, i sooo do, and im sorry but u seem quit upset about the whole issue.. just calm down and u'll get what u deserve one day..

Dr.Lost said...

ok i just realized that u guys have a "gang " of single women.. what is this? some conspiracy against us men? why? r we that bad? i dunno who ur friends r but most of my close friends r great people.. i have so much to discuss with u people, we should just get on msn and chat there rather than post comments, so much more convinient...

i cant believe i just an add of the egyptian simpsons ! how sad ! shamshooon ? oh my god, poor kids these days gonna be traumatized for life !!

anyone here like watchin "LOST" ?? please tell me u do and if so, visit my pathetic new boring plain blogspot.. take care people, got work in a couple of hours, im out !!

Dr.Lost said...

people im so sorry about all the spellin mistakes, i type without lookin then i dont proof read.. anyways i was "watching tv and saw the ad about simpsons..."

in case u didnt understand what my last comment was about, and yes i mispelled convenient..

Mama Fusla said...

Sorry I've picked up a CRS* condition from someone lately.

CRS: Can't remember shit!

Purgatory said...

DR, no, as I said it is very clear, so stop being nosey :P

MBH said...

Delicately Realistic, "But why did you have to end it? What haapened? 6 years is a long time."

I didn't just know the girl, I also knew her mom and I used to call her mom once in a while to say and check up on her (she used to get sick often).
One day, I called her mom and she replied as if she didn't know me, when I told her it was me, she said it was a wrong number!
I called the girl to ask what's going on, she replied :: don't call me nor my mom, ever.
!!! Imagine the shock! I didn't even know what happened!
After a week, I found her online on MSN and she said that her dad heard me talking to her mom.
AFTER 6 YEARS! Plus, I talked to the father a couple of times before.

Simply put, they had no excuse and I was treated like dirt; So much for a 6 year long friendship.

Sorry for the delay..

Delicately Realistic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Delicately Realistic said...

Dr.Lost: I agree honesty is always best. And if honesty doesn't work thats a different story.

As for us being a 'gang', we are a gang but we're not a 'gang against men', we have nothing against guys. We're just a group of Kuwaiti girls who are single and proud of it. This is our version of Cosmopolitan. Read our pevious posts, this isn't a blog about love and relationships. Its about everything.

Mama: you are forgiven :)
cham mama 3indina?

Purg: *mischevious grin* I know, I'm just bugging you...AND I'm nosey!

mbh: I'm really sorry, I can imagine what you went through. But believe me, she will always regret it! Plus experiences like that always makes us more sensitive of other people's feelings, and I always rather being wronged than wronging others. That way you can put your head on the pillow with a clear concience.

MBH said...

Delicately Realistic, "I always rather being wronged than wronging others."

Donno if I agree with you there. Although I review my daily actions, I do blame others for their mistakes!
Blaming myself will get me nowhere, except for a shrink, eventually. That doesn't mean I throw the blame on everyone though..

I hope I was discussing what you were .. I kinda lost myself! :p

Delicately Realistic said...

Lol no thats not what I meant. I meant I would rather ina someone treats me wrongly and carries the burden and the guilt of that, than I being in that position. Get it? :)

Purgatory said...

you will not get an answer

Dr.Lost said...

mbh: i feel for u dude.. dont worry, its a '7eera , trust me man.. God will send u some1 so much better (or more suitable for u) , just give it some time, i know its tought, been in a almost similar situation, and i went thru hell man.. but life goes on. good luck..

Mama Fusla said...

You said "cham mama 3indina?"
1 mama too many ;)
Inzain, now what do I do? or don't heeeh P:

Delicately Realistic said...

Haha la too much wela shay, 3asal 3ela galby!

Nothing, you wait for an email from the Editor!



wv: really rude cant say (la in arabic ba3ad)

Mama Fusla said...

3afya e-mail, sarla 1 week. yay ib sayyara?
About wv, that thing has a filthy mind.

wv:pyrsxiid <-ha istalmay..

Delicately Realistic said...

Mama wallah ana mali shogul :>
The wv is getting so much fun, lol i've started leaving u msgs all over the blogs! By the way its catching on, everyone is doing it now?! You should have copyrighted it!

Anonymous said...

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