Friday, November 24, 2006

The Female Boss

By: MissCosmoQ8

I've personally always preferred having a male boss than a female boss...I's bad of me and it goes against the "sisterhood" but men were just always nicer to me as Bosses...especially if I said I wasn't feeling well and looked pale...they'd instantly hope that I won't mention that I have my period and just want me out of their office!

Women bosses on the other hand, had issues...they were always stuffy, not easy to deal with nor talk matter what I did, I'd never get the compliment that I so deserved! In other words, ma 6a3teenee waih and basically I'd end up fearing them and be miserable!

Now that I've become a boss, I've tried my best not to let my female subordinates wish that they'd have a male boss...but this hasn't been easy! For example, the other day, one of my subordinates rushed into my office and began to explain:

"I can't believe what just happened," she said. "I was standing in the corridor and Tahany, who I'm actually friends with, was heading towards the fire exit so I said to her "Wain ray7a ya 7'ibla?!" Tahany turned to me and yelled "Low sama7tee, ma asma7lich etkalmeenee chithee ya kaleelat adab!""

Staring at all the papers on my desk, knowing fairly well that I don't have time for this, I said "Why are you telling me this? Can't you see that I'm swamped with work ya bint el 7alal and according to what I know, you have a lot of work to do too?"

apologizing she said "Well, just in case she comes to you to complain, I wanted you to hear my side of the story!"

I laughed and said "OK, now please go back to work!"

No doubt I needed to be patient with this girl, she was enthusiastic and a bit of a drama queen but one had to admit, her intentions were always good. I just knew that sooner or later this girl just needed to grow up a bit and therefore I needed to forgive her for her silliness! In no way did I think that dear old Tahany would come and complain to me about my subordinates behavior but sure enough she did.

She stood in my office and said "As her boss, I thought you should know about her bad behavior. She was rude to me and I cannot accept anyone talking to me that way!"

I don't know about you but I was personally more pissed off with Tahany than my ill mannered subordinate! I mean this Tahany chick just complained about her friend to the Boss which was a serious issue. She wanted vengeance and for what!

Feeling very angry at the lack of sisterhood in the atmosphere all I could think of was, if I was a male boss would these girls have dared to come up to him and tell him their silly stories?!!

incidentally, if your friend called you "ya 7'iblah" would you get so upset and tattle tale about her to her Boss?!" If so, what kind of friendship was that?!

Sad as it was I felt obliged that it was high time I changed my tactics and became the bad ass female Boss who basically ma ta36ee waih and was feared.

The worse part of my new tactics was finding a way not to laugh when they were being silly and even worse finding ways to make them miserable!

I'd personally much rather these girls grew up fast...Realized there was more to life than the petty little things they worry their heads with..i.e. stop the drama...then fall madly in love with their jobs and make a career out of it and most importantly...not turn me into the female boss monster that I so detested all my life!

The question is how does one inspire tafha girls to get a grip, get real, get a life and stop giving the sisterhoods a bad name??!!


Purgatory said...

that is why you need to hire a cover boss, someone who is the boss in front of people, but you run the show from behind.

Do you want me to shout at them?

Jewaira said...

Allah y3eenich that's all I can say.

I think they just don't have enough to keep them busy that's all.

Judy Abbott said...

Well first of all, I DID KNEW YOU've BECAME A BOSS :) :D CONGRATS YOU WOMEN CONGRATS. This position suits you well :)

Well you know what, if you were a male boss they would still go and tell him, but that tahany would say it with a bit sassy way.

why don't you give her a warning? :P

Jewaira: oh you leo's !

Peony said...

are you running a buisness or a playground? Shil mayhala! seriously, they should grow up!

D said...

i want to comment bas too lazy

[ f 2 o d.e.s.i.g.n.s] said...

just like you said, "tafha"
those kinds of girls have nothing better to do other than go around causing trouble, even if their "subjects" are their friends (7ash o terebe6 3a9a3e9)
you should always show them who's boss, and la ta36eenhum majal to come complain to you about such petty issues
9ej allah y3eenech 3alaihum, cuz I know I'd lose my cool around them!

Btw - Amazing Blog! Tawni a6ee7 3alaih, and it is by far my fav. !
Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

Noo boss is perfect.. It all depends on luck, or who you get stuck with. Speaking of bosses, my boss just leased a VW touareg from KFH, and its a beauty! What do you guys think of that?.. Is leasing a dependable thing in Kuwait? Iam not really sure, but the car was unbelievable, and brand new!

Hourani said...

always have a backup ;)

Ali said...

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harmonie22 said...

I loved this post- a former female boss myself, dealing with the daily drama of young women can be frustrating- men are definitely easier to work with!

Adel Al-Zawm said...
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Anonymous said...

what worse than a young hot arrogant inexperienced as a boss to serious hardwoking young men,
it is just a hell

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