Sunday, November 06, 2005

Triple W's to Happiness

by Judy Abbott

Women are being really sensitive recently I thought it was only with me (in my own head) but now I noticed that its being a universal thing, Women are trying to survive in their relationships, hardly focusing.

Sex factor newsletter are working on this issue and psychologically solving female life complicity called what "what women wants", solving all kind of issues female fight for and complain about ;) (Don’t worry women we don’t complain : P )

This is a little example take a look I loved the way the explained how much effort it should be done in little things that we don’t really think they need that much offer. I believe this is really tiring it would even take the whole idea out of my head, even this you need to work on? Mako facha! mako ra7a! ( . Thinking about it actually its not that much effort it's like buying a matching tank top to your new outfit (that’s why I hate shopping).

Enjoy. And let us know what do you think?


Eva said...

ok i woke up today oo 7a6a eb balee ene bgolkom , khallasna 3eed , khallasna welcoming 7ag our lovely members , now we need a new post... and am surprised there is already a new post :D , a good new start after 3eed .. " we need b3d to discuss other issues like zyadat elTARTAR trend bil kuwait and the golden silvery thingys they are just takin it to the extreme .. "

oops thats not our subject , i liked what they said in the Link , 3ndi qana3a ena kil shay yabelah wagt , it's about time and goin in the right roud , a lil work wont be so hard , السالفة تسوى و الركادة زينة بالعلاقات عشان تنجح : )

Flamingoliya said...

"CEO calls everyone together for a meeting and announces that from that point on official company hours will be 9 to 10 a.m. ONLY. That’s it! From now on, you’ll actively work on the business only one hour per day.

Pretty crazy, isn’t it? How can you possibly expect to build a successful business working just one hour a day?"

*it's not crazy at all. that is my dream job ;)

"Just about everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life has wanted, or is still wanting, to be loved"

* women yes, men no.

"Don’t you remember how much fun it was to play doctor when you were a kid? "

*of course i do. i've seen lots of bums. it was so much fun.

"Your relationship is like a houseplant. It needs tending. Regular watering, a little food, sufficient light and careful pruning now and then. Like a plant, you can't just ignore your relationship and hope it will flourish."

* that is nice.

"Unless, of course, it’s a cactus."

* this is funny and i see it alot.

I NEED A HUG! (from a watered prunded plant of course).

"zyadat elTARTAR trend"? LOL..

Judy Abbott said...

Oh Eva i thought we are over Ansam al khalaf clothing disaster in kuwait :) she killed every tinny fracture of what is called fashion its more likly i didnt go out much to see lots of bling bling :)
i hope some of who saw those bling bling say something about it.

Regarding the subject its not only about time.. definitly time is our master in every thing, but do we really need that much concideration even with relationships?
Give me a break, i believe its how we deal with the relation it self as the say in the article but not making time for the relation.

Or what do you think?

Judy Abbott said...

lol flam; you really think men dont want to be loved and fall in love? they really do but they hide it very well with their masculanity and toughness.. belive it men are really very tender deep inside but you would only know it if they ever tried to express what they hide inside :)

Flamingoliya said...

i don't like them hiding it.. that's why i like nizar qabbani 7abeebi.

MBH said...

Flamingoliya, the guy is dead. Get over it.

Men do want to be loved, but not in a mushy (girlish love) way; I too want a hug and do wake up everyday expecting a warm body (female human, enshallah!) next to me.
I'm not in love, even if I was, I .. I .. well never been there.

Flamingoliya said...

his poems are alive. he's a love idol.
i like men who are open and direct with their feelings.

if you fall in love, don't hide it.

Dr.Lost said...

look.. i read the article, and let me tell u something, the problem is not just time, its with the mentality of many kuwaiti women, im sorry people but many of the kuwaiti girls i dated would be like "oh i cant go out with u in public" , well then how do u expect me 2 spend an hour a day with her even??? most girls would see me for a half hour here or there, in the car or in some building or some bullshit.. why cant we go out in groups with the rest of my friends (guys and girls) and enjoy a cup of coffee, or dinner, whatever.. im sorry but women must come and meet us half way too..

u cant expect us to do all the steering if the woman is not willing to do some work too, u have to take the risk and go out of ur way to make a relationship work and last.. thats why i find it hard 2 find the perfect woman..

EchiZera said...

Yes .. it is because men now get a quarter life crisis.. not at 50 anymore.. now at 25s... and it lasts for ever!!! the whole idea of commitment!! when I was growing up identifying a relationship was not such big a deal!!! the word "relationship" was not as scary to men... so now women are working harder to make it work.. but honestly, I don't think they desearve us doing this.

Anonymous said...

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