Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Unwritten Code

(This is an old old old post from my drafts, dunno why i never posted it, but i heard complaints tonight of this blog being active again it is)
Ok, so recently I & my married friend were having a conversation with an associate/colleague of ours we had recently met, who according to my friend has the hots for me. I think shes too desperate to marry me off cuz to be honest I'm totally not getting the vibe. Anyway, so during this conversation where I was trying to be my normal self, while my friend giggled & made eyes at me & nudged me, kicked me, you name it at every comment the poor guy made he asked me 2 questions. Actually more than 2. But we're just discussing the 2. As soon as he left & we were alone, she grabbed me aside & said:

Friend: Intay maynona?
Me: Laish? Ishsawait?
Friend: Intay ma tifhimeeeeeeeeeen btyeny jal6a minich!!!!
Me: *Im used to this conversation, so im silent here, waiting to find out what stupidity i have done this time*
Friend: Ma fahamtay laish sa2alich ................... ?
Me: was kinda 3adi...i guess he was just making conversation.
Friend: La mo 3adi....he was trying to find out if u were ...................?! Now he thinks ur ...........!
Me: E saa7, tsadgen? Ma yat 3ela baly.....ooofff ana laymota chithy......intay shlon t3arfen hl ashya bs golely?!
Friend: O thany mara....laman a guy asks u ............. and ............... , ma trideen o tgoleeen .............!
Me: *Confused*
Me: Well I was just being honest, i didnt realise there was a specific way to answer such questions.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me: Can i just stay away from the opposite sex & never get married? This is too complicated for me.
Friend: Laaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ok, so my question is this my dear bloggers.
Is there an unwritten code of how to talk to the opposite sex?
If there is, where can I find it? I'm feeling rather stupid.

Honestly people, what happened to
1 + 1 = 2?
Why is it that more & more I feel that in this day & age
1 + 1 = 11



The Stallion said...

I want to know what the ...... should have been?!?! :oP I got lost!

Judy Abbott said...

If you want to build a relationship based of a different person than you are, then you should follow that code, if there is one.

I'd never use it anyway, because who are we fooling!! men are smart unless they are horny!

AyKay said...

I totally get wat u mean, apparently i never understand the "nqazat" or hints that women (or men :P) throw at me sometimes:p

Delicately Realistic said...

Stallion: LOL believe me ur not as lost as i am, but basically the guy was trying to ask me ib 6areqa ghair mubashra whether or not i was married/engaged etc. :>

Judy: Bil zab6i kida!

Aykay: Oh yeah i never ever ever get naqzat! And when i try to make a naqza loooool aslan mo naqza, its like im telling them what i want ashkara......i really dont know how to play games heheheh

Spontaneousnessity said...

o laish el 3oqad? aslan laish you'd commit to someone who goes around and around to ask a question instead of going straight to the point? if you want to have a complicated life then 3alaich bel 3afya, me I'd go for the spontaneous way arya7ly bala laff o dawaran, wely mo 3ajba kaifa, yedawerla ely yelef wedoor methla =}

Chubby Femme said...

do you really care how the opposite sex interprets what you say? true we all like to play mind games.. HOWEVER, I believe that a girl is more appealing to the opposite sex when she is honest and lets everything flow naturally.. besides.. no matter how careful you are picking your words.. there's always a double meaning depending on how that person WANTS TO UNDERSTAND it :)

AyKay said...

I totally agree with chubby femme.

KeChie-ChaN said...

I dOn't have any beforehand Experience sO I can't help in this situation ;p
But there is sOmething I really like aBout your persOnality " Awal shay el3aFwiya Bl-kiTaBa 9ayra china salFa ^^ Oo Thani shay you seem to be very funny & extra sweet person O 3ala neyaTich hehe"
Anyway just wanna say Hi =)

"D" said...

In Kuwait:

1+1= 634567

Delicately Realistic said...

Sponta Ponta: E ana mithlich, im not spontaneous...i just dont think that way...someone asked me a question, whether they have a hidden agenda or not my answer will be the same in both situations :)

Femme: No i dont like to play them hehehhe and ur absolutely right, everyone interprets things the way they want to.

Aykay: Yup, moi aussi :)

Kechie: Awwwwwwwwww ur adoraable! Thanks so much heheh im blushing :>

D: E wallaaaaaaaah. Kilyom they have a new equation!

Style Scout said...

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