Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Karma Rocks

"My Name is Earl"

Do you watch that show? I like it a lot.. it makes me laugh, I think its hilarious, plus I think Karma rocks! I love Karma, don't you? I found out that not so many people I know like this show... or at least not as much as I do! Interesting!!
Well... Karma is an action or deed understood as denoting the "cause & effect" cycle described in many philosophies such as in Hinduism and Buddhism. The effects of all those deeds are cumulative. It actively create past, present, and future experiences that consequently makes us responsible for our own life and the pain and/or joy it brings.
It is believed that the fruit of your actions are called Larma-phala, and that all living creatures are responsible for their actions and effects of those actions.
According to Earl, the main character in the show I love, Karma is about learning, changing, and understanding... becoming a better person and trying to make up for your past mistakes. Earl started it when he got a hold of the idea of Karma. To him, Karma is like a teacher that gives us painful lessons to help us grow better... Basically it is showing us that what comes around goes around.
So the show starts with Earl winning this lottery ticket for $100,000 and short after he lose it when he is hit by a car. While watching TV in the hospital he hears about Karma on the show "Last Call with Carson Daly". Now who could be dense enough to think that Karma is the brainchild of "Last Call with Carson Daly?" LOL. I love Earl! OK so then he make this list of of all the bad deeds hes done, and after few good deeds his $100,00 lottery ticket comes back to him! He then decides to use that money to cross out some of the bad deeds in that list.
Over all the show is super duper hilarious! Not really portraying Karma, but its a good laugh!


Anonymous said...

very nice post keep it up :)

exactly karma rules !

Ansam said...

Yeah! I love Karma

Anwar Al-Ballam said...

LOL great show i watch it every Thursday on Star World

Ansam said...

Yeah it is! I love it

Pearls said...

i love that show ya36eekom il 3afya 3ala il blog ;)